AMC – It’s like she never left

I was on ‘Babe’ overload about ten minutes after the character arrived.  Every day after that was slow and painful torture.  I won’t say that I ‘celebrated’ her death, let me just say that I didn’t mourn the charcter’s passing and it was mere coincidence that I was eating chocolate and drinking my favorite tea during Babe’s death scenes. 

I thought I would finally get  MY AMC back, with Babe gone. That AMC characters spent MONTHS after the death of St. Babe trying to convince the audience that she was a gift from the soapgods raised my hackles, but I took it in stride.  St. Babe was DEAD, I wouldn’t have to worry about hearing her name for too much longer… or so I thought.

In walks  Shadow-of-Babe.  You know her as “Marissa”.  I think  of her as the bane of my existence.  It’s not the fault of the actress.  Brittany Allen is quite a find for AMC and would be a joy in any other role – for me at least.  The trouble stems from the fact that fans like me will now have to keep flipping the channel every time  we hear a new reference to ‘Babe’ or see Marissa’s face… And then there are the Babe related questions:  “Why was she chosen to stay?  Why did you love her and not me?  Was I not pretty enough?   Did I cry too much?” (Ok, I’ll admit I stuck around long enough to hear that little confrontation and almost felt bad for Marissa).  Outside of that one scene, I just don’t care to hear ANY of it. I don’t wnat to see an angry Marissa, or a young woman with low self-esteem because her twin was so beautiful, brilliant, and beloved… BULL.

I have no doubt that with these series of confrontations  between Shadow-of-Babe and Krystal, we’ll be asked to re-live the ‘Tales of Babe the Magnificent’.  We’ll have to hear on a daily basis how kind and loving she was.  Angels will sing and the heavens will open.  While that’s happening?  My belly will be sore from relieving itself of its contents.  My head will be sore knowing that there is no relief from this storyline. 

Maybe it’s already aired, I can’t tell you because I refuse to watch Shadow-of-Babe and Krystal, but it’s doubtful that Marissa will be treated to the “Tales of Babe the Loser’… the woman who had a one night stand in short order of coming home to her husband’s family, the woman who thought she might have been pregnant by her husband’s brother, the woman who knew she’d been raising her best friend’s child – a stolen child – and kept the secret, the woman who cheated though she’d been forgiven for cheating before… ARGH… Just typing that makes me want to throw shoes at the screen, again.

I just find it hard to believe that Krsystal missed Babe terribly, and never thought to tell anyone about Marissa.

I refuse to believe that she left Tad AND David in the dark.

I refuse to believe that the writers think that of all the AMC characters fans would care about if they returned (HUH HEM… Brooke English) that they believed that we would give a wit about yet ANOTHER child for David and Krystal.  Apparently, fans’ ferverent disgust over David and Krystal’s attempts to raise ‘Little A’ (David more than Krystal) looked more like ‘extreme interest’ to the writers so they decided up the ante and give them another  adult daughter -also  involved with JR.

There’s so much I WANT to see happen on AMC… Unfortunately, NONE of it will happen because the writers seem to have decided that killing Babe off was a mistake and they had to ‘start over’ with the Shadow-of-Babe.  What IS it with ABC soaps?  First Emily-Rebecca (Remily), now Babe-Marissa (Bissa)?  Could things get worse!??! (Yeah, rhetorical question… given what’s happening, I know that things CAN and WILL get worse).  At least this one isn’t an identical twin as in the Remily case.

Sorry writers but I can’t stick around waiting  for the other shoe to drop.  AMC is more OFF than ON my viewing schedule, for now at leastt.

AMC: Tad the Cad’s been had!

Who’d a thunk it? The man whose youth was spent toying with the affections of mothers and daughters (often at the same time) has ended up with the mother of all cheaters. Wasn’t he watching how Babe and Krystal operated all these years? The writers have been consistent in painting a picture of the Carey women expressing emotion below the belt. Has either ever had a relationship that didn’t include cheating? They’ve also been consistent in writing Tad as a man blind to the Carey women’s faults because he benefited from them.

Krystal, who cheated on her husband, Adam, to be with Tad is now cheating on Tad to be with the dastardly bastard David Heyward (who will NEVER be allowed to leave AMC again if I get my way). I think it’s both poetic and troubling. Krystal has always jumped from the firing pan into the fire. This is no exception.

That said, I get it. Tad isn’t use to being used, he’s use to doing the using. I understand why he’s angry at Krystal but does his anger justify trying to take Jenny away from her mother? I don’t think so. Tad has just become a lighter, brighter version of Adam Chandler. Being a cad has taken on a brand new meaning for the guy.

I think he’s selfish and wrong- but given David’s involvement and Opal’s fights with Krystal, wrong or not I’m looking forward to the fallout from this storyline. Bring it on!

OH, and by the way, is it wrong for me to want Annie and Aidan to make Ryan and Greenlee hellishly miserable? Ryan packing and getting rid of Annie’s things so Emma isn’t ‘confused’ is the last straw. Maybe she wouldn’t be ‘confused’ if her dad wasn’t bedhopping before she could mourn her mother being taken away. I was barely able to look at the guy before (and that includes when he’s shirtless and displaying that banging body of his – folks I can’t stand to look at him SHIRTLESS!) I’m shallow when it comes to soap hotties. That’s saying something! Less Ryan, more Dr. David/Krystal/Tad with more Opal-Krystal thrown in!