BnB: Why the Bold (and daytime) needs Hope and Wyatt

BnB Hott2Before the deluge of smack down emails begin, just let me tell you what the title of this blog entry is NOT suggesting:   I am not suggesting that Hope and Wyatt will save daytime, the BnB, Kittens stuck in trees, shoes tossed carelessly over electrical wires or the sun from burning out in another 6 billion years.

There. Done. Said it.

Then why is HOTT so important?  Here goes.  This couple adds balance and daytime, in general, has lost the art of telling a balanced story.  In a panicked and desperate ploy to win new fans, soaps became wilder than necessary and sadly disjointed: multiple returns from the dead in new faces and old faces, supernatural storylines, unaborted children, crossovers that didn’t work, dumping damn near a full cast to replace them with characters long term fans didn’t know or care about.

In that manic phase, more soaps were lost.   The shows no longer with us were those, in my opinion, that strayed too far from the long term soap audience. They were unrecognizable.  Of those that have survived, only the Bold and the Beautiful seems to have decided to build a new supercouple from the ground up.  It’s not that fans really want something new.  Fans seem to want what they once had,  just told  in a new way.  I see that in Hope and Wyatt.

Balance: Hope and Wyatt start with a clean slate

Unlike Hope and Liam, Hope and Wyatt have no notable old lovers, broken hearts, or hurt feelings based on infidelity (or near infidelity) to rip them apart.  In a prior blog I wrote and stand by the statement that:

Hope, for the first time in a long time laughed, she did it without looking over her shoulder, or out of the corner of her eyes for the shadow that was always hovering around her.  She smiled, without a hit of irony or using her smile as a means of putting on a brave face.  She embraced a man without checking for the scent of another woman,  or hairs there weren’t his.  She looked into his eyes and didn’t see the reflection of someone else.

When Wyatt looks at Hope, he sees HOPE, he loves HOPE, his desire is for HOPE.  Not having sex with Hope doesn’t make her a child in his eyes.  Not having sex with her doesn’t make other women more desirable to him.  He has a passion for Hope that I find to be kind, gentle and refreshing.

With all of the meet-cute and play-cute scenes they’ve pulled off, who knew that they could also pull off a smoking #HOTT love scene? I don’t know about you, but I blushed a little.  It was nice watching that scene, knowing that the moment we witnessed was about Hope and Wyatt, and no on else. This couple will have other challenges – the Hope Diamond issue, for example, for now at least.

Balance: Hope and Wyatt don’t have to hurt each other or betray others to be together

It’s nice to have a couple that doesn’t have to sneak around, or worry about facing the partner they’re betraying just to be together. Unlike Liam, Hope broke things off, first, before moving on.  As much as I despise Brooke and Bill together, what made them an even worse (er, sleazier) choice of couple is that they had to  hide out at home to avoid the negative press. Hope and Wyatt remind me of the old Brooke and Ridge, who stood in front of cameras together and were celebrated for the love they shared.

This relationship is a step up for Hope, who felt she had to sacrifice her principles (and virginity) to keep Liam interested in her.  Hope had publicly proclaimed her desire to maintain her virginity until marriage.  Rather than applaud it and support her, she was taunted by Steffy, dismissed by Bill, and treated as if she offered Liam nothing but regret and frustration. No hiding in the shadows for Hope and Wyatt.

Sex is the icing on the cake.  The cake is the friendship they established before sex.  Wyatt, as written, loved her without ever touching her.   I may sound like my own grandmother (God love her) but how often are daytime shows giving us romance with clothes on these days?

Balance:  Long chases, Longer embraces

As Katie and Brooke battle it out regarding Brooke’s ability to easily fall in and out of love, watching Wyatt and Hope, I realize how much I have missed the chase in a romantic storyline.  If feels as if Wyatt and Hope have known each other forever, and that the relationship between them has grown organically.

I have missed the passion that grows and grows until the time is right for BOTH partners.

I have missed the definition of romance that has nothing to do with what a woman gives, what she wears, what tricks she’ll perform (Steffy) to make a man happy.

