Bold and Beautiful: The Lost Generation

A discussion began on a Bold and Beautiful board about Phoebe’s death, questioning why the writers decided to kill the character off.  Many of us have been asking the same question.  In the long run, there doesn’t seem to have been any real benefit to having the character destroyed.  There also doesn’t seem to be a formula for determining which characters are killed off in daytime and which live,  is there ever an objective assessment of what the long term impact is of killing off characters?

The ever stellar Lesli Kay’s Felicia was saved after ‘dying’ from stage 4 colon cancer.  Despite the improbable odds that Felicia could be saved and make a full recovery.  LK brought so much to the role of Felicia that her resurrection made sense.  It would have continued to make sense had  the writers then used the character or something other than window dressing for the rest of the  time she was onscreen.

Given the choice, I would have selected at least three or four other characters whose deaths would have better served the show than Phoebe’s death.  The only seeming long term effect of her death seems to have been the long term damage to a generation of  Logan-Forrester  legacy characters. The short term  fall out from the character’s death was marvelous!  Ridge tapped into emotions that even he didn’t know he had.   Brooke and Ridge were tested in a way that seemed to make it clear that they had whatever it took to survive any storm, even one as big as this – Rick is her son, but also Ridge’s his brother/nemeis and Phoebe is his daughter, Brooke’s beloved stepdaughter.  The writers then blew the BRidge relationship to soaphell (later recovering nicely).

The other short term event that played out nicely?  Rick had to face the fact that his hatred and spiteful behavior, contributed to Pheebs’ death. Even if he didn’t cause the accident he was responsible for the pain and anger she was feeling before she died.  It was tragic and poetic, but it went no where fast!  Rick became even more malevolent.  He became angrier and even more controlling and no one connected to feelings of guilt or anxiety linked to his role in Phoebe’s death.  Instead, Rick became a malignant narcissist and taunted his brother Ridge for his pain, he slept with Phoebe’s twin, informed Ridge that twin Steffy’s  ass was ‘his’, he stole from his family, and even told Ridge to say goodbye to his ‘other daughter’.  It would have been  a typical villain’ s act,  had the writers wanted us to view Rick as a villain.  BnB writers have a magnificent penchant for turning characters who would be villains in any other format into simply ‘misunderstood’ people (see Stephanie Forrester, who’s only counterpart is Hels Cassadine, GH).  Only, I consider it confusing and not so maginificent.

It would have been great for this to have been bratty Rick’s transformational moment and for him to have become a better person. I would have liked to have seen a complex, layered Rick struggle with wanting to support his mother, fight for HER happiness instead of her fighting for his – even with a man he couldn’t stand, and feeling troubled by the fact that supporting Brooke could hurt taylor and her brood. He could have been overwhelmed by the guilt of not wanting to cause them any more unhappiness. The guilt could have caused Rick psychological distress and he could have had some sort of genuine breakdown (a soapy approach to DID = multiple personality disorder? Depression and suicidal behavior? or A psychotic break?)

The storyline could have led to some sort of growth for taylor.  Instead of using Pheebs death to try to get back into Ridge’s bed, she could have had a crisis of faith. She could have become openly angry and vengeful and gas-lighted a psychologically frail Rick (rather than the passive manipulator she has always been). Who could blame her for hating him AND herself for letting Rick into their lives? It would make sense of her lie that Rick ‘took advantage’ of her. That lie would have become part of the game. She could have gone so dark that even satan’s handmaiden would have become afraid of her and the twist would have been watching Stephanie protecting Rick from taylor, for BOTH of their sakes.

Imagine, instead of Brooke and Ridge fighting over her protecting Rick, that they fought over Brooke trying to protect Rick from taylor!  Ridge would be too consumed with guilt to worry about whether taylor was actually setting Rick up to become even more divorced from reality and possibly setting Rick up to either hurt himself or at least institutionalized for the rest of his life. Even if he knew she was, his love for Broke would be in conflict for his desire to see revenge and he might let taylor continue on (not caring that she was being destroyed in the process). He wouldn’t help her, he just wouldn’t stop her.

A new woman would be cast for Rick to date many months after Pheebs died, but he would still have a hard time getting close to her because he would believe that he was undeserving of happiness. He’d end up seeing Pheebs dying every time he tried to get close to her. She’s the one would figure out hat taylor was setting Rick up and stop her. Rick would eventually recover, unable to hate taylor because of Pheebs

taylor would end up in the position she wanted to put Rick in and is institutionalized for the next 30 years – where soap time = real time!  Brilliant!

