Real Housewives of Orange County Recap

#RHOC Vicki is back and brings that big scream with her.  She might also be bringing back Brooks. Sadness.  Tamra is softer. Heather is meaner.  The triangle of suck is going to kill each other before the season is over if the first episode is any indication.  We meet one new housewife who is … different.   Oh, I think you’re going to like this season.  Read more HERE


Dallas Recap

#Dallas writers flipped the script, last night.  Nicolas/Joaquin is not the only one with a dark side.  Bobby blows his lid and Annie is drawn to the shadows more than she should be. Papa Smurf Ryland is looking more and more  like a pawn of the women in his life – and the Ryland women are badass!  Annie brings out Harris’ soft side.  Emma is Emma.  John Ross is John Ross. Sue Ellen is lost.  Pamela comes to play.  Sheriff Hot-As-Hell is back, and not to bring happy news.  WHEW!  The writers wrapped two hours into one.  Read the full summary HERE

Dallas Recap

Somewhere in the world “Ewing” most likely translates into “Wrecking Ball”.  John Ross hit his limit.  Sue Ellen hits the bottle. Elena hit the bottom. Bobby hit his inner JR (the kinder, gentler form).  Emma was Emma!  A good time was had by all.  It may not be your father’s “Dallas” but it’s just as good and at times, even scarier!  Catch the recap by clicking HERE!