Young & the Restless / Bold & the Beautiful – Crazy Is…

YnR Nikki Summer Ian

The Young and the Restless: Crazy Like a Fox

Crazy is as crazy does, or so they say.  Here’s what I see.  Ian’s days are, for sure, numbered.  Will he end up  dead?  Who knows? If he lives, it is not clear to me that his days will be worth living.  He is one part cocky and two parts crazy!  Than never bodes well for a villainous soap character.

Nikki’s unequivocal F-U to Ian and her glaring declaration that she is not afraid of him is the best thing that could have happened for viewers!  Strength and courage, forget cowering and waiting for the big bad Newman men to save the day!  Oh sure, it was a HUGE thrill to have Dylan and Nick show up at the door at the end – Ian’s facial expression was priceless.  It was more of a thrill to know that Nikki didn’t need them.

Before their arrival, she charged into Ian’s office like she owned it.  She batted his lies like flies.  Someone should have warned Ian that Nikki has been married to Victor Newman, off and on, for more than 30 years soap time.  She has already survived one big bad controlling and scary man (a man who leaves me alternating between hating and loving to hate him).  Sir. Ian is a rank amateur by comparison — no matter how beautifully seamless Ray Wise’s Ian is as a villain.  Someone should tell Ian to stick to mind-blanking young and vulnerable people  who are “confused and searching” as he helps “put them on their paths”.

YnR Dylan Threatens IanSomeone should also tell him to avoid messing with the Newman clan. These people have killed before and they will kill again I’m sure.  There is always the option of leaving him imprisoned in a basement cell where no one will find him!  (What I wouldn’t give for Victor to build a cell for Ian!)  I fully expected this storyline to continue on and on with Nikki being afraid for herself, or Dylan.  Thank you writers, for letting Nikki be proactive in protecting Summer and the rest of her family.

Also, how good is it to see Paul, Lauren and Michael together?  I won’t lie.  There is a part of me that so fondly remembers Paul and Lauren as a couple (as well as Paul and Nikki) that having them find their way back to each other would feel like old home week for me. There are times when I, for a moment, wish for a Lauren and Paul reunion.  I never thought that I could grow to love Lauren after her treatment of Tracy Abbott, but Paul was the beginning of her redemption.  Lauren learned to become human, with Paul.  It helped that Lauren was fed back some of the crap she dealt out to Tracy, in the form of Mary Williams (the working woman version of BnB’s Stephanie Forrester).  Now when I see Lauren, I don’t see the mean spirited young adult who was filled with anger and ill will.  I see the woman who became a wife and mother, who apologized to Tracy for having victimized her for many years, and I love the growth that YnR characters have made Lauren in particular.  I have tried to avoid being dragged back into daytime, but the BnB and the YnR are making it tough for me to stay away.

The Bold and The Beautiful: The Douglas Problem

I’m not sure if it is intentional, but whatever the case, it is certainly interesting that there is a strong connective history when looking at the Douglas bloodline.  Stephanie Forrester’s father was a cruel and nasty S.O.D. who abused and humiliated his eldest daughter for reasons that are still not clear (realistically so.  Many survivors of abuse are left trying to make sense of their abusers’ cruelty – forced to try to give meaning to something so illogical and so vile).  John Douglas was clearly a man who refused to control his impulses – giving way to his anger at his daughter for daring to have her own opinions and  ideas.  It is a tragic behavior pattern that Stephanie followed in her own later life.  The revelation of Ally’s continued difficulties ties so neatly into the troubled Douglas history. Stephanie’s mother was as troubled as John and as troubled as Stephanie and Pam became over time.  Not only did Mother Ann refuse to protect Stephanie, she accepted a lonely Ann’s devotion and watched as Ann gave up all dreams of a family and children to care for her mother.

BnB Douglas WomenAt the time of the confrontation between mother and daughter,  it seemed that Mother Douglas’ only goal was to protect herself and the memory of a perfect marriage and perfect family life.  I now have to wonder if the writers want us to rethink the entire Douglas lineage!   That Ally’s psychological issues are being addressed (and that Ally flips out in the presence of not just Wyatt, but the Stephanie Douglas Forrester jewelry collection was BRILLIANT!)  It makes sense  that a child who lost her mother at such a young age is so badly hurt by that loss and that the pain doesn’t simply dissipate.

Are Ally’s psychological problems the real reason she didn’t continue on to Law school and came home to join the family business?  Had she had a break just before coming home?  This kid has had so much to deal with in such a short life.  Ally’s pain was compounded by the fact that the first woman she allowed to become her new mother was a woman who deceived her, only to try to replace the mother she was still grieving. Ally must have surely felt betrayed by the ease with which her father forgave the woman who left her mother dying on the highway.

Is that why Ally clings to Hope?  An innocent Hope was the only person Ally could rely on and trust in, at that time. Everyone else behaved as if it was normal for your father to marry the woman who killed your mother.   Hope told Ally the truth no one else would tell.  Is Hope’s perfect life one Ally has imagined  having for herself  instead of the crap storm Taylor’s actions and her father’s thoughtlessness left her?  Is she living vicariously through Hope to the point of imagining a happy Hope and Liam living the life that would have made her happy, too?  From Vicious John Douglas, to Mother Ann Douglas to the psychotically violent Stephanie, the murderous Pam, and now the unhinged Ally Forrester. WOW!

I’d jokingly said before that if Ally starts wearing pantsuits and a brooch, I’m  going to cry, and then fear for Hope’s safety.  I now see that I will have to fear for Wyatt’s safety.  I’m not sure what Wyatt triggers in Ally ( his deceit = taylor’s deceit?).  Does watching Hope forgive Wyatt anger her because, as she lives vicariously through Hope, and it reminds her that she accepted Taylor’s lie?  Whatever is it, the writers will let us know soon enough, but I have to say that it is beginning to become deliciously uncomfortable.

