B&B: Credit where It Is Due

To the wardrobe, hair and make up departments at the B&B – You have made my week, and I am not joking!  I watched the wedding prep show, I can barely tell you what was going on with the dialogue and the actors/characters. Why?  THE HAIR! (For starters) KKL’s Brooke and HTom’s Katie’s hairstyles were wondrous structural works of art.  I couldn’t take my eyes off of their HAIR.  KKL is a timeless beauty, but I have never seen her hair look better!  The sweep, the lush curls – all of it worked it in a way that made me feel shameful envy!  I’m assuming that the person who styled her always styles the fabulous LG’s Caroline.   HTom’s every move made me hear big band music playing as her personal soundtrack.  FANTASTIC.  The make up was on point and by the time wardrobe worked it’s magic, I was slayed!

The BnB wardrobe department is working hard to keep us guessing where this going!  They often give up clues about the direction of a storyline by setting the mood.   I noticed that the satin edging on Katie’s sheer shawl mimicked the satin lapels of TK’s Ridge’s tux.  CLUE!  (or so I thought, that this wedding would end with Ridge and Katie professing their love and away into the sunset they would ride… and then KKL’s Brooke hit the door in that gorgeously understated but beautiful gown.)  The soap wardrobe rule use to be, or so I thought, that an ugly bridal gown meant that no one was putting effort into a gown that was not supposed to be part of fans’ warm fuzzy memories of a fave couple’s special day – therefore, failed marriage.  Instead, KKL’s Brooke walks out in a stunner and I’m back to wondering if post Katie’s fainting spell, whether Ridge and Brooke complete the wedding and move into their new lives as husband and wife.

The writers, actors, and producers have all worked hard, but with this wedding, the crown goes to wardrobe, hair and make up.