BnB: Taylor the Vulture! Oh the Places You Will GO!

There are moments when you just want to KISS the BnB writers!  Whether they mean to or not, they certainly validate fans’ memories of the show and what made Taylor Hayes an unpalatable character from the beginning.  They may have found a way to add intrigue to the character and keep fans guessing about who she REALLY is and what she REALLY wants, and just how long she’s been pulling the wool over Stephanie Douglas’ eyes!  Remember this clip:

Fans knew long before that  moment that the not-so-good doctor was after her dead patients’ husband and may have had designs on him before that!  How curious is it that TODAY, Steffy informs the audience that her mother knew her father was “the one” the first time she saw him and that for her it was “love at first sight”.   We’d never heard that line before.  Veteran fans will remember that the first time Taylor saw Ridge, he’d come to her to find out what was happening with Caroline’s medical treatment.  She was his dying wife’s doctor!  She fell in love with him THEN, while watching Caroline’s unbearable pain at the thought of leaving her family?  She believed that she was meant to be with Ridge at THAT moment?

WHAT!??!?!?  It’s just batshit crazy… and I LOVE IT!

So… does this mean that Taylor plotted her way into the Forrester family?  If so, how?  Stephanie, at one point, did confront Taylor with her mistrust of the not-so-good doctor who seemed to be on her doorstep more frequently than she should be, given Ridge’s circumstances!  Would that be revisited?  At the time, of course, Stephanie wanted Brooke to be there, at Ridge’s side,  so that Eric would be free for the taking.  Stephanie greatly distrusted Taylor.  She was right to distrust her.   What patient/psychologically frail man has Taylor avoided taking advantage of:  Grieving Ridge?  No. Grieving  Thorne? No.  Rebounding Eric? No.  Psychotic Blake?  No.  Traumatized Nick?  No.  

Now this?

Are we witnessing the birth of the new Sheila Carter?  EH!  I doubt it but imagine how much fun it would be to see Stephanie choke on knowing she’d been protecting Taylor, while suspecting that Taylor may have actually ushered Caroline into the great beyond!  Imagine that Taylor’s TRUE fear of Bill is that he might one day find out… and Bill is no Brooke.. he bites back.

Oh writers, Oh the places you could go!

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