Ellen Page – Courage and Compassion

I woke up to the news that Ellen “Tiny Canadian” Page came out during an HRC conference (@HRC) .  She did so in a way that I can only describe as compelling, breathtakingly beautiful and inspiring.  Given the rates of assault against LGBT Youth, the rates of suicide and addiction fueled by the soul crushing homophobia still facing all too many people, youth  in particular need to know that there is a safety net out there.  There is a network of people who care, and who will be there for them if they need support.  They need to know that the world is a changing place and those dark messages of the past are fading.  Ms. Page was a powerful reminder:

If you think the fight to save LGBT Youth isn’t your fight, I beg to differ with you.  We are  in this together.  LGBT Youth belong to all of us, as do youth of color, impoverished youth,  all youth.   The phrase, “Maybe the next generation will get it right” leaves me chilled  It reminds me to work harder to fight for all youth, knowing that some of us have already given up on fulfilling our obligations to them.  We have to stop asking young people to save the world and cure the social ills we leave behind.  It’s our job to give them a better world to live in.  Kill the -isms (Racism, Orientationism/Heterosexism, Sexism, etc) before they undo us all.

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