That’s what would have played out for me over the next year, instead of the pimping of Phoebe’s ghost for sex, the fighting between BRidge, Steph setting up her vulnerable son, Tommy boy bombing cars on public lots, Rick and Steffy having sex, and pretty much everything else that played out after she died.  Of the current generation of Logan-Forrester kids, only Bridget is left with the potential to be a heroine and likable.

I’m both excited by AJ’s Bridget being in an upcoming frontburner storyline with Sarah Joy Brown’s Sandy Sommers, and concerned.  The only BnB characters who can remain likable for long periods of time are often those the writers haven’t concentrated on.  With the spotlight on ‘Budge’, I’m going to have to count on Ashley Jones to navigate the character through disjointed dialogue, inconsistent plots, and the most improbable of situations.  Her Bridget is the last of her kind, the last likable character of her generation on Bold.

Rick Forrester: bad Karma

“Sometimes they come back’… Stephen King couldn’t have created a better  payback character than Rick Forrester.  Rick annoys the hell out of me. He’s childish, angry, irresponsible, without guilt, short-sighted, ungrateful, and whiny. Those are just his most positive traits!  It wasn’t, however,  until I started debating with BnB fans about Rick’s semi-incestuous relationship with his niece, Steffy, that I thought about why Rick’s actions are huge payback, in some ways.  

Today I thought about Taylor telling a toddler Rick’s mother Brooke  to stay with his father, Eric, despite their plans to divorce. She said that young Rick (age 2 or 3) needed time to ‘adjust’ to his parents impending divorce.  In the meanwhile, Taylor was chasing the man Rick’s mother was truly in love with (Ridge Forrester).  She used Ridge’s anger at Brooke for not leaving her marriage to her benefit.  She scored a few dates with Ridge until Brooke and Ridge eventually reunited.

Then there was the time that Stephanie and Taylor set things up to have Taylor secretly give ‘swimming lessons’ to Brooke’s young children, Rick and Bridget.  Why? Because they believed that if they could get Brooke’s children to get use to Taylor and grow to like her, they wouldn’t mind if Taylor broke up their family to have Brooke’s husband, Ridge. 

The clip below picks up with what happens after  Brooke learns the truth about the ‘swimming lessons’ and confronts Taylor.  Taylor pulls the ‘stepmother’ card on Brooke, taunting her about the fact that she believes Ridge will leave his family for her.  Brooke’s reaction is interesting, to say the least:

Fast forward, years later, when Taylor asks a 12 year old Rick to keep the secret that she’s dating his father, Eric.  Of course, Taylor neglected to tell her good friend, Stephanie.  She also neglected to tell Stephanie that she sent Eric to crush her when Stephanie confessed to Taylor that she still loved Eric.  Taylor wanted Eric to make sure Stephanie knew there was no hope for the two of them.

Fast forward to adult Rick dating Taylor’s daughter Phoebe, after finding out that Ridge isn’t their father Eric’s biological son afterall (hence the semi-incestuous relationship described above).

Fast forward to Rick dating TAYLOR, when his relationship with Phoebe ended.

Fast forward to Taylor freaking out when she learns that Rick is now dating her other daughter, Steffy. 

On one hand, I don’t think anyone really ‘deserves’ a pain in the arse like Rick, but if anyone comes close to having earned the ‘honor’, it’s Taylor.  You mess around in someone else’s life long enough, you run the risk of having to deal with them the rest of your life, one way or the other.  From his ‘stepmother’, to his ‘potential mother-in-law, to his ‘lover’, to possibly his ‘mother-in-law’ all over again.  Karma can be fierce!

Rick Forrester: Daytime’s Biggest Pervert?

Wait?  A pervy character in daytime?  I know, I know.  What’s the point of bringing up THAT issue since nearly all daytime characters behave in pervy ways at some point in their illustrious time on air?  Here’s what I think is different about Rick Forrester: he’s so self-centered and narcissistic that he doesn’t just date through entire families like most soap characters, he serially dates in his OWN FAMILY and doesn’t think twice about it.

