Charles Keating has passed away

Image: Charles Keating, All rights to this image are retained by the original owner

The Daily Mail is reporting that daytime, primetime, theater stage, and the big screen actor, Mr “Charles Keating, star of Another World and All My Children has died aged 72 after battling cancer.”

If a person can be measured by the joy not just to those they love as well as complete strangers, Mr. Keating will be remembered fondly.  Another World was my first soap love and I remember Mr. Keating signing on as the devastatingly charming Carl Hutchins.

After the inconceivable loss of Douglass Watson (Mac Cory), it seemed highly unlikely that any actor could create a character would be able to stand shoulder to shoulder with Victoria Wyndham’s Rachel Cory and make fans care about him.  We had yet to be introduced to Mr. Keating. He was an actor with great wit and charm, and it was always a pleasure to watch his work.

My condolences to his family, and to all who knew and loved him.

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