I have missed the definition of romance in daytime that includes allowing both partners to be accomplished and have an equal voice, not a romance that feeds the ego of her partner and requires her to excuse his actions, even if those actions include him inflicting immeasurable pain on those she loves (Brooke and Bill).

I have missed the definition of romance that allows the female romantic lead to just be a happy person. She embraces her life and is not a femme fatale on a mission to destroy the woman involved with the man she’s obsessed with (Caroline and Rick!  Sorry, but I have yet to let go of the comments Caroline made to Maya.  I was never a Rick-Maya fan, but Caroline hit below the belt, raised it and hit some more).

I didn’t know just how much I missed those things until HOTT came along.  I don’t think it’s true that a happy couple is a boring one.  Good writers make happy couples interesting in ways that have nothing to do with infidelity.  Given the course of this  couple has taken, starting out, I hope they’re among that group of supercouples who bring love and adventure to a show. I hope the writers will leave the circus worthy romances to the rest of BnB’s partner swappers!

What about you?

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10 thoughts on “BnB: Why the Bold (and daytime) needs Hope and Wyatt

  1. I absolutely agree with this article. I really appreciate the simple romance burgeoning between Hope and Wyatt and that love scene, wow, definitely worth the build. I haven’t seen a love seen like that on BnB in while. Wyatt sure made me wish I was Hope,lol. I think that if tptb played their cards right and invested some serious dialogue, character development and well played conflict in these two, it would be amazing. Lope by comparison has been around the bend too many times to enjoy and it’s just stale but Hope and Wyatt definitely have passion, an easiness, and they just ooze with sexual chemistry on screen, Kudos to Darin Brooks and Kim Matula for being able to carry that across. I miss being able to route for a couple. Lately on BnB, it’s just been about bed hopping and fickle relationships, that don’t hold water. I find myself not wanting to invest in a couple because of the pattern that has developed lately. Quick love and then and an even quicker ending. It’s become pretty off putting. I watch two other soaps (Days, YnR) in addition to Bold, and I can say that amongst the younger cast DB and KM have it going on. I actually want to care about how Hope’s character will change through this relationship, and how this still mysterious Wyatt will change as he sees Hope’s flaws and deals with his own possibly dark past. I am sold on their adventure and I haven’t been sold on a lot of things Bold has been trying to sell lately. I would actually like to see Hope learn and not be so self-absorbed as a character. This relationship can be a game changer if tptb allow it, and put an end to the cycle. I am disappointed that tptb think that we need to see unhappy drama in Hope’s love life in order to be entertained or in order to keep this pairing relevant or interesting. I know that every good pairing has to have conflict but unfortunately with BnB the conflicts generally have no substance and the drama associated with the conflict comes off as overblown, unnecessary and does not make for a great romance story. JMO.

  2. Hi Norrth:

    This is Ladyjo from the OB. And unfortunately, I do not agree with your article at all about Wyatt and Hope. In fact, let me add that I cannot watch the show when these two are together because Wyatt and Hope reminds me of Nick and Brooke with a twist of Taylor and Ridge. For starters, this couple has been put together due to manipulation and scheming, just like Nick and Brooke and Taylor and Ridge. Quinn reminds me of Stephanie mixed in with Jackie, who used manipulation and schemes to break up of Bridge, as a means to bring Bricky and Tridge together. Quinn has done everything in her illegal power, even covering up her son’s theft, to join Wyatt to Hope and break up Liam and Hope.

    Secondly, let’s talk about Wyatt – a thief and a nut job, just like his mother. Like Nick, Wyatt had to steal in order to attract Hope….what (here we go again)!!! Next, Liam is Wyatt’s brother and Wyatt has crossed every line, including kissing on Hope, in order to win her over. He did not respect Liam at all. How many times have Hope brushed Wyatt off to give Liam chance after chance after chance.

