If Robin Scorpio-Drake’s Life is so Perfect…

why is she so unhappy? Because the writers are still paying attention to detail and hitting all the right notes with Scrubs. Not only does Robin’s post-partum depression make sense, it’s a storyline with the potential to pull in our veteran faves and create a hell of a lot of ‘reckoning’ and healing.

Setting aside the part of her disorder that’s chemical and uncontrollable without treatment, what about the part of her illness that will be fed by her insecurities and fears? What about that part of her illness that’s fed by her general unhappiness?

What does she have to be unhappy about, you ask? Parents who adore her, the love and adoration of Mac and Maxie, a beautiful baby, and a loving husband who just happens to also be as hot as sin… exactly… it’s everything to be grateful for and everything to fear losing in a young life plagued by loss (Stone, contracting HIV, Jason – her second love, her parents – who both turn up alive later, Georgie – who won’t, etc..)

How could her past NOT make dealing with a medical illness like PPD more difficult? How could she not fear her daughter and the damage she feels she may do when she’s never had a parent’s guidance for long during her own life? Mac provided the only stability she’s ever known.

The earlier peace Robin struck with her parents was quick and superficial. While I don’t want Robin at odds with her parents long term, I do want some realistic conflict. Does she feel her life would be different had they not left her,or put her life in jeopardy (imagine the flashback footage – funerals and Faison, Duke, Duke’s death and so much more)

Robert and Anna will wonder if they took the time to save the world and lost Robin in the process. Patrick will need to turn to his own family for support while the Devane-Scorpio drama plays out.

In the end, Robin will heal, her relationship with her parents will be stronger, The Drakes will fully reconcile, and fans will get the best of both worlds ; the old and the new.