I can say that prior to Ally’s explosive rage, it was fun to watch a little innocent romance with #HOTT.  They started strong and ended strong, today.  I can’t wait for the next episode to see where this is headed.  Something tells me to not expect an apology from Ms. Ally.  Who stands with Wyatt if (when) the -ish hits the fan and the Forresters rally around Ally to protect her?  How? Most likely by firing Wyatt to help Ally heal, if the question of whether Wyatt should be fired, posed in the twitterverse to fans,  is any indication.  The only supporter he has ever had prior to meeting Hope?  His mother.  She’s ride or die for her son so I’m sure she’ll stand with him, should it happen. Would Hope stand with him or would her loyalties be divided?  Will his donor father come to his aid?  Given Bill’s consistent trashing of Wyatt, I wouldn’t count on it.  If it happens, I’m sure surprising battle lines will be drawn.

BnB Quinn and BillSoap crazy Part 2?  Bill Spencer.  Seriously, after today, this guy goes on my FastForward filter.  He is such an loser that it’s hard to fathom where the writers feel this character fits in a genre that is about romance, a bit of cheesecake, and the occasional bit of insanity.  How many times in one lifetime will a man get to say, “We’re not family, you’re just the mother of my child”?  It’s a grotesque thing for him to say to a woman with whom he has had no serious conflict and who saved. loved, and nurtured a child he claims to now love, as well.  Even referring to her as a very distant relative would have been better. (and yes, ship docked in the nearby harbor would have still worked).

Bill Spencer is exhausting.  He is a combination low-rent comedic version of J.R. Ewing (original Dallas) and womanizing Don  Draper of Mad Men.  He’s anachronistic!  Everyone else seems to be operating in the 21st century.  Bill is almost 19th century in this thoughts and actions.  I’m sick of his male equivalent “Forever 21″wardrobe, the ridiculously compulsive (and unnatural) grooming, and the  tired juvenile dialogue – what grown ass man has to tell a woman that she’d better not show up in a couple of months pregnant with his child? (If you can’t control it?  CAP IT!)  People, I just can’t with this guy. I.can.NOT!   (My comments are not about Don Diamont, who is a true hottie.  His own  look is so natural and gorgeous.  Google him.)  Bill Spencer  is too much of a put on.  It throws me every time I look at him.

Bill’s comment that Quinn was not his family  was almost as repulsive as his line that Quinn didn’t give him a chance to be a father.  As I recall, she did.  He told her to abort their child.  No matter how good looking he is with his shirt off, he is a little bit of a sidewinder, otherwise, and for a man who is such a misogynist to be treated as either a hero, or a man at all, runs counter to what a romantic lead is in daytime.  Who the hell wants to spend their days battling the Bill Spencers of the world, only to watch them celebrated?  Difficult men? Ok, outright misogynistic pigs?  Keep ’em, you can have ’em.  I have to paraphrase my new fave quote (THANKS @MrJeromeTrammel for articulating my thoughts better than I could have):  “There Is No Shortage Of Good Men, It’s Just That The Ignorance Of No-Good Men Is Promoted So Well.”

Quinn’s dialogue, returning fire for fire, was about the only useful thing to happen in the conversation between the two. I do believe she is right. Bill has never met a woman who is his match. Katie tried to humanize him, but was shut down. Brooke only gave in and gave him what he wanted – physical contact – no attempt to humanize him at all. Quinn is too good for Bill.  I hope the guy either grows up or goes.

Sorry, folks, but as I said above, Bill has hit my FastForward Filter.  He is too much of a bad thing.  I can’t be bothered to watch this guy any more.

If anyone wondered why Ashlyn Pearce was cast in the role of Alexandria Forrester, I’m guessing that’s now officially answered!  SO, in the event that you get out of line with comments or in email?  Remember this face:

BnB Angry Ally Forrester

Don’t make me send Ally after you!

YnR burnout!

I can only guess that the YnR writers are burning-out from the fabulous time they’ve been having rebuilding the YnR and making it a show worthy of its top-rated position in the ratings. What else explains:

1- why the writers have decided to have a three way “who’s the daddy?” storyline with Sharon/Nick/Billy/Jack? Daytime writers seem to always be in the process of one-upping each other in plotting to offer something ‘different’ by way of storyline; something ‘never seen before’. But why is it that the ‘something different’ is almost always a plot that makes soap fans cringe with embarrassment to say that they’re daytime viewers? DAYS gave us Marlena’s demonic possession. PASSIONS gave daytime a bad reputation, PERIOD. AMC gave us an ‘unabortion’. GL gave us (temporarily) twins with separate fathers and cloning. The BnB gave us a back-from-the-dead storyline with a character who’d been viewed in a casket for days (it was a wax dummy, don’t you know?) GH gave us the ‘Ice Princess’, OLTL gave us the DID storyline with Viki Buchanan – ok, this one was freakin’ fabulous!… Now the YnR gives us a variation on the daytime “Who’s Your Daddy?” theme. This storyline feels more like a ‘Maury’ episode than a daytime plot.

If the writers are determined to fight the groundswell return to Sharon and Nick, so be it… just DON’T put them together, but what is the purpose of having Sharon sleep with almost every male (of age) on this show? What’s with the rumors that the father is actually a fourth, previously unnamed male? My guess? If it’s true, it’s either ‘the great man’, himself, Victor Newman, or it’s now-deceased Brad Carlton… OR we’ll find out that Sharon has secretly slept with both and only one is the father… OR, she’s carrying twins, one is Victor’s and one is Brad’s?

Why the hell not? When you put that much effort into destroying your show’s lead romantic heroine, you might as well go all the way.

At what point did YnR writers start trashing the show’s history? At what point did they decide that character development was for losers? Any fan remembers that Sharon was Nick’s long suffering wife who couldn’t find her husband when she needed him most – when their daughter was killed in an accident. Nick deserted his grieving family and when he did return, he began a sexual affair with the show’s resident homewrecker, Phyllis-then-Abbott-now-Newman. His wife was crying for their dead daughter, he was getting laid.