For more than 20 (closer to thirty) of his soap years, he was believed to be the biological brother of Ridge Forrester.  He lived and behaved as Ridge’s  brother (even when his mother, Brooke, married Ridge).  He and his then wife, Amber, babysat for Ridge and Taylor to allow them to have alone time together.  Ridge’s children referred to Rick as their ‘uncle’ and to his sister Bridget as their ‘aunt’.  He thought of them as his nieces and nephew.  Most of the time, the brothers got along reasonably well.   Then, in a fit of rage, Rick decided that it was ok to no longer think of Ridge as his brother – hey, they didn’t ‘really’ have the same biological father, after all.  A man whose children he helped raise were now fair game for sexploitation.  Rick disregarded the family bond they shared just to (try to) have sex with Ridge’s daughters.

The most disturbing, non-violent, scene I’ve witnessed in daytime was Rick caressing his niece, Phoebe’s, hair and telling her that he remembers when they were all at the beach once.  Phoebe was wild and free and when her mother tried to make her sit still comb her beautiful but tangled curly hair, Phoebe fought her and ran off.  He remembers, lovingly, how wonderful and beautiful she was as a child.  Not an exact replay of the scene, but close.

Remember (and I’ve stated this several times in several blogs, not to drive you crazy, but in the hopes TPTB are reading and realize that WE, the audience, haven’t forgotten),  Rick was an ADULT when Phoebe and her twin, Steffy, were children.  He was married.  He very much believed that he was their biological uncle.  How that became a memory to be used for a hot and heavy make out session is a mystery to me.  It should have been a mystery to the writers, too, one they should have been unwilling to solve.  Even DAYS’ Max Brady doesn’t go as far as Rick. He has no ‘childhood memories’ of his nieces. He didn’t raise them.  They weren’t children while he was an adult.  Stephanie was never heard from until recently,  and Chelsea  was believed to be have been stillborn until a couple of years ago (only when talking about soaps can you use those words).

WAIT AGAIN, you add!  What about the ICK in the squickness of Ridge and Bridget’s flirtation?  He thought he was her father.  He changed her diapers.  First let me finish cleaning the mess my lunch has made of my keyboard now that the “Ridget”  issue has been raised.   The squickiness of Ridge and Bridget never got beyond a couple of freaky kisses -ever. Not one scene of near sex with those two.  They were both attracted to one another,  and at times repulsed by their mutual attraction.

Ridge and Bridget were certainly gross (most especially the kiss that rated as Fourth of July x’s 10, or 100, or some such nonsense).  We were ‘lucky’ in the sense that the writers took it slow the first time they broke out a  date-yer-kin storyline.  Ridge and Bridget shared a couple of kisses, but luckily never went beyond that.

Rick, on the other hand, was openly pushing Phoebe to have sex with him – getting her on the floor, on the floor in front of the fireplace, on beds, in closets,  etc… telling her it was time they had sex when she kept stressing she wasn’t ready. Now it’s her twin sister’s turn.  He’s willing to take the risk of destroying Steffy because of his anger at Ridge that Taylor dumped him.  He will pick up with Steffy where he left off with Phoebe (breaking only to sleep with their mother in between).   No matter how much the writers have tried to use Phoebe’s tragic death to create a ‘bond’ between Steffy and Uncle Rick, there is always the stench of Rick’s attempt at “revenge seduction” with two innocent sisters.

For as often as paternity tests are overturned in his fictional world, you’d think he’d have SOME hesitation before trying to ring the bell that can’t be unrung.  Not Slick  (or is that Sick?) Rick.

This is also the man who has had more control over his mother’s sex life than she has.  At some point Rick cried about the ‘parade of men’ his mother brought into his life during his formative years.  He cried about the lack of stability and how much easier his life would have been without the chaos.  At the same time, he encourages his mother to jump from bed to bed, using her body as his weapon against Ridge – just as he has with Phoebe and Steffy.  (This plot point has been discussed in an earlier blog as well).  The idea that he sees nothing wrong with sending his mother to be with a man who’d just recently been his sister’s husband, father of her deceased child, and who then slept with is mother and sister in the same 24 hour period is astounding, and seriously demented on the part of the BnB writers.

That’s just not even good campy fun, any more.  It’s a tragedy.  It’s only made worse by the fact that most of Rick’s actions would be considered villainous on any other show – prime time or daytime (betraying his father and secretly helping Nick Marone build a loyal team at Forrester Creations after Nick stole the family company, editing his mother’s podcast to try to ruin her engagement, pretending to be paralyzed to elicit sympathy and tp eventually be appointed his family company’s President – the same company he secretly betrayed years before).

