Rest in Peace, Phil Carey

ABC soap fans and backstage soap families have had a pretty diffictuly year.  The loss of several beloved veterans (ncluding AMC’s Eileen Herlie, who originated the role of  Myrtle Fargate, and OLTL’s Clint Ritchie – who originated the role of Clint Buchanan) has only been compounded by the loss of OLTL’s Phil Carey – our own Asa Buchanan. 


In addiiton to an illustrious career both on the large and small screens, the beloved Mr. Carey entertained soap viewers for decades. His portrayal of family patriarch  Asa Buchanan was one of a man who lived hard, loved hard, and remained unapologetic for enjoying life on his terms.  With his onscreen co-stars and friends, Clint Ritchie (Clint) and Robert Woods (Bo), the Buchanans developed as a new core family that would redefine the focus of the show; adding a  sense of rugged individualism, a bold sensuality, corporate intrigue, and unbridled power.  The Buchanan family was daytime’s brilliant answer to primetime’s wildly entertaining power soaps and power characters.

Mr. Carey, age 83,  has been battling cancer for several years, but at this time, it’s unclear if that was the cause of death.  More details will be reported, as learned.  At this time, my thoughts and prayers go out to his real life family, as well as the onscreen family – all of whom are mourning his loss.

Mr. Carey’s Asa Buchanan, a unique man in daytime, a study in contradictions:

Clint Ritchie (an invitation)

In the comments below (for ‘Rest in Peace, Clint Ritchie’), JHS has invited you to visit Mr.Ritchie’s  official site.  She is one of Bucky’s Babes and a dear friend of the beloved Mr. Ritchie.  The site is a lovely tribute to a great man.  If you have the time, please check it out.

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Rest in Peace, Clint Ritchie.

 “The Storyteller’s Creed:  I believe that imagination is stronger than knowledge — that myth is more potent than history.  I believe that dreams are more powerful than facts — That hope always triumphs over experience — That laughter is the only cure for grief.  And I believe that love is stronger than death. ” — Robert Fulghum

A great friend to daytime, Mr. Clint Ritchie (August 1938 – January 2009), has quietly passed away at the age of 70.  His death comes shortly after a surgery to implant a pacemaker, on January 31st of this year.

OLTL fans know him best as “Clint Buchanan’, a role he originated in 1979 and continued to star in until 1998.  Mr. Ritchie continued to periodically  return to OLTL in the same role, through 2004.  He’s also starred in a number of film and television productions, including:  Marcus Welby M.D., Police Story, Batman, The Wild Wild West, Daniel BooneThe St. Valentine’s Day Massacre – among other projects.

According to the IMDB: “When Clint auditioned for “One Life to Live” in 1979, his character was named Chris Logan. After meeting and deciding to cast Clint, the casting director called and asked if he would mind if they changed the character’s name to Clint. He said he didn’t. Later, the character’s last name was changed to Buchanan.”

That’s a man who knows how to make an impression!  The writers chose well to name Clint Buchanan after his portrayer, Clint Ritchie. His was the quintessential essence of an American cowboy (both on and off the screen).

 Mr. Ritchie’s legacy will live on as fans remember some of  One Life to Live’s greatest storylines, including the time travel storyline that sent Viki Lord, and the Buchanan boys (father Asa, as well as Asa’s son and grandson, Clint Buchanan and Cord Roberts) back  more than 100 years.  It was a storyline that cemented the supercouple status of the show’s star crossed lovers Clint Buchanan and Viki Lord.

 Below is a tribute to our real life cowboy, a mythic man and master storyteller who fed our imaginations, who gave us hope and laughter, and whose work we loved without measure, you will be missed. Thank you for sharing your time, and your talents, with us.  They were and always will be considered treasured gifts.