Phyllis’ disregard of Sharon’s grief surpassed her own selfish disregard of Christine’s grief, when she became pregnant with another man’s child and passed that child off as Danny’s. Don’t get me wrong, that’s when I became a Phyllis fan – ‘St. Cricket’ drove me mad! I couldn’t wait for someone to take her down a peg and love-to-hate Phyllis was perfect for that. Then the writers transformed her from a love-to-hate character to one I could root for without checking my conscience at the daytime door.

I loved watching her take on Diane and her various schemes to break up Phyllis’ marriage to Jack. I knew it was part of the ‘divine retribution’ poor Phyllis had coming and so I was patient, and waited for her to prevail (the wicked Phyllis over the even MORE wicked Diane).

By the time the Sharon/Nick/Phyllis storyline came along, I realized that the only thing that had changed about Phyllis was the calendar year. She was still the same selfish, thoughtless, pants-dropping person she’d been in the past and what a HUGE disappointment. This time, it wasn’t as much fun around. She wasn’t helping a loser husband destroy his marriage of the town’s hypocritical resident saint. She was helping a different loser destroy his marriage to a deeply grieving, lonely, frustrated mother who wanted nothing more than to hold her deceased daughter, or at least hold her husband to help her through the pain. Phyllis had become so much better than that – I thought.

It’s not that Nick was much better, he’s always been a man-whore extraordinaire. It’s just that in THIS case, I allowed myself to believe that his wretched cheating ass was grieving with his little brain. Other than Phyllis being pathetic, what was HER excuse?

THIS is the scene that plays in my mind when I see Nick and Phyllis together:

To ‘even’ the score between the two women, the writers decided to have Sharon behave as classless as both Nick AND Phyllis? Sure, writers, that’s the way to get fans to tune in… don’t bother with building your characters UP… don’t have Nick finally become a BETTER MAN and realize that without sex, he and Phyllis have nothing. Don’t have Phyllis realize that she’d sold her dignity to have a man she never really wanted and who could never have really loved her once the grief cloud cleared… just tear everyone else down too! It’s quicker and takes less creative effort!

Now Sharon is pregnant, with multiple possible baby’s daddies… is that supposed to make fans NOT want Nick and Sharon back together? Is it supposed to make fans root for Phyllis? Are fans supposed to want to see Sharon ‘get hers’? I’m thinking that the only thing this storyline is going to do is cause fans to tune out even faster than before.
HEY, while you’re at it? Why not make Lily a stripper and have Nikki coach her on the fine art of shakin’ it? Why not make Victor a con man? He can take Murphy and Kaye for all they’re worth! Victor could start with the people who love and trust him most and work his way out! Why not have him take all of the money and property Brad left Colleen, just for kicks? He could throw her out on the streets where she’ll hide out, in shame, we’ll all pretend to forget that she’s related to the Abbotts and that they could take her in. Watching her survive the streets would be far more ‘fun’ instead. Mac could decide that all that ‘do-gooder’ crap is for suckers, and she could become a cut-throat corporate raider. Billy could become a gigolo (only, collecting money for his services, this time. The man has just been giving it away!) Why not have Neil, who is as straight-laced as they come, start sleeping around and betraying his family?

OH WAIT! That brings me to

2 – The destruction of Neil. No one is saying that Neil should remain the pious (and at times overly-judgmental) man he’s always been, but what’s the point of changing his character all at once? What’s the point of having Neil fight to help Karen open her heart and trust him, only to fall into bed with Tyra and fall instantly in love with her? Neil and Karen were JUST married! There are any number of cads on this show, Even if the writers decided to have Neil become one of them, ease us INTO it writers! Don’t shock our systems by having Neil become unlikable overnight. What is it about Tyra that appeals to Neil, other than the fact that she’s beautiful, especially since Karen is a beautiful woman as well? Tyra isn’t an especially interesting character.

Neil’s life was torn apart by Dru’s (assault at Malcolm’s hands? Affair with Malcolm? I’m not sure how to classify it). His heartbreak was palpable and he became one of the most easily sympathetic characters in daytime. This storyline makes a joke of that time in his life. Dru worked incredibly hard to earn his forgiveness. He punished her in every way possible. He publicly humiliated her. He treated her like a naughty child. Now? He’s just one more lying cheat who believes he deserves more than he gives.

I once suspected that Guiding Light had an “A Team” set of writers and a ‘B Team” set of writers – before the show started ROCKIN’. It’s starting to feel as if the YnR is following suit. The show is starting to feel disjointed, and the demeaning of fan favorites (like Sharon and Neil) is beginning to feel intentional. I’ll pass!

The Unspoken rule of seduction

You have to be totally insane to not  know that Michelle Stafford’s Phyllis is smokin’ hot, with a body just made for sinnin’.  Trust me, if I had a body like that, I’d wear lingerie all day long, even to the office.  Oh, no, I don’t mean just under my suits, I mean INSTEAD of a suit.

That statement is probably just scary enough to cause you to question exactly what is it I do for a living… Is wearing lingerie to work going a little too far?  Yes, you’re right.  It is – but I’d sure be tempted.  Fine,  I’d still wear lingerie 24 hours a day, but it would be under my suits!

What I don’t get about seduction scenes is who wrote the rules for them?  Daytime isn’t the only guilty drama.  Was there some writers’ guild meeting where someone decided that any time there’s a seduction scene that women have to be near nude, but men must remain fully dressed?   Where is MY eye candy?  Why was Phyllis down to her black dental floss lingerie, but Nick Newman was still fully dressed?  Don’t actresses end up with clothing burns during these scenes?  Not only are the guys fully dressed, they end up rubbing against their undressed love interests.

