My Rachel Maddow Moment: ATWT

It’s rare when when reel and real collide.  I hate when it happens, but not this time.  This time, I’m grateful for the reel and the real.  They inform one another at times, and in the most interesting ways, putting feelings and thoughts in perspective.  The last Brian Wheatley scene I watched made me so incredibly sad, and a little frightened of the character – Lau is the master!  Any actor with that angelic of a face who can create such apprehension and fear with a  single look knows his craft.  He’s one of the few actors who knows how to express more dialogue with a look than most actors can do as part of an ensemble team.  Despite my decades long love of Lau and his work on AMC, ATWT, OLTL, and other projects, I’m not yet a Brian Wheatley fan.  I don’t hate Brian, but I hate what he potentially represents.

My African-American family lived in the pre-civil rights American south.  The legacy of the pre-civil rights south is a living one for me because it lives in the memories of my mother, my father, my uncles, and my grandparents.  I’ve long considered myself Southern bred and Northern born.  I get stereotyping.  I get anger.  I get fear of the ‘other’, the ‘different’.  I get it, and I reject ALL OF IT.

I’ve said in prior blogs that the problem for daytime is that it’s a genre that is stuck between time periods.  It’s trying to move into a modern age but can’t.  It’s dragging along outdated thoughts about certain groups of people and outdated storylines.  Those outdates storylines are  weighing the genre down like an anchor.   The only way daytime execs can seem to ‘identify’ with the modern age and attempt to move soaps forward is to take old plots and up the ‘raunch’ factor on them.  In the last blog, I lamented that Lily Snyder could revenge hump any man she wanted (and the her husband Holden could, too).  In other blogs I noted that Alison is a porn star turned nurse extraordinaire (notice that on their honeymoon, Aaron had to be ‘surprised’ at the tricks she knew in bed – completing the sanitizing of the character).  Emily is a former prostitute dating the younger son of the man she seduced and with whom she had a child.  Leo’s plotting date rape,  Brad nearly killing Leo, the subsequent cover up…the Snyder men sharing enough of the same women between them to produce an Army of pointy headed babies – are, folks, all on the SHORT list of seriously shady behavior). 

At the same time, Luke and Noah can never consummate their love.  They can’t live together.  They don’t spend much time with other couples – except with Luke’s freakin’ grandmother and her date – and I love La Walsh, but not as a dinner companion and best buddy for Luke.  Why is Nuke still marginalized?  Who knows?  But I find it stunning.  I watched television some of “DeGrassi: The Next Generation” when my teen nieces visited this summer.  These are the sort of scenes teen kids watch regularly:

They’re not ‘freaked out’ by stories that embrace all people.  They don’t understand dramas and other forms of entertainment that don’t.  Apparently, the writers at ATWT thinks that the daytime audience is far less adaptable than the DeGrassi crowd.  They’re selling us short and I resent it.

Reading about the big Nuke-Lucinda camping trip made me think about that last scene, the look on Brian’s face.  Was he in that tent because he wanted to show respect to Lucinda, or at least con her into thinking he was respecting her?  Were his interests prurient ( was he curious about Nuke, a bit of a peeping tom)?  Was he there to keep them apart for his own selfish reasons – a crush on Luke, or a crush on Noah? Was he there for another selfish reason- to stop the boys from ‘sinnin’?  I thought about that earlier look on Brian’s face when I read the camping summary.  I’d thought about it just a few days earlier when I ran across this clip on YouTube again (oh, fast forward to 3:50 minutes into the clip if political coverage makes you squeamish). 

If you opted to skip it,  Maddow recalled being 19 when she heard Buchanan’s speech about the raging culture wars and thought about just how much people she didn’t even know hated her, didn’t think there was room for her, how it led her to embrace the Democratic Party because she knew it didn’t want her to disappear (not an exact quote).  Maddow’s comments helped me further realize why Brian’s ‘look’ made me feel so queasy.

The shock (and disgust) in his face when Nuke touched one another was palatable and made me shudder.  It reminded me of so many events in my own life – the number of times racial epitaphs were used.  The extended hand that was met with a cold and/or  mortified expression. Our stories are different on the surface (reel Nuke’s, real Rachel’s) but they’re the same in other ways.  Death to the -isms! 

My hope is that while Noah is in ‘Rome’, the writers are thinking of what they need to do to rewrite the Wheatley character.  My hope is that they’ve decided to not take Brian down  that dark and ugly road.  I believe that the writers meant well when they began the Nuke storyline.  I believe they still mean well, but I also believe that the longer they marginalize Luke and Noah, the more they run the risk of giving an implicit nod to the ‘raging culture wars’.  I don’t think that’s where they want to take this storyline, either.