And still, everyone around his sees Rick as a vibrant, wonderful, healthy young man who is just a little high-spirited.  If Salvador Dali had ever had the opportunity to for daytime before his death, he’d surely would have chosen to write for the BnB.

The only thing I find interesting about Rick is his rivalry with Stephanie.  They are mirror images of one another.  His obsessive hatred for Ridge matches hers for Brooke.  His willingness to use Brooke’s sexuality as a weapon against Ridge matches her willingness to control Ridge’s sexuality as a way of hurting Brooke (and both actions are highly Oedipal in nature).  His lack of logic and escapism from reality is second only to hers.  Both use violence as a primary method of communication, and are both obsessed with ‘winning’ no matter how many other people they hurt in the process.

The only difference between Rick and Stephanie, besides gender, is that even with her fixation on Ridge, it’s hard to believe that Stephanie would become romantically involved with him if she ever found out he wasn’t her son.  The writers, I can only hope, have to know that it would be a storyline that would be impossible to sell.  Stephanie seems only to be captivated by controlling Ridge’s sexuality, not indulging it personally.  Rick on the other hand doesn’t seem to have many boundaries.  Whatever is feels good, as they say, is good by his standards.

For as many BnB women are stuck on backburner because there aren’t enough non-related males to go around, if Rick MUST stay, the writers need to bring in a non-related love interest for this character.  It’s vital.  The BnB pseudo-incest club is ever expanding and Rick has become its most prominient member, unfortunately for him, and for us.

Double Entendre

I use to write about the ‘cast envy’ some daytime shows seemed to experience. Featuring smaller casts, more of those shows’ characters had to do double duty. The man who was your brother is also your stepdad and at some point in the future, your father-in-law.

With daytime’s reversal of fortune and the decrease in cast sizes, double duty relationships are more prominent, and more distracting, than ever before.

While DAYS’ Chelsea Brady was keeping the peace between Max and Stephanie, I found myself listening only up until the point where she referred to both of them as her best friends. She didn’t want to be put in the middle of their ex-lovers feud. She was additionally angry that Max’s sister implied that there was something going on between her and Max just to make Stephanie jealous.

Does Chelsea know that Max is her uncle and Stephanie’s uncle as well? Are we to assume that the familial bonds of the Brady clan were broken with the brief return of Max’s biological father and the continued presence of his bio sister? Is it now ok for him to continue to date his brother and sister’s children?

The Bold and The Beautiful is the worst ‘double duty’ offender. The situation on DAYS is child’s play by comparison. That Rick Forrester is now involved romantically with the second niece in a twin pair so soon after his first girlfriend/niece has died is especially odious. Rick seemed predatory when he became involved with Phoebe. That her death makes him hot for her twin sister? ICK! Why is it that no one remembers that predatory ‘Uncle Rick’ and his ex-wife use to babysit Phoebe and Steffy?

Why does daytime keep turning dark corners rather than taking the hit and temporarily hiring an actor to play a non-related character for even a brief period of time? Even when the writers correct their errors after not being able to draw viewers into the muck, it’s hard to let go of the storyline induced nausea when the characters remain to remind us of their low points.

What, are you NEW?

The Bold and the Beautiful

Clearly there are new writers on board.  There HAVE to be! How else can you explain the highly emotional grief scenes following Phoebe’s death!?!?  It’ s been a long time since I’ve cried over BnB scenes because they were so highly emotional.  Usually if I’m crying over a BnB scene, it’s because of the self-pity I feel knowing I haven’t been able to break my BnB viewing habit.

Jacqueline MacInnes Wood was pitch perfect and completely sold me as the soul shattered twin sister unable to fathom living the rest of her life without her other half.  Together with Ronn Moss  ‘Steffy’ and ‘Ridge’ broke my heart opening the bag containing Phoebe’s personal effects and gingerly removing each time… a shoe, a bag, a hair clip, on their own -each with seeming no real value, now invaluable because of the fact that Phoebe wore them in her last moments.

I shuddered when I saw the door to the hospital morgue.  I waited for the gratuitous and exploitive “bloodied and battered” Phoebe  images.  I was wrong. The writers handled those scenes with a sensitivity rarely seen on this show. They’ve done us proud.  For the record, if there is a new team at bat, HIRE THEM… they’re good. If it really is the same writing team, what the hell? Why aren’t we getting this level of writing more often? I don’t even need it daily, just more frequently than we’ve been treated to the past… say… 6 or 7 years!