Last week’s seduction scenes with the BnB’s Brooke and Ridge Forrester were pretty much the same.  She was dressed in red hot lingerie while Ridge was fully dressed during their seduction scenes.  To the BnB writers’ credit, Brooke forced Ridge to remove his clothing, piece by piece.  It was cute, it was sexy, and very playful (uh, and it made the E! Channel’s Talk Soup, as most BnB scenes seem to do).  We need more scenes like that, not just in daytime but across the board.  You’ll see what I’m talking about roughly 4 minutes  and 5 seconds into the clip:

I think it’s appalling that women are objectified while male characters remain fully in control.   It speaks to the implicit view writers have about female characters.  It’s hardly an accident that in almost any film or television show in which this occurs, women are the significantly weaker partner in the relationship.  My preference?  Women in control who objectify male characters.  Turnabout is fair play, after all.

Last?  I did enjoy one line in the Nick-Phyllis scenes above all others.  Phyllis commented that when she decided to seduce her husband, she wanted to make sure to do it right… BADA BING!  As soon as she said it, my immediate response was, ‘At least you know you’re doing it ‘all wrong’ when you’re seducing someone else’s husband’… oh, ok, BAD BAD BAD… but hey, she’s Phyllis and I couldn’t help it.

Don’t get me wrong, I always fluctuate between loving Phyllis (mainly with Jack) and loving-to-hate Phyllis.  I have a feeling I’ll be loving Phyllis soon.  She’s just done more to ensure the reunion of Nick and Sharon than anything either would have been able to do on their own.  What would make Phyllis think that working to split Sharon and Jack up would be a good thing?  Nick is already making a point of seeking Sharon out whenever he can… now he’ll be consoling/comforting a single woman.  Consoling/comforting in daytime?  The act almost always means that the two people involved will end up in bed together — which, I’m sure means that Sharon will be in skimpy lingerie while Nick, fully dressed, gawks before groping.

I have to admit my admiration for women like Katherine Kelly Lang (Brooke, Bold and the Beautiful), Michelle Stafford and Sharon Case (Phyllis and Sharon, Young and the Restless) – I have to take my hat off to you, ladies.  I can’t imagine the courage it takes to wear the ‘seduction gear’ you wear onscreen, year after year.   They’re absolutely beautiful and ageless… now, ladies, help a sister out and talk to the writers about making sure your male onscreen counterparts are showing the same courage you do!

Clearly, it’s the turkey talking…

I’m always giddy for about a week before the Thanksgiving holiday… mad with anticipation.  It happens every year and it’s the only thing I can think of that explains the fact that I loved daytime last week.  I can’t think of a thing I truly disliked.  I enjoyed most of what aired!  WOW!

The Young and the Restless – Poor deluded, insecure, Phyllis.  LOVED her reaction to Nick and Sharon’s closeness and that she made sure that everyone knew that she felt ‘thankful’ for a husband who made her feel “sexy”.  I LOVED that Sharon wasn’t at all affected by the possessive kiss Phyllis planted on Nick.  Loved  Nikki and Paul.   I get a little tingly watching them!  Daytime writers always receive huge kudos for remembering the show’s history and giving us a reason to cheer historic couple on.  Veteran viewers will remember the STD storyline  that ended the relationship between these characters when they were younger adults – opening the door to Victor and Nikki.  It’s an old storyline that still makes some cringe at the thought of the two of them getting together now.  I say, BIG DEAL.  Paul made mistakes when he was younger.  Look at the man he is now.  Victor never gave Nikki an STD, but he hasn’t given her much else, either.  Paul is so gentle, so sweet, and so caring.  It’s been a while since Nikki has had a man like Paul.  She’s so use to being treated like property that the tenderness she shares with Paul must be akin to a drowning woman being tossed a life raft.

Hey, it doesn’t hurt that Doug Davidson has grown sexier over time and brings a dignity and integrity to the character of Paul that makes me wonder what took writers so long to decide to make him a leading man, again. Better late than never, writers.  What a huge plus for veteran viewers like myself who aren’t as fond of new gang of unlikable leads – and you know who they are even if the writers don’t.  We get a character we’ve loved for a long time, in a surprising storyline that works.   Daytime writers are always patting themselves on the back for ‘taking chances’.  These are the sort of chances viewers want more of – playing with the show’s history and taking us somewhere we hadn’t expected to go.

One Life To Live – Erika Slezak has once again proven that she can take the very worst the writers throw at an audience and spin it into Emmy gold!  Breathing new life into Viki Lord Davidson, she almost, ALMOST, gave me a reason to feel sorry for Todd.  While that moment was fleeting, my complete and total awe of ES’s performance remains.  That Viki suggested that the only true escape from the Lord legacy was death made me gasp.  Viki’s expression of emotional and psychological exhaustion and devastation was probably the most amazing work anyone has done on this show in a while.  There are things best left forgotten, and there are those things too horrific to forget. The only option when you’re dealing with the latter is to do what you have to do to survive them.  To have the sexual assault of Viki revealed and brought to light again was painful for many viewers, I suspect.  As peeved as I still am at the writers for the Marty/Todd storyline, I have to admit that they’ve done a magnificent job laying out the case for viewing the Lord family in new perspective.  It doesn’t make me want to forgive Todd, but it does add a layer of tragedy to the storyline that I hadn’t considered before.

The Bold and The Beautiful: DELICIOUS!  I found myself wondering if the writers wanted us to view Eric as a man who is so pathetic that his children can’t help but play on his stupidity and his vanity.  It’s not just one son who is lying to and deceiving him, but TWO!  Rick has led him to believe that he was more seriously hurt than he actually was.  Thorne tricked him into believing that Donna was cheating on him.  I’m sure this storyline was supposed to be another ‘pity poor Donna’ attempt.  Sorry, writers, no dice.   That won’t happen.  Donna is irrelevant at this point.  So much of Eric’s life has been spent being pampered and catered to that his children knew exactly which buttons to push to make him dance to their tune.  How perfect is it that a man who has only been passingly acquainted with the term ‘fidelity’ demands and expects it from others?  My only real disappointment with this storyline is that Donna will probably end up crying on the ever willing Owen’s shoulder. Poor Budge will become Owen’s friend and confidante, when she should be the woman he falls in love with – but it would be too much to have the writers allow Bridget to be happy.

