OLTL:…”and I like… TWINS” – The Todd and Todd Saga

Shared DNA?  Who DIDN’T know that Todd and Todd would be identical twins!?!?!?  So one twin, never knowing about the other, was used to take his brother’s place.  Only which is Todd original, and which is Todd2?  I’ve been hoping that RH’s Todd would be the removed twin, given away at birth, and brainwashed to believe that he is the original Todd.   RH’s Todd has no idea he’s been brainwashed, and every memory he’s had and treasures has been programmed and belongs to a brother he never knew existed.

From a producer’s perspective, I can imagine that it would be easier to make RH’s Todd the original… think of all of the footage sitting around waiting to be used.  If TSJ’s Todd becomes the Todd clone, however, it ruins so many of the past storylines — especially since TSJ’s Todd seems to have more history and knowledge of what the hell is going on.  Why would TSJ’s Todd have ” fallen in”  love with Marty Saybrooke (and raped her yet again)?  Why would he have so many memories of Tea and fought so hard to keep her in his life?   What happens with Sam, if TSJ’s Todd is not ‘real Todd’?  Does Sam become an ‘unlucky cousin’ who loses his family and sense of place?

With RH’s Todd as the clone Todd (the twin given away), it gives the producers the excuse to remove the scar which was added for effect (free RH of probably an hour a day in a make up chair for the scar alone) and allows his ‘Todd’ (renamed) to start over.  Honestly, I’m sick of that scar, given its original meaning and how the writers have already perverted the purpose of Todd’s scar, so yes, my reasons for wanted RH’s Todd to be Todd2 are in part personal.

I think the writers will play, for some time, with the ‘wrong test results’ angle, but I can’t see any other logical way out of this storyline other than to make the two Todds twins.  Time will tell.


2 thoughts on “OLTL:…”and I like… TWINS” – The Todd and Todd Saga

  1. RH will be the original Todd and TSJ will be the twin put in RH’s character’s place to take over his life. The reason I say that is that TSJ got fired from the show. He shot his last scenes on July 22. They’re just playing out the storyline till TSJ leaves. They wouldn’t make TSJ the original Todd just to have him leave before the show’s finale in January.

    1. I read about TSJ being let go but the writers did this before, making us think he might be going — during the execution scenes. I posted a new blog about it and it seems the firing was real. I’m sorry they chose that route because it would have been brilliant to have both TSJ and RH on screen together. Since the show lives on, online, and might find a cable outlet if the new leasing company is successful, I had high hopes that TPTB would continue to build the show. We also still need Dorian back!

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