Prospect Park files for Bankruptcy Protection

“The group spent nearly three years and more than $10 million trying to revive two canceled daytime dramas, “All My Children” and “One Life to Live,” that ran for four decades on the ABC television network.”

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Prospect Park has been accused, by some soap fans, of not fully committing to bringing back the two popular soaps.  This article details the impressive measures  producers Jeff Kwatinetz and Rich Frank took to revive to long-loved favorite shows.  To use these shows to launch a completely online network was a bold and creative move and I wish it worked.  Both shows seemed to prove that they could hold an audience by posting big numbers while airing on HULU with AMC becoming the highest rated show on Oprah’s OWN network when OWN also aired both showqaqwqq2s.

Unfortunately, between a lack of much needed  nd the ongoing lawsuit with ABC over alleged sabotage both soaps are gone for good.  Prospect park was my last hope, as a soap fan, that recently canceled fan-favorite daytime dramas could make a come back and that the remaining dramas would have a home in the future when/if they are canceled.

I am looking forward to seeing what comes from Prospect Park, once it rebounds – and I have not doubt that it will.