The Walking Dead – Recap: Season 6, Episode 11

Untying the Knot?

Wow! Months later and Abe, who was sweating Sasha for a chance to get to know her, is now sweating the sheets with Rosita. The bedroom scene comes just after we see Abe and Sasha coming back from patrol together.  Did the two of them have a change of heart about getting together? The looks they’re giving each other say there is still something between them.. 

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The Walking Dead Finale – “A”

TWD - Rick“A” is warm, terrifying, and puzzling.  Warm? Hershel is counseling Rick, via flashbacks, on saving Carl – who doesn’t seem to believe,  and has yet to tell his father, that he cannot be saved.  Terrifying? We get to what the scary depths of surviving a Zombie Apocalypse are and here’s a clue; you’ll feel safer with the Zombies.  Puzzling?  Lots of questions left unanswered, but were there also missed opportunities?  Read the full recap, HERE

The Walking Dead Recap: “Alone”

Sasha Maggie Battle Walkers

G’Day, readers!  My “Walking Dead” recap for last night’s episode: “Alone” Is up at All About the Tea  Don’t forget to check out the site for some of the best scoop on the net!  What’s covered in the recap?

  • Bob’s Backstory
  • Daryl and Beth (ruh roh)
  • Daryl makes new friends
  • Sasha becomes Sasha Fierce! Sorry, Beyoncé
  • Glenn is still alive?