    To me, it seems as though Wyatt and Hope can only be together if scheming and manipulation is involved. This does not make for a good love story. Sorry

    1. Hi LadyJo! It’s good to read you – even though we disagree ;). Quinn is right on the edge of no return, but I haven’t seen Wyatt there. I think of Quinn as going too far to protect Wyatt, but the writers tend to do the same with most soap parents of adult children. Liam has yet to pull anything from their past that shows that they’re truly crazy. I think Quinn has fought so hard for so long – from her back story that she doesn’t know how to stop. I think Bill Spencer is far worse. Quinn looks crazy to the wealthy of LA whose only real desperation has been about finding a mate. Quinn has fought to survive. I like that about her. I hope she doesn’t become the next Sheila.

      The comparison to Nick deeply wounds me To be fair, Wyatt had Hope’s attention before that. I just wish the writers didn’t make anyone without family wealth seem “sketchy” in some way. Before that Wyatt was perfect (nearly perfect?).

  3. I agree with what you have said, especially about Wyatt and Hope on BB. This couple has made me want to watch this story ever so much more. I think at one time Liam and Steffy had some of the same chemistry, but not as strong.

  4. I’ll Start on a positive note

    I agree with this article.I thought that Kim Matula and Darin Brooks did an amazing job rocking that love scene.It was tender, sweet, romantic, everything Hope’s first time should have been. I can’t say enough good things about it. KM and DB have good chemistry, it’s playful, cute and doesn’t come off as forced, but when they kiss or have a love scene, it’s just plain Hot to me. That’s why I enjoy watching them on screen together. I would much prefer to see Hope and Wyatt have a great love story than Hope and Liam. Hope’s character has been given new life through Wyatt and I would hate to see that end.

    Here’s my problem

    I’m just not sure these two will ever have a real love story. At least not one with substance. With Bold and the Beautiful current pattern of creating short story arcs that have no real purpose except to drive triangles and quadrangles it’s hard to hope for anything serious. Lately relationships on this show last all of 20 mins and then they implode for some stupid reason.

    I prefer Hope/Wyatt over Hope/Liam any day. Why? :

    1.) There’s more chemistry between Hope/Wyatt than there is with Hope/Liam
    2.) Years of watching Liam and Hope’s characters get torn to shreds with the first triangle made me dislike both of their characters.
    3.) Hope needs conflict to stretch her character beyond the one dimensional clap trap that has made her so unlikable after years with Liam, AND Wyatt is just the man to give her that kind of conflict.
    4.) There is definitely a stark contrast between both pairs. With Wyatt, Hope is fun, relaxed, happy, and appears to be more free. With Liam, there is no happiness or realness for that matter, they look like two people going through the motions of a relationship and nothing more. I see no joy in them anymore. This could be the writers intentions but it bores me to tears (and I don’t watch when they are together)
    5.) Liam/Hope separated can lead to redemption for both characters, a chance for them to grow outside of each other and maybe get back together in 20 years or so, lol.

    This show can’t continue to break up the same couple over and over again, AT this rate, without damaging the characters in the process. The first triangle (H/L/S) was brutal for all characters involved. So I hope the same pattern is not involved in this triangle.

    Liam and Hope are just going in circles and I am not convinced that they actually have love for each other, especially when everything that they do in the name of love has only hurt the other person. This is just silly. I am tired of seeing Liam and Hope bask in their successful relationship when every challenged they have faced reveals just how NOT in love these two are. Any triangle involving Hope and Liam is bound to fail.

    But I have to hand it to DB and KM for making me want to watch the younger s/l. DB bring’s Wyatt to life and Wyatt is interesting. He makes Hope look desirable and fun.

    It’s a welcome from the depressed, gloomy, desperate, insecure, sad Hope, who whines about her love life all the time.This is what they have turned Hope into throughout the triangle.

    I REALLY want to believe in Hope and Wyatt but with the show’s history with triangles I am very very cautious. It sucks because I want to see a young woman on Bold and the Beautiful who is confident in herself, her relationships and her life…Hope was on her way to becoming that woman with Wyatt and since they don’t want to show an educated young female who can think for herself and can freely love a man that treats her right, I am left wondering when Hope will move on from Wyatt onto Liam.

    1. I’ve read what you wrote, and I agree, Wyatt and hope have fantastic chemistry, and go so well together, well, they have kept Brooke and ridge together pretty much all this time why not Wyatt and hope. make them a family,


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