DAYS Of Our Lives – Nicole, Nicole, Nicole… Zuker was perfect, of course.  Just when you’re convinced that Nicole Walker is completely soulless, Zuker pulls out the most amazing performance and reminds you that Nicole’s rough and hard exterior only serves to protect her incredibly soft heart.  I just love this character.  I may not like what’s coming for our Nicole Walker Dimera, but Zuker makes me want to hang in there and watch just for the performances.  GO GET ‘EM, Nicole!

All My Children –  O… M… G!!!!  Annie?  YIKES!  I know it was Annie Lavery carrying that bloody knife and wedding bouquet, last week, but honest to goodness, I just kept seeing Richie’s face.  If only the residents of Pine Valley knew then what they know now.  I was sorry to see Annie sacrificed on the doomed altar of Ryan and the oft-fleeing Greenlee, but I’ll have to thank the writers for letting Annie go away with a bang, and not a whimper.  I had such a grand time watching Annie act out the last scenes of ‘Whatever Happened To Baby Jane?” that I almost didn’t care whose blood was on the knife.

General Hospital. I’ve long since lost my stomach for General Hospital, but I have to say that  I didn’t mind the show last week.  Sonny’s descent into madness… correction:  Sonny’s CURRENT/LATEST descent into madness has been oddly entertaining.  Like so many times before, Sonny has been loathed to take the counsel of anyone else, save Jason, and he’s even lost that.  Now his actions may cost Jason the one person he cares about above anyone else, his son.  I’ve been uber disgusted with Elizabeth’s character.  I’ve never been a Jason and Elizabeth fan and can’t imagine that I ever will be.  In part because being with Jason is such a betrayal of everything Elizabeth has been about in the past (not to mention that her lie of a relationship with Jason cost poor Lucky so much).  Liz was always quick to point out what a bad mother Carly was, that Carly kept putting her sons in danger by being with Sonny. Now?  She sees firsthand what a life with a mobster is worth.  Will the writers pull the wool back from Elizabeth’s eyes?  Will she stop pretending that when Jason kills it’s ‘holy’ and ‘noble’?  Will she wonder why she traded in a man who lives on the RIGHT side of the law for the man who clings to the wrong side of it?  NAH!  It wouldn’t be General Hospital if that happened, right?

BTW, if I didn’t love the Robin-Patrick pairing, I would be seriously considering rooting on an Elizabeth-Patrick pairing… er, how HAWT were they?

As The World Turns. Brian/Lucinda/Luke… Oh dear.  Luke, in the driver’s seat.  Watching Luke make Brian uncomfortable?  PRICELESS.  “Grabby Grandpa Bad Touch” will learn to keep his hand to himself.   As much as I hate the idea of Brian deceiving Lucinda, I love the idea of Luke making Brian sweat a little.  Brian lost any appeal as a sympathetic character (at least in the short term) the moment he tried to make Luke believe he was both drunk and delusional, that he (Luke) misinterpreted the kiss.  I have to say that I wasn’t too keen to watch this storyline play out.  I’m sitting on the edge of my seat now.  I still think the writers are going with a sexual harassment storyline with this one.  Brian, so deep in the closet that even HE doesn’t know where he is, sexually harasses young men – those who are often the least powerful.  When they call him on it, he faults them, tells them they’re imagining things, that he was only being a friend.  Oh Brian, you picked the wrong man, this time.  Luke (and Noah) willl probably be the people who expose his past.  This should be good.  Take him down, boys, make him sorry for being the sleaze he is… until Lawrence Lau eats the dialogue the writers hand him, does that thing he does oh so well, and makes us all fall in love with Brian and actually feel sorry for him…

What did YOU love about your favorite shows this past couple of weeks?

Dear Jack…

By the time you read this letter, I’ll be gone.  I’m returning to my one and only true love, Nicholas Newman.  Jack, please, understand that it’s not that I didn’t love you, I did.   You have been kind to me and loved me in ways I never thought any other man would.  You were an unexpected, and much needed, surprise in my life.

You were there for me when I needed someone most, and for that I’ll be forever grateful.  The problem is that I now realize that I still have feelings for my ex-husband.  It’s not you, Jack, it’s me.  There is a part of me that will always remember what we had.  We’ll always have Paris (oops… sorry!)

You don’t know how much it grieves me to break your heart the way ‘that woman’ did, the one you married before me.  I’m a better woman than that, and yet I’ve still hurt you.  Please know that it wasn’t intentional and if there was a way for me to split myself in two, I would.  I will always wonder if we would have made it, had Nick not come back into my life.

The problem is that  I just can’t live a lie any more – we both deserve better than that, most especially you.  I wish you well and hope you find someone who loves you the way you deserve to be loved.  I’ll have my things picked up in the morning and delivered to the Newman Ranch.

Love Sharon.

Any bets on how long it will be before good ole’ Jack receives a letter similar to the one above?  He’s already asking Sharon if he’ll always come in second to Nick.  That he HAD to ask the question should have been his first clue.  Jack use to be smarter than that.  The writers made Jack a little ‘soft’ when they turned him into the model husband.  Where is the Jack of old, the guy who knew a lie when he heard it because he’d told so many of his own?  I’m all for growth in characters but there are times when I’ like a little more of the characters I once knew.

I’m ready for the return of Nick and Sharon and Jack and the she-devil (you call her Phyllis!).  Writers, if you want to make me a very happy girl, please put the cherry on the sundae and make that child Jack’s daughter.  Somehow it seems fitting that the man who delivered her, and who wanted to be her father more than anything in the world actually is.

Soul Mates…BnB/ATWT/AMC/YnR

Bold and Beautiful

From the current SOW:

Weekly: So is this Brooke and Ridge’s big reunion, forever and ever?

Bell: It appears as if this is the great reunion. There are always people who may want to get in their way. Stephanie is certainly one. Nick Marone may factor into it. But we’re getting incredibly close. We’re at a point where we just can’t imagine they’ve reached this level. They’ve been through so much. How can this not be forever?

