When the Vanderpump Rules, I remember the things I’m grateful for

In no particular order:

1.  I am grateful that I am no longer in my 20s.  Everyone I’ve heard say that they wish they were 20 again focuses on the youthful health and physical beauty.  I focus on the  inescapable pain of being 20-something, being  clueless, feeling powerless, and the insecurity of youth – and that’s if you’re paying attention and not too filled with enough hubris to believe that you know that world and are a player in it (dream on, child, dream on).

2.  I am grateful that I’m not foolish enough to allow myself to be exploited by a reality tv show.  If I was that foolish, I surely wouldn’t allow myself to be cast on “Vanderpump Rules”.  I don’t know what Lisa V. makes for being a part of this show, but it’s worth it, for her – I’m guessing.  Her protégés/ puppets couldn’t possibly want to hang on to any of this footage for their later years.  Can you see any of them sharing this footage with their children and grandchildren?  I cringe at the thought of it.

This is the kind of show that, when the fog clears and you’re looking back at your life, leaves you wishing you were never a part of it.  Are these people even being paid more than they make as servers at SUR?   Are they in it for the “exposure’ (make of that what you will) hoping to be viewed as breakout stars and become famous on their own?  I just don’t get what the “Vanderpump Rules” servers get out of this – but I’d scratch “hanging on to remaining shreds of dignity” off the list.

To be sure, it’s good (often) trashy fun to watch.  I just can’t imagine watching anyone I cared about on this show.  If ever there was a time to add “semi-scripted” to show, this is it.  Leave me some hope for this group.  I choose to believe that these are not the lives they would be living if the cameras weren’t rolling.

3.  I am MOST grateful that I’m not friends with Jax Taylor.  It’s not just because he’s content to compete with the iconic Zoolander “Blue Steel” male-model pose, or the Joey Tribbiani “look like you smelled something bad” method acting approach.  No, it’s because Jax (he of the “look confused” male-model stare), intentionally or not, seems content to present himself as a pretty empty vessel.  Jax commented on Watch What Happens Live, that once he saw the footage documenting his callous disregard of his once-best-friend Tom, he realized how awful it was that he lacked remorse for (TWICE) sleeping with Tom’s girlfriend, Kristen.  The first violation of the friend code took place while Tom as passed out cold in the next room of the apartment he shared with Kristen.  Who cares about the second violation once the first happened, right?  Jax claims that he shouldn’t have been so callous, now that he’s seen the footage.

For once, I felt that Andy Cohen asked the question that most of us were probably thinking… “When you saw it on television, REALLY?”  It didn’t bother him when he said it, it didn’t bother him when Tom looked as if he would cry  and begged to have Jax help him understand?  It only bothered him when he saw it as it aired on television.  Brrrrrrrrr!  No one should make a clinical diagnosis of another person based on a television program and with limited information so let me say this, that if I had a friend like Jax, and the friends I’ve chosen are supposed to be a reflection of who I am as a person, I would seek help.  I would sure (surely) seek help.

In it’s best moments VR can be crazy fun, and lost insight into decades fondly left behind for some of us.  At it’s worst, I hope that their footage is somehow magically lost, erased from Youtube and other video capturing sites, and that they never have to explain to anyone how they ended up on that show.  Ultimately, I wish the Vanderpump crew the best in creating the lives they want for themselves.