Television Without Pity (TWOP)

If you haven’t heard the sad news, TWOP is closing.  Today, March 31st, is the last day the forums are open.  The announcement was made here:  Full Notice .  It reads, in part: will cease all editorial operations on April 4 and the site will be taken offline.

However, the forums will remain open until May 31 to continue to provide our members with a place to debate, discuss and deride all the shows we love and love to hate. We are closing registration to new members on April 1st, so if you are a lurker who always meant to register, do it quickly. If you are having trouble with your login, e-mail


It’s sad to see TWOP go, it’s been a staple for such a long time.  Good luck to the writers, mods, and other employees!  If you’re looking for a new community to post, there are other options, including:

Gobsmacked Gallery

All About The Tea

Survivor Sucks

If you are aware of other sites you’d like me to add, send me a link!


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