Young and the Restless

I’m sorry.  I think I’m losing my hearing.   I thought I heard Lauren express shock at Gloria’s self-centered behavior and her willingness to allow an innocent party to be blamed for something they hadn’t done.  I was shocked that SHE was shocked. Two words:  Ashley Abbott… Two more: Face Cream.

Are the writers confused?  Is there another character named Gloria living in fictional Genoa City?  There has to be, because otherwise the writers could never have written those lines.  Instead, they would have had Lauren tell Gloria that it’s time she STOPPED allowing others to pay for her lies and her selfishness.

Apparently Kay Chancellor isn’t the only GC resident with a look-a-like, and not the only one suffering from memory loss.

BTW, Phyllis, seriously?  It’s not like this is the FIRST marriage you’ve broken up, what’s up with that plan to split Jack and Sharon? What would make her think that Sharon would immediately run to Brad?  If Sharon is getting close with Nick, again, and she becomes a free woman, wouldn’t it make sense that she’d have to keep an eye on her wandering, philandering husband?  Great going there, big red.  Phyllis is just a little rusty at manipulating others.

One Life to Live

Oh sure… kill off Nash, bring back Tess, add new alter for Jessica, and then hook her up with the ‘new Nash’.  In this case, I think the writers think WE’RE new.  Can Jessica please have a love life that doesn’t revolve around alternate personalities and psychiatric care? Please? I’ll admit, I love Jess/Tess/Bess and Brody, I just wish the writers hadn’t used the same plot line they used to pull Tessica  and Nash together.

I can only assume that it’s tacit admission that getting rid of Jess and Nash was a FOOLISH move, especially for  a storyline that had enormous potential  ending with a whimper and not a bang.  The revenge storyline became diluted and distracting when it got in the way of other, less compelling, storylines.  Natalie and Jared replacing Jessica and Nash as the show’s hot young couple felt like a pipe dream from the beginning.Nared-Jatalie (whatever couple name they’ve earned) are a chemistry challenged couple that makes ‘romance’ feel like a four letter word -and not fun dirty four letter words, either.

I don’t understand the writers’ fascination with Natalie and Jared as a couple and I also don’t understand the sudden forgiveness for their actions.   It was Jessica who was angry, and felt betrayed.  Jessica watched her husband die.  Jessica held him in his last moments.  Jessica had to tell him about a child he’d never get to hold.  I don’t want Jessica to hate her sister the rest of her life, but the idea that she’s now beyond what’s happened, and that it’s ok that Natalie and Jared are caring for her children just seems odd.  At the very least, what should make Jessica’s recovery so difficult is being conflicted, both feeling guilty that Tess took things so far -but still feeling betrayed and feeling angry about their role in Nash’s death, and their role in her family’s financial difficulties in losing BE.  To have Natalie and Jared back in good stead just feels hollow and rings false.

Thank goodness I have Gigi/Rex/Shane to take my mind off of the rest of it. I love that Shane still loves his hero father, Brody, while being willing to slowly get to know his biological father, Rex.  I think it’s realistic for Shane to be confused and still love the man he’s thought of as his father his entire life.  I love that he’s a sensitive and loving child.  I love that Rex is patient, and respects Shane’s feelings.   I’m actually looking forward to more of this little family.

Days of Our Lives

Oh, I should have known.  Nicole Walker Dimera (emphasis on Dimera)! What have you done?   WHY, writers, WHY?  She loves Brady so much, to think that she would try to send him back to his addiction to protect her pregnancy lie?  That’s far too vicious, even for Nicole.   How could I have fooled myself into thinking the writers would make the character capable of anything else?  Oh well… I’m in for the long and the short of it.  Nicole will have to face whatever she has coming.  It will be well deserved.   If she succeeds in the long run, move me to the ‘love to hate’ column for a while.   Eventually I’ll find a way to forgive N.W.D.  for her dastardly actions… I’m so weak.  The writers always get me when it comes to this character.

As The World Turns

Oh dear.  I’ll bet you thought that Carly would be vindicated! I’ll bet you thought that the magnificent Snarly had Janet and her demon seed dead to rights, right?  HA!  What are you, NEW?  This is As The World Turns. Everyone turns on Carly, including her own children.

