The Walking Dead Finale – “A”

TWD - Rick“A” is warm, terrifying, and puzzling.  Warm? Hershel is counseling Rick, via flashbacks, on saving Carl – who doesn’t seem to believe,  and has yet to tell his father, that he cannot be saved.  Terrifying? We get to what the scary depths of surviving a Zombie Apocalypse are and here’s a clue; you’ll feel safer with the Zombies.  Puzzling?  Lots of questions left unanswered, but were there also missed opportunities?  Read the full recap, HERE

The Walking Dead Recap: “Alone”

Sasha Maggie Battle Walkers

G’Day, readers!  My “Walking Dead” recap for last night’s episode: “Alone” Is up at All About the Tea  Don’t forget to check out the site for some of the best scoop on the net!  What’s covered in the recap?

  • Bob’s Backstory
  • Daryl and Beth (ruh roh)
  • Daryl makes new friends
  • Sasha becomes Sasha Fierce! Sorry, Beyoncé
  • Glenn is still alive?