Weekly: In your mind, are they each other’s soul mates?

Bell: So much of this series is about Brooke and Ridge, from early on until now. It’s amazing that we still have Ron and Kelly, that they look so beautiful, that their chemistry has not waned at all. This is an incredible climax to this whole saga.

Well now… from EARLY ON it’s been about Brooke and Ridge?  From EARLY ON!?!?!?  Ah… BINGO!  Anyone who’s watched this show from the day it aired has known that.  It was ‘the look’ that launched Bridge, and ‘the look’ between these characters that has kept so many fans hooked on this show.

The war on love between Brooke and Ridge has left behind a string of casualties, on and off the screen.  On screen we have Eric, Thorne, Grant, Taylor, Ashley, James, and a host of others who came close, but never really close enough to keeping Brooke and Ridge apart.  Off screen?  The fans – those who are still watching, those who gave up on the writers long ago, who are victims of the BRidge tease.   I still have my frustrations with the couple, namely Brooke – she drives me nuts and annoys the unholy hell out of me most of the time, and yet there’s a part of me that can’t get past what Brooke and Ridge are when they’re TOGETHER.

They have been the couple to ‘keep apart’ for over 21 years soap time.  Taylor has manipulated and elbowed her way between them, Stephanie practically sits outside their bedroom door waiting for the chance to run in and steal Ridge away, Nick just sits by – waiting for a moment of vulnerability in order to slime his way in, Eric is always desperate and hopeful and inappropriate in his feelings for Brooke… the list goes on.  In the end, they’ve only ever stood on the outside looking in and the writers have made it clear, far too many times, that the story was about BRidge love and the lengths all others would go to in order to keep them apart.

The big question is, are there enough fans still watching to trust that BRidge really can and will be happy this time?  It’s hard to trust the BnB writers.  Case in point?  The 20th anniversary show.  I’d recount what happened for those of you who missed it, but I don’t want to be responsible for making adults cry (a nod ando condolences to those of you who  did watch it).

ALL My Children

There’s a great deal of maturity in the AMC writing for Reese and Bianca.  I can remember Erica’s one time utter revulsion at the thought that her little Binks was a lesbian.  She was so sickened at the thought that another woman would touch her daughter that it pushed her to the brink of madness.  Now?  Reese, the love of Bianca’s life, is going to get the ‘Kane treatment’.  Oh yes, Reese, someone should have warned you about Erica’s rocky relationships with her childrens’ spouses.
The minute I heard Erica say that Bianca needed help and that she felt Reese was taking advantage of Bianca’s good nature, I knew there was trouble brewing.    At some point, there will be scenes of Zach and Reese sharing a beer, wondering what awful thing they did in their past lives that brought them to the point of finding love and ending up with Erica as a mother-in-law.  Maybe they’ll flip a coin to figure out which of them will get to be the hero(ine), taping Erica’s mouth shut and shoving her in a dark, locked room.

Oh! I do feel a little guilty for saying that.  Erica scored huge mommy points for bringing not one but TWO nannies to help take care of the kiddos.  Freakin’ awesome.  What mother DOESN’T dream about an on-call staff of nannies?

About the show’s other soul mates, I’m still hanging on for the Jesse/Angie arc.  I wish the writers would hurry up and end the Greenlee/Aidan/Annie/Ryan storyline to make more time for Jessie and Angie.  My only remorse about the end of the quad storyline is that there weren’t MORE shirtless Aidan scene.  Oh what a happy girl I would have been had that happened.

As The World Turns

Jack and Janet as soul mates?  Eh!  If by ‘soul mates’ that means that they’re both so vapid and empty that it takes the TWO of them to create something resembling one complete ‘soul’?  Oh, sure.

How about Dusty and nu-sorta-Jen-but-let’s-call-her-Josie-for-now?  Nah, not yet!  Give them time and they will be, I’m sure.

Luke and Noah?  BINGO!  I think that the student election storyline is probably one of the most insipid, yawn inducing storyline the writers could have imagined for these two.  The aftermath?  BRILLIANT.  Noah turns Luke in?  They fight over Noah’s cut-and-run behavior?  They make up and Luke realizes that he needs Noah and tells him so?  Begs him not to leave?  Is their relationships stagnant?  SURE.  It is, I don’t think anyone would deny that Luke and Noah are the show’s longest running “relationship virgins” – kissing cousins Parker and Liberty had sex faster than these two.

So what’s so brilliant about Nuke (Noah and Luke)?   Their scenes are so sweet and tender that they can sometimes make you forget that the couple hasn’t been intimate.  The actors deserve recognition for creating an intimacy that doesn’t require sexual contact between characters to be real.  The strength of the Nuke relationship, and the audience’s overwhelmingly positive reaction to the couple, rests squarely on the shoulders of the remarkable Van Hansis (Luke) and Jake Sillbermann (Noah).  It sure as hell ain’t the writing that keeps fans tuning in.  Van and Jake are able to transform writing best left to an elementary school play and turn it into broadway worthy material.  The writers owe these kids, BIG!  Now… give them more screen time, thank you very much.

The Young and the Restless

Victor and Ashley?  Folks, I’m a Vic-Ashley fan from Waaaaay back.  I hated Nikki for teaching Victoria to call Ashley the ‘wicked witch of the west’.  I despised her even more when she deceived Ashley, making Ash believe that she was dying, leading Ash to abort Victor’s child.  Ashley thought she was giving Nikki the will to live, or at least the opportunity to die in peace, with her family.  Am I happy to see Victor and Ash back together?  YES!  All is right in my YnR world.

Do I think it will last?  No.  Even I know that Victor and Nikki are the show’s star-crossed lovers no matter who else they love or how many children Victor keeps having with other women.  I know it will end, but I will enjoy Victor and Ashley for as long as they are around.