Parker forged Carly’s  signature, Liberty encouraged it, and it was ‘all good’ because their criminal activity was only about making someone else happy, namely Janet.  Sure, Janet is more deserving than most people.  It’s ok for her to want a 5k wedding gown, marrying a man with three children, making a cop’s salary.   Seriously?  That she never looked at the price tag is no excuse, in some ways, it’s WORSE that she didn’t look.  Did she really believe that an upscale boutique would have cheap gowns?

Parker has to humiliate his mother in front of Janet and Liberty.  Great. He forged the signature on his trust fund check to make Liberty happy… and that’s Carly’s fault.  They were willing to continue lying about it until they were caught… and that’s Carly’s fault, too;  she’s just an evil angry jealous bitch out to stop their happiness (uh, huh, despite the fact that she AGREED to let her jackass ex- take out a second mortgage on their house to pay for his wedding to another woman).  This is the man who attacks Carly for the kind of mother she is, NEVER thanking her for raising a child HE brought into their marriage (JJ)  after initially abandoning her and their other children, for JJ and his mother, batshit crazy Julia2.

I’m ready to give up on As The World Turns.  It’s not JUST the Kick the Carly storylines that are doing it for me.  The KTC storylines are symptomatic of a larger problem- the overall lack of balance on this show.  I think I’ve had my fill.  Someone contact me when the ‘Kick the Jackass’ storylines start (Jack-Janet, take your pick!)

Just  a word of caution, writers… viewers who are raising, or have raised, children are NOT entertained by a smart-assed obnoxious kid like Parker. It’s tiring of having the  show held hostage by the writers’ interpretation of teenaged hormones gone awry.  Liberty-Parker sex scenes, groping, lusting, crying, conspiring, and now attacking Carly for having LEGITIMATE concerns.  Get a clue, folks.  Surely JJ is missing his brother, by now.  It’s time to send Parker and Liberty away to school.

Just because it’s creepy and Oedipal

doesn’t meant it’s not entertaining.  Rick Forrester, despite his best intentions, has become the man in his mother’s life that he hates most.  He’s accused Ridge of treating Brooke like property (check).  He’s accused Ridge of putting his own needs before that of Brooke’s (check).  He’s accused Ridge of  supporting other women before supporting Brooke… and again,  mother-effin-CHECK!  No wonder being dumped by Taylor, who’d hoped to get her hooks into Ridge, is driving him crazy.  He’s more Ridge than RIDGE is.

We’re short one scene of Rick standing over his mother’s bed before Rick officially becomes the creepiest adult son of a hot mom, in daytime.  Don’t think it won’t happen, folks, these are the writers who had a sister develop ‘feelings’ for her brother mere days after finding out that they weren’t related by blood – she began imagining that they were married and raising his children together, despite the fact that his children called her aunt Bridget… which really makes it creepy that Rick, who also use to babysit the kids, put the moves on both of his nieces.  Never doubt how far a daytime writer  will take any storyline.

Speaking of creepy… dancing?  In daytime?  It usually only ends badly, but I have to give the  BnB actors their due.  The dancing at the engagement party made for a great scene.  I can’t imagine how vulnerable actors have to feel when being asked to dance onscreen for any reason.  They have to know that fans was just waiting for those scenes to make fun of them… not here, friends, not today.   I wish we had more scenes of good times on this show.

Those scenes did, however,  highlight other problems that are easily solved… Thorne and Felicia dancing together?  They’re together so much, I tend to forget they’re siblings.  The actors have developed an amazing chemistry – and that may be a huge problem.  It’s time for the writers to bring in love interests for both siblings… I sorta’ threw up a little when they were joking about which sib taught the other ‘those moves’ back in high school.  1 – NO ONE should be doing the same dance moves they were using in high school, 2 – see point one!  3- That scene would have been so much hotter if it weren’t being uttered by siblings.  Why not offer a similar scene of Owen and Felicia on the balcony.

I’m over Owen and Bridget now that Owen is still pledging his love to Donna. Eric’s daughter, in a love triangle with is former wife – Donna, fighting over the man Donna made out with in the bed Eric and Stephanie (Felicia’s mother) use to share before Eric married Donna. Confused?  Try this one out:

Another tangled relationship on the dance floor was Marcus and Steffy.  The engagement party is for his aunt, her father.  They were discussing his cousin, Rick,  the bride-to-be’s son, who is the half-brother of the groom-to-be, Ridge, who is also Steffy’s dad.  Marcus was upset because cousin Rick put the moves on Steffy (Rick being Steffy’s bio. uncle for most of her life until Ridge found out that he and Rick don’t share the same biological father).  Still family in my book.