Luke made a mistake?  Brian wasn’t really trying to shove him back in the closet?  OK, I’m willing buy it.  So take it one step further, writers.  Do something proactive.  Have Brian use his considerable skills to help  Luke and Noah become an advocates and defenders of human rights.  Let Luke use some of that money to set up a shelter for kids who need a safe space when home is no longer safe for them after coming out.  Steal a page or two from ‘DeGrassi’.  I won’t tell.

The case against Jack Snyder

“That’s all I can stands, I can’t stands no more!”  You pop culture fans will recognize that line.  It’s taken a herculean effort for me to keep my lunch down at the mere site of ATWT’s Jack and Janet, but yesterday’s episode made it impossible.  I’m a pound lighter, but a whole lot more pissed off as a result of it.

Excuse me, but WHY is it ok for Jack to decide that it’s time for him to play house (as my grandmother us to say) with Janet?  Don’t get me wrong, I have no problem with people in love living together.   It’s not my business.  What I object to with the “Moral Authority” popping the ‘little’ question to Janet, is that he would be the first in line to attack his ex-wife as “shacking up” if she dared to move a man she wasn’t married to into their former home with HIS children… It really is ALL about Jack, ALL of the time, don’t you know?

And wouldn’t he be FURIOUS to find out that Carly had his children calling one of her lovers ‘uncle’?  Well, in this case, Liberty would be calling her mother’s boyfriend ‘uncle’, and she’d since he his her father’s brother… well, I was going to say that it wasn’t so creepy, but it is.   Oh those interchangeable Snyder boys!  They’re like a set of legos, pop one off, put another one on in its place – same difference.

Carly, in Janet’s shoes, would be the ‘whore of Oakdale’.  Carly would be the bad mother who put her lust for a man above her love for children, and her duty as a parent.   Not his Janet, no sir!  After mere months of knowing one another – most of that time spent by Janet trying break up his brother’s marriage, he and Janet are ready for the bliss of her living with him and attending to his needs.  “Lucky” girl.

Janet gets to fulfill the whims of he-of-the-goodness-and-light.  She gets to put her love for her child, and her duty as a parent, second to her lust for Jack – much to his delight.  While the double J’s (that’s jackasses, in my book) tell their children to slow down, sex is not a game, it’s worth the wait – they’ve betrayed everything they’re supposed to be teaching their children by rushing into a sexual relationship and then rushing into the idea of living together.

Way to go on teaching by example, Double J.  You’re model parents, assuming that every other parent in town mysteriously disappears.  Are they the worst of soap humanity?  No, just the most annoying and the absolutely most hypocritical – which, as you can see, only increases their standing as the most annoying.

Adding the Liberty/Parker/Rape Allegation storyline on top of the Double J mess only serves to exceed my pain threshold for this couple.  Janet is already SURE of Parker’s guilt. Jack, surprisingly, is not and will investigate the matter.  Oh yes, surprisingly, because Jack hasn’t had much interest in being a real father these days.  He’s too busy fabricating a make-believe relationship with Janet. 

(As an aside, clearly Liberty was drugged.  WTG, WT writers.  You’ve just finished a storyline focusing on the drugging of an entire family – you’re going to top that with the drugging of a teenaged girl and a alleged rape storyline?  That, for me, explains Jack’s insane obsession with falling in lust with another anti-Carly who is more trouble than the original.  Second verse same as the first?) 

I find myself feeling pretty lucky to have been born in such a miraculous, technological age. In fact, it’s what will save me from suffering the perils of watching double J sink this show into oblivion and it’s something that’s been around for many years now… it’s called a ‘remote’.  I have not one, but TWO options when it comes to avoiding this couple. I can Fast Forward any scenes I’ve foolishly recorded OR I can simply change the channel if I choose to watch live (and these days, folks, friends don’t let friends watch daytime live! One of you will have to remind me to record the show and save myself the frustration!)

As I read the show, Luke and Noah’s relationship, Emily and Margo’s battles – Casey and Tom’s attempts at peacemaking, have generated more interest and positive dicussion than all of Double J’s soiling of every inch of the Snyder farm.  OF COURSE, it makes sense that all of the above would get less screen time.  In the end, all is not as bad as it seems.  The double Js will either soon be a very bad memory, or a blur on my television screen.  It’s all good.