I don’t want to see Ash or Victor stick it to Nikki – it would mean their relationship isn’t real, it’s more about making HER miserable  than the two of them being together, and that would be far too sad for me.  Oh sure, Ashley deserves to have a little fun… but not too much.  I also don’t want to see Victor treat Ash the way he’s treated Nikki – he can be a cruel S.O.B.  I just want a little romance from SOMEONE on this show – a romance worth watching, that is.

I wonder how the mini-mustaches are going to take it when Victor returns with Ashley?  Nick won’t have the room to be too critical of Victor.  Adam would have no room to talk, at all.  Victoria?  After her speech of always feeling loved by her mother, but no so much by her father, I have a feeling that Ashley had better hang on to Victor with both hands.  If she’s written true to form, I have no doubt that Victoria will try to pry Ashley and her father apart.  Let the games begin!

Where the HELL have you been?

First, my apologies, most especially to the many of you who are loyal SandF readers!  I’ve been busy with the 2008 Presidential election and the aftermath!  Second, I’ve had a great time and I’m BACK BABY!

It looks like I came back just in time… there’s the good, the bad, and the just too ugly to believe.

The Good. Oh Sharon Newman Abbott, you GO GIRL, GO!  How much have you been loving the scenes of Nick and Sharon in Paris?  How much do you LOVE having Sharon tell Nick that after everything they shared, she will NOT become the other woman?  Ah, yes, and in one little line, Sharon has shown why she’s the BETTER woman.  Great job writers.  It was a moment to behold.

It would be so easy for Sharon to pay Phyillis back for sleeping with Nick while she was still mourning her daughter’s death Cassie’s death (apparently Nick Newman mourned his daughter’s death with his pants down, what a prince!).  Phyllis has never had a modicum of self-respect, so it wasn’t exactly a shock that she would sleep with Nick the way she did.  She took the cheap chick’s route.  Sharon took the woman’s route to love.  If Nick wants her, TRULY wants and respects her, let him ditch the travesty of a woman he cheated with and then married, FIRST.

I love that Phyllis got to see Nick gazing into Sharon’s eyes and knowing that he wasn’t thinking of her.  Is Newman a catch?  Uh, no, just like his father, but given what Sharon has had to endure at the joined hips of Nick and Phyllis, I don’t mind seeing Phyllis get hers, FIRST, and then have Sharon stick it to Nick, later… Writers, for ONCE, let a man have to crawl through broken glass, figuratively of course, before he wins back his true love.

The Bad. NO!  NO! NO! NO!  Aidan has been assisting Annie all this time?  Geez.  If only we’d had an inkling that Aidan was pathological before this.  To have him help Annie stage threats and a kidnapping?  Wow, writers, you really know how to kick an Aidan-lover when she’s down.  To think that I discussed how HOT I thought AMC was.  I’m still hoping the writers will pull this one off and there’s some catch to this storyline.  HEY, don’t knock my dreams, people.

Too UGLY to be believed. The Bold and the Beautiful.  Rick.  One word, so much pain.  Any storyline to do with this guy is painful.  Eric has to become an even bigger asshat than before.  (Who knew that was possible?).  Is there some point at which someone tells Rick to give up his pity party and to stop attacking Ridge’s ‘massive ego’ when it’s simply impossible to believe that Rick can see past his OWN ego to even get to Ridge’s?

He deceives his mother to elicit her sympathy.

He deceives his father to steal his company.

He deceives his family to try to get them to turn on Ridge.

And why?  Oh, that’s right, Taylor dumped him.  He is the great and powerful Rick so lying about paralysis and pain are legitimate tactics and completely appropriate when Rick does it.  He’s free to treat women like garbage, but whoa is the world should Rick have his tiny little…. heart…. broken.

What is the point of symbolically castrating a soap character, writers?  It’s effectively what you’ve done eiwth Rick.  His incessant whinging, crying, and lying leaves me wishing for the ultimate death scene for his character.  I’m back in denial and pretending that the BnB doesn’ exist most days.  I am simply unable to watch most of what the BnB has to offer these days (including Taylor including her children in her scams to try to win Ridge back.  EGADS!)  How’s that working out for you, Taylor?

So Ridge knows that Taylor is using their children to try to win him back and doesn’t care?  He doesn’t want her? For THIS, Rick is trying to ruin the lives of his mother, Ridge, his younger brother and sister?

OK, I will admit that this scene was a teeny bit priceless

She’s baaaaaack! ATWT-OLTL-BnB- YnR

Where to start, where to start!  OH!  I know!  I have news, folks!  You may miss the old boards from the now defunct, but much beloved, Total TV Online!  There is still a companion site (message board)  for the “Sound and Fury” blog.  You can access that site by clicking HERE.

As The World Turns

Carly is BACK, the Carly that so many fans have grown to love.  Carly is a cross between one of daytime’s greatest romantic heroines, and a walking disaster.  Today, we got to see a little of both, more of the former than the latter.  I believe that Carly has been sincere in her odd couple friendship with Janet.  There’s no malice between the two women and Carly wants to see Jack happy with Janet, for his sake, and that of their children.

The trouble is that despite her best efforts to do the ‘right’ thing, she finds herself in trouble every time.  I groaned a bit when she found herself getting hot and heavy with Jack.  Other than the family they share together (and yes, I’m including Parker and JJ as ‘theirs’), nothing good has come of Jack and Carly being together.  Each of those brief periods of time when they shared love and happiness were quickly replaced with some wild attack on Carly’s character, by Jack.  A little crying, a lot of clinging, and too much verbal abuse.

Even still, watching Jack and Carly fall back into bed wasn’t as shocking as I thought it would be.  They’re much too addicted to the self-inflicted pain not to keep going back for more.  It’s Carly’s guilt that was shocking.  That she pushed Jack to be upfront and let Janet know he was in the bedroom before he could stay her was brilliant.  That’s the girl, Carly.  Don’t let Jack pull his standard hit-and-run routine.  I’ll give the guy credit, he did score points by admitting that he’s been a judgmental jerk all these years, but he lost those points FAST by trying to sleep with Carly knowing he still had feelings for Janet.

