I’m an exasperated soap fan who keeps hanging on – waiting for the daytime I once loved to return to its former glory!  Hey, it doesn’t hurt to have a dream.   I learned to love soaps thanks to my wonderful mother and grandmother.   I’ll always have fond memories of daytime, most especially of ‘Another World’, my first stoap love.  The ever great, but sadly defunct, daytime shows like Ryan’s Hope, Search for Tomorrow, The Doctors, Loving, and many others keep a special place in my heart, as well.

What do I like about blogging?  I’m not sponsored by any soap site, network, or other official body connected to daytime.  I can give my honest critique of a show and not worry about what I’ll lose.  Like you, fellow soap fans, my greatest concern is that when daytime sucks, we’ve all lost.   I have absolutely no fear when it comes to separating the wheat from the chaff!

I’ve also learned to not pick a blog title when angry at daytime writers:

Life’s but a walking shadow, a poor player
That struts and frets his hour upon the stage
And then is heard no more: it is a tale
Told by an idiot, full of sound and fury,
Signifying nothing.

— MacBeth

Truthfully, I don’t think daytime writers are idiots, I just wish they wouldn’t write as if the viewers were. I wish they respected soaps as a living breathing art form, instead of a genre limited to storylines too often told. Soap Scope/Total TV Online readers (and my old board buds before that) will remember that I’ve always referred to soaps as a living novel – always in progress. That’s what it use to be and can be again.

11 thoughts on “About

  1. I would love it if phoebe was still alive with prince omar, but just what if Taylor was pregnant at the time Omar saved her life for the second time, and her and ridge had a secret child, that would make a wonderful story. Taylor starts to have dreams, and flashbacks, gee i wish i could write for the show.

  2. I love the idea of phoebe still being alive and living with prince omar. If i were head writer i would start with Taylor. I would love for a man from Ridge’s past that he can’t stand to come into Taylor’s life and she falls inlove with him, Ridge however can’t stand patrick, they have a mutual hatred from a long standing feud and it drives Ridge mad to know that Taylor is dating him. Worse still when ridge and Eric are dining out, they see Taylor with Patrick having dinner, patrick is a gorgeous man but what drives Ridge even crazier is the fact that Steffy and Thomas are dining with them and they are all laughing and joking like one big happy family. However during the dinner Taylor has a strange flash back to her time in Morocco with Prince omar, she see’s a beautiful little girl and becomes rattled, after all she cannot remember her time she spent in the coma for all those years and when she did come out of it still alot was a blur. Could she have been pregnant around the time Sheila shot her, just what is the mystery surrounding the little girl. Taylor feels faint she gets up to compose herself and as she begins to fall, patrick and steffy catch her as thomas runs for some water. Ridge flies over to help only to be hurt and angry when Patrick yells at him to go back to Brook, “you have hurt this woman enough, just because you left Brook does not mean that you can walk back into your Taylor’s life, she is and never will be your wife again, Ridge becomes even more upset when Steffy agrees with Patrick, she tells her father that he always chooses Brook, so to go away and be with his destiny Brook as they are all happy with Patrick and feel like a real family. Ridge is white with anger but leaves. Ridge realises his huge mistake for leaving Taylor again. After RJ had become seriously ill, it was discovered by Brook that Ridge was not his father but Nick was. Brook kept this secret from Ridge when she found out but Bridget stumbles across her mothers secret and in a fit of rage tell Ridge and Nick. Ridge leaves Brook finally and realises not only was RJ not his but, but he could never trust brook the way he could trust Taylor, but with Taylor and her children telling Ridge to go away and taylor having flash backs to a little girl the mystery deepens.

  3. Another idea if i were head writer, Phoebe is nursed back to health after her horrific injuries in the car accident she had with Rick, she has formed a close bond and love for the orphaned children they look after. However, Taylor starts to have nightmares about Phoebe, she begins to regret that she never went to see Phoebe at the morgue to say her last goodbyes. However Phoebe is fully aware of who she is and all she has left behind in Los Angeles, she is also aware that Steffy began dating Rick not long after she was presumed dead and the Ridge hurt her mother again after choosing Brook. She is angry and does not want to leave the palace or the beautiful children she has helped, the orphans. But with Marcus enjoying a holiday in Morocco, just how will he react when is invited to the palace, how will he react when he see’s Phoebe? Why will she ask him to leave and never return and not to tell a soul he know’s she is alive. She screams at Marcus that she has a new life with beautiful trusting people, she has fallen inlove with beautiful children who love her and if was not for prince Omara she would be dead. She is angry because her father hurt taylor, Steffy got involved with Rick the man responsible for her injuries and she will never return to LA. Will marcus keep her secret or will he tell Ridge and taylor the truth.

  4. I am a natural redhead and recently I died my hair real dark and had to have it lightened to get back to my color I absolutely love the color of Melissa Archers hair right now please tell me what color is used on her. Thanks michelle from Grand Rapids MI

    1. Hello! I wish I could help you out, I love Melissa Archer’s hair color as well. If you write the show, directly, someone there should be able to give you an answer:

      One Life to Live
      ABC Daytime
      56 West 66th Street
      New York, NY 10023

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