Then there’s the fact that Brooke’s father lobbed an insult atEric, Ridge’s father, because Brooke’s sister, Donna, couldn’t be there.  Donna and Eric are divorcing. Eric (Rick’s father) is already divorced  from Brooke.  Eric had, years before, slept with Donna and Brooke’s mother, Beth, while they were dating in college.

No one escapes living in the BnB’s fictional L.A. without having been married to and/or dating and sleeping with  at least two other people who’ve already dated other  family members.

That brings us to the tragic part of this week’s episodes

Phoebe’s death.  I’ve been a bit bummed by the fact that Pheoebe would be killed off.  I was in awe of Mackenzie Mauzy’s poise as a young actress and felt she brought a great deal to the role of Phoebe and to the show, overall.   As Phoebe was pushed further into the spotlight, much of made the character special was stripped away to try to sell the ‘Uncle Rick is now my boyfriend’ storyline.  In time, I’m sure MM would have won fans back in time, with the right storyline.

As far as sendoffs go?  This one was pretty well done.  She  spent her last moments alive in the arms of the one person she knew she could trust, her father.  He has been the man to love and protect her above all others.  In those last moments, she was able to sing the song she wrote for him.  It was incredibly moving.  I couldn’t help but wonder why the writers didn’t just let Phoebe slip into an endless coma.  She could be revived at some later date, when the storyline called for it.

I also couldn’t help having one smart assed response to her death scenes, as well.  I remembered that Taylor (Phoebe’s mother) also died in Ridge’s arms and he held her for some time after she died.  The writers found the crappiest way ever to bring Taylor back, but they did it.  They’ve brought Taylor back from the dead, TWICE, now.  There’s hope, Phoebe fans, if the past is any indication.  Think of her as not being dead, just waiting for the writers to set up some amazingly craptacular return.  She’ll at least play a ghost a time or two before she’s revived.  It’s tradition.

Back to where we started from

With the twisted family relationships, the heavy interconnections, and the tragedy of Phoebe’s death, tougher times are obviously ahead for Ridge and Rick, as well as Ridge and Brooke, I’m sure.  How does anyone get beyond this?

How does Taylor deal with the fact that her relationship with her now dead daughter was strained before her death?

How do any of the involved families begin to forgive Rick for using Ridge’s daughters (including twin Steffy) as weapons?  How could anyone blame the Forresters for wondering if Rick’s accident was just an accident or if he wanted to take from Ridge the children he loves so dearly?

At what point will Rick feel true remorse for the emotional pain Phoebe was in just before her death?

Let’s hope we find out, soon.

Quick YnR/BnB comments

Cane vs. Ab…bott?  Oh dear, Billy Abbott, what have you DONE?   Well played, writers, well played.  The looks on Cane and Jill’s faces when Bill announced that he is part of the takeover of Jabot, and will help return the company to his family?  OUCH!  The YnR writers have earned a holiday bonus this year!  I can’t wait to tune in to tomorrow’s episode.  I love the consistency and complexity of the YnR’s current storylines.  If this show isn’t in the lead for ‘Best Drama’ this Emmy season, I’ll be shocked and saddened.

BnB writers?  WHOA!  You’re firing on all cylinders!  The fact that her mother took her ‘sacrifice’ and then threw away Phoebe’s Uncle-boyfriend Rick?  So classic, so selfish, so Taylor.   Taylor won’t be any better able to ‘make it up’ to Phoebe than Brooke was able to make it up to her daughter when she did the same.  Oddly enough, both women dumped their daughter’s ‘first loves’ , who were nothing more than temporary fixes in their lives, for Ridge.

Now if only the writers would grant Rick a bit of humility after the upcoming incident with Phoebe.  We know that the writers have given the character anger and arrogance in abundance.  I’m ready to see Kyle Lowder’s Rick deliver on something more – like humility, shame, and sorrow.

Speaking of, what a tragic sense of irony.  Phoebe wants to sing at Ridge and Brooke’s rehearsal dinner.  She and Uncle-boyfriend Rick sang together for Brooke and Ridge, before.  Was it at their last engagement party?  Spooky.