To see him working on Carly, playing on the emotion she still had for him, and to then have him run back to Janet?  What a putz! Carly is much better off without the guy.  Jack thinks of himself, first.  He always has. If only the writers would hire an actor to play a credible love interest against MW’s Carly.   Brian, perhaps? I’m just not yet ‘digging’ this guy with Lucinda.  I think I’d rather seen John Dixon back, and paired with ‘Lucy Walsh’.  I miss John and Lucinda and their passion.  I have na ulterior motive for suggesting a Carly-Brian pairing.

Maybe Carly can distract Brian so that he STOPS telling Luke to avoid being ‘political’.  I find it hard to believe that Luke standing up for himself and supporting the Gay Film Festival would have a negative impact on his foundation.  (Uh, when did Oakadle U become ultra conservative?)  Brian needs a life… FAST!  Rather than telling Brian that she and Luke need him, it’s time for Lucy Walsh, cutthroat businesswoman that she is, to come back.  I miss her.  It’s time for the REAL Lucy Wlalsh to tell Brian to hit the bricks.   1 –  Lucinda has always had such a deep love for her grandson.  It’s hard for me to believe that she can’t see what’s going on with Brian, and what the potential impact is on Luke.  I just can’t see the writers as being true to her character if they continue to allow her to want Brian, in light of his treatment of Luke and Noah.  2 – Lawrence Lau is HOT, and I’d love to see his character out of such a creepy storyline where he’s trying to suppress Luke’s self-exploration.   Luke is finding his voice.  Brian is becoming increasingly less attractive trying to suppress it.

AND, since we’ve seen more of Kim this month than in the last several months (or so it seems), please make sure when you bring her back more frequently, writers, that you bring back the brilliant woman we’ve all loved for so long.  Kim was the victim of a mad stalker (Oh how I miss the days of the Douglas Cummings storyline). Hopefully she recognizes the signs soon, and works to help Katie with the Spencer incident.  Kim’s been there, done that.  I’d love to have her realize sooner, rather than later, that Katie has every right to be concerned.

Young and the Restless

Sharon, Sharon, Sharon, my friend.  You can’t make a good husband out of a man-whore.  Remember those words of advice.  I only regret that I forgot to include Nick Newman on my man-whore list, when I included his father.  (Read that HERE)  Nick hasn’t met a woman, throwing herself at him, that he doesn’t like.  Having said that?  I can’t help loving Nick and Sharon, despite the fact that he’s an unfaithful pig.  Nick and Sharon are their generation’s Nikki and Victor (er, without the pathology that has begun to pervade the Nikktor relationship).

Short of Nick’s cheating with slimey Grace Turner, and Phyllis (serving as Sharon’s ‘placeholder’), there was a genuine love and a sense of family that Nick and Sharon shared that neither has really had with their respective new spouses. For me, Phyllis will always be the woman who went to bed with a man while his wife was still grieving their dead daughter.  Nick and Phyllis’ relationship is at romantic as a zombie orgy (sorry, it’s close to Halloween and the commercials for haunted houses are getting to me).

What happens in Paris stays in Paris?  OH, let’s hope not.  Let’s hope that Nick does penance for being a complete idiot and cheating on Sharon, realizes what a horrible mistake he made, and goes home to his real family.   He needs to be with his true wife, Sharon.

Besides, the only time Phyllis was remotely interesting was when she was a freakin’ bad girl, and during her marriage to Jack.  Outside of that?  She hasn’t had much to offer.

One Life to Live

It’s been so good seeing Viki, so good in fact that I feel guilty having this small complaint:  Are fans to believe, that in a house the supposed size of Viki’s mansion, she wouldn’t notice that her basement had suddenly become MUCH smaller?  If there was enough space behind the sliding wall to build a ginormous room, complete with on suite bath, you’d think she’d notice SOMETHING was wrong.  EH! I don’t care, I’m just glad to have Viki back.  Now it’s time to reunite Viki and Clint… We’ve been so patient.

Viki must love the relationship between her sister, Tina, and “Jessica”/Tess getting along.  Oh, if only she knew! The most enjoyable part of One Life To Live (and dare I say the only watchable part of the show?) has been watching Tina and Jessica go at one another.  The only person tough enough, and devious enough, to handle Tess is Tina, and heaven help the show if/when Tina or Tess goes.

While Grand Dame Titans Tina and Tess are tearing each other apart, maybe the writers will let Viki serve up a little cold hard justice to brother, Todd.  You’d think that Todd would have learned his lesson from letting Blair think their son Jack was dead.  Now he’s planning to do the same to Starr, in order to take her child and raise it.  I get the saying that history repeats itself… I just don’t know why it’s always the LOUSY history that repeats itself in daytime.  Oh Viki, between Todd, Tina, and Tess, you have your work cut out for you.

Bold and Beautiful

Er, what? Taylor’s back to her lying, sneaky, and underhanded ways?  WELL!  No shock THERE folks!  I seem to remember THIS Taylor, the one scheming and plotting to get what she wants, and putting a ‘concerned’ face on it.  Let’s see, she advised Brooke to stay with Eric, for the children’s sake, even though Brooke was unhappily married to the man.  Then she (Taylor) pursued Ridge, the man Brooke loved – knowing Ridge loved Brooke and was waiting for her to leave Eric.
Taylor advised Eric to tell Stephanie their marriage was over and there was NO chance of him returning to her.. after she listened  to her ‘best friend’ cry about Eric not loving her… and then Taylor moved on Eric, herself.  Now she’s telling Ridge that the fates were probably keeping him and Brooke apart because they probably weren’t meant to be together.  Taylor, would those be the same fates that caused Ridge to walk out on YOU and not look back?  Funny how those fates only work against others, never against her.  Ah, hypocrisy.  The REAL Taylor is back… the “me first, me last, me always” Taylor.