The Following: Flesh and Blood

Ryan HardyHere as the questions, I believe, the writers want us to ask:

1.  Theo Noble, as we know him for now, is a lethal, methodical, killer.  Did he intentionally leave his children alive?  Why wouldn’t he have administered a fatal dose to them? He dosed his wife and then slit her wrists.  Does he plan to come back for his children, later?

2.  He mentioned others.  Are there other children out there or simply more dead wives?  He is the ultimate narcissist, so it would make sense that he couldn’t kill those he considers to be part of him. The wives are just the vessels. I will admit that given the scenes, I dobelieve Cindy came closest to being an object of “love” for him. As much as he loved inflicting pain, he did not want her to suffer.  The scarier thought is whether any his other potential children are little Nobles-in-training.

3.  The following.  We only the following was about Joe Caroll because of the first two seasons.  It’s been about Strauss the entire time, seemingly.  Strauss has his students, what about his mentor?  Does he also have psychopathic “brothers and sisters”?  Will any of them make an appearance?

4.  Early retirement?  Is Gina the next agent marked for death in the series?  She walked away but it is too late for her to do so?  Last night’s episode was her first big near miss.

5.  Nancy and Bob.  I see the need for a plot to tie Theo from something in his personal life to his prior crimes, but the murder of Nancy and Bob seemed out of place and too sloppy for someone as meticulous as Theo.  Will we later find out it was intentional, that he knew he had to ditch his family, anyway?  He knew immediately how the FBI connected the two crime together.  Is he tryinThe Followingg to draw Ryan, in particular, in?

6. Theo thought of Strauss as his father, not just his mentor. The others thought of him as more of their mentor.  Where is Theo’s father?  How does he play into all of this?  There is clearly a messed up family story coming about this guy. Ryan reminded Theo that the FBI has his picture.  I can’t wait to find out where this is all going and how the writers explain where he came from.

In the second season, the writers turned Joe into a bumbling joke of a messianic villain and Strauss was headed that way.  Michael Ealy’s Theo doesn’t need followers or adoration.  He feels like the deadly villain Joe was supposed to be. Whether he is around next is immaterial, for me.  He has saved this series this season.  I like the lone wolf vibe we’re getting now. I am waiting with bated breath to see how Theo either meets his end, or lives to fight another day.

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