Trump whimpered in Mexico, Roared in Arizona

U.S. FlagI missed most of #Trump’s pep rally masquerading as a policy speech.  More than policy, I heard more, unenforceable, promises to people who revel in scapegoating hardworking people. The point missed by the candidate , and the easily excitable crowd cheering him on, is that the behavior of undocumented immigrants is fully American, even if their legal status isn’t.  Below are the questions I wish someone would ask @realDonaldTrump.  Some may have been answered during his deportation rally and I missed it. I doubt it.

20 Questions for Trump:

  1. Are you concerned about immigration from places other than Mexico?   That has to be the case since immigration from Mexico is down, and deportations are at an all time high?  Which group of immigrants is next to go?
  2. If the deportation of undocumented Mexican immigrants takes place, first, and the wall is built after that, what is to stop deported individuals from crossing back?
  3. Will the U.S. deploy a full military force at the border until the wall is completed?
  4. Who staffs the deportation force? Surely not our highly skilled brave men and women serving in the military now.
  5. Would force members be assessed to  make sure they don’t hold inherit biases against Mexican people?  How would you handle the abuse of immigrants in your care?
  6. Are we to bill Mexico for the cost of the deportation force, as well?
  7. How do you think Americans will feel about seeing “deportation forces” moving through their neighborhoods?   You will avoid having the force wear brown shirts, won’t you?
  8. Are you concerned, if God slept and you were actually elected, that seeing the force in action will lead to the public realizing you have militarized American communities? Wouldn’t that lead to Americans rejecting you and your immigration policies? Impeachment?
  9. What happens to the U.S. citizen children of the deported? Where will they go if not with their parents?  And… are we to bill Mexico for their care?
  10.  Given the fact that crime rates among undocumented immigrants is lower than the crime rates of U.S. citizens, wouldn’t it make more sense to let Mexican immigrants stay and try to deport violent convicted criminals and many members of congress?  Don’t worry about the U.S. Constitution, you seemingly never have.
  11.  How do we account for the economic collapse when you deport individuals that you (allegedly), and others, have relied on as inexpensive labor?  (Exploitative, at best) .  Who shows up to do the work they were doing?
  12. Who replaces the lost dollars in the economy when they are no longer here to pay for the goods we are not buying?
  13. Who else will pay into to social security without getting a dime back, helping to subsidize social security for U.S. citizens?  Again, exploitative.
  14. Do you have any  idea what the exact financial costs of your proposals are?  How about human costs?
  15. How the hell are you going to pay for ANY of this? You will be doing exactly what the #GOP claims it hates, spending first, paying later.  You will be spending money Mexico will never pay.
  16. Does this mean you have to cut the costs for other programs?
  17. Which programs would you cut to cover the costs of “the wall” while the U.S. waits, for endless generations, for repayment from Mexico?
  18. What happens when Mexican immigrants begin arriving by sea (along the California and Texas coastlines)?
  19. Are penalty and interest payments going to be assessed against Mexico?
  20. Can Mexico declare bankruptcy and have that debt wiped clean?

The devil is usually in the details.  For Trump it rides in every word he speaks, even if he has no idea what he’s saying.