Just because it’s creepy and Oedipal

doesn’t meant it’s not entertaining.  Rick Forrester, despite his best intentions, has become the man in his mother’s life that he hates most.  He’s accused Ridge of treating Brooke like property (check).  He’s accused Ridge of putting his own needs before that of Brooke’s (check).  He’s accused Ridge of  supporting other women before supporting Brooke… and again,  mother-effin-CHECK!  No wonder being dumped by Taylor, who’d hoped to get her hooks into Ridge, is driving him crazy.  He’s more Ridge than RIDGE is.

We’re short one scene of Rick standing over his mother’s bed before Rick officially becomes the creepiest adult son of a hot mom, in daytime.  Don’t think it won’t happen, folks, these are the writers who had a sister develop ‘feelings’ for her brother mere days after finding out that they weren’t related by blood – she began imagining that they were married and raising his children together, despite the fact that his children called her aunt Bridget… which really makes it creepy that Rick, who also use to babysit the kids, put the moves on both of his nieces.  Never doubt how far a daytime writer  will take any storyline.

Speaking of creepy… dancing?  In daytime?  It usually only ends badly, but I have to give the  BnB actors their due.  The dancing at the engagement party made for a great scene.  I can’t imagine how vulnerable actors have to feel when being asked to dance onscreen for any reason.  They have to know that fans was just waiting for those scenes to make fun of them… not here, friends, not today.   I wish we had more scenes of good times on this show.

Those scenes did, however,  highlight other problems that are easily solved… Thorne and Felicia dancing together?  They’re together so much, I tend to forget they’re siblings.  The actors have developed an amazing chemistry – and that may be a huge problem.  It’s time for the writers to bring in love interests for both siblings… I sorta’ threw up a little when they were joking about which sib taught the other ‘those moves’ back in high school.  1 – NO ONE should be doing the same dance moves they were using in high school, 2 – see point one!  3- That scene would have been so much hotter if it weren’t being uttered by siblings.  Why not offer a similar scene of Owen and Felicia on the balcony.

I’m over Owen and Bridget now that Owen is still pledging his love to Donna. Eric’s daughter, in a love triangle with is former wife – Donna, fighting over the man Donna made out with in the bed Eric and Stephanie (Felicia’s mother) use to share before Eric married Donna. Confused?  Try this one out:

Another tangled relationship on the dance floor was Marcus and Steffy.  The engagement party is for his aunt, her father.  They were discussing his cousin, Rick,  the bride-to-be’s son, who is the half-brother of the groom-to-be, Ridge, who is also Steffy’s dad.  Marcus was upset because cousin Rick put the moves on Steffy (Rick being Steffy’s bio. uncle for most of her life until Ridge found out that he and Rick don’t share the same biological father).  Still family in my book.

Then there’s the fact that Brooke’s father lobbed an insult atEric, Ridge’s father, because Brooke’s sister, Donna, couldn’t be there.  Donna and Eric are divorcing. Eric (Rick’s father) is already divorced  from Brooke.  Eric had, years before, slept with Donna and Brooke’s mother, Beth, while they were dating in college.

No one escapes living in the BnB’s fictional L.A. without having been married to and/or dating and sleeping with  at least two other people who’ve already dated other  family members.

That brings us to the tragic part of this week’s episodes

Phoebe’s death.  I’ve been a bit bummed by the fact that Pheoebe would be killed off.  I was in awe of Mackenzie Mauzy’s poise as a young actress and felt she brought a great deal to the role of Phoebe and to the show, overall.   As Phoebe was pushed further into the spotlight, much of made the character special was stripped away to try to sell the ‘Uncle Rick is now my boyfriend’ storyline.  In time, I’m sure MM would have won fans back in time, with the right storyline.

As far as sendoffs go?  This one was pretty well done.  She  spent her last moments alive in the arms of the one person she knew she could trust, her father.  He has been the man to love and protect her above all others.  In those last moments, she was able to sing the song she wrote for him.  It was incredibly moving.  I couldn’t help but wonder why the writers didn’t just let Phoebe slip into an endless coma.  She could be revived at some later date, when the storyline called for it.

I also couldn’t help having one smart assed response to her death scenes, as well.  I remembered that Taylor (Phoebe’s mother) also died in Ridge’s arms and he held her for some time after she died.  The writers found the crappiest way ever to bring Taylor back, but they did it.  They’ve brought Taylor back from the dead, TWICE, now.  There’s hope, Phoebe fans, if the past is any indication.  Think of her as not being dead, just waiting for the writers to set up some amazingly craptacular return.  She’ll at least play a ghost a time or two before she’s revived.  It’s tradition.

Back to where we started from

With the twisted family relationships, the heavy interconnections, and the tragedy of Phoebe’s death, tougher times are obviously ahead for Ridge and Rick, as well as Ridge and Brooke, I’m sure.  How does anyone get beyond this?

How does Taylor deal with the fact that her relationship with her now dead daughter was strained before her death?

How do any of the involved families begin to forgive Rick for using Ridge’s daughters (including twin Steffy) as weapons?  How could anyone blame the Forresters for wondering if Rick’s accident was just an accident or if he wanted to take from Ridge the children he loves so dearly?

At what point will Rick feel true remorse for the emotional pain Phoebe was in just before her death?

Let’s hope we find out, soon.