BnB: Taylor the Vulture! Oh the Places You Will GO!

There are moments when you just want to KISS the BnB writers!  Whether they mean to or not, they certainly validate fans’ memories of the show and what made Taylor Hayes an unpalatable character from the beginning.  They may have found a way to add intrigue to the character and keep fans guessing about who she REALLY is and what she REALLY wants, and just how long she’s been pulling the wool over Stephanie Douglas’ eyes!  Remember this clip:

Fans knew long before that  moment that the not-so-good doctor was after her dead patients’ husband and may have had designs on him before that!  How curious is it that TODAY, Steffy informs the audience that her mother knew her father was “the one” the first time she saw him and that for her it was “love at first sight”.   We’d never heard that line before.  Veteran fans will remember that the first time Taylor saw Ridge, he’d come to her to find out what was happening with Caroline’s medical treatment.  She was his dying wife’s doctor!  She fell in love with him THEN, while watching Caroline’s unbearable pain at the thought of leaving her family?  She believed that she was meant to be with Ridge at THAT moment?

WHAT!??!?!?  It’s just batshit crazy… and I LOVE IT!

So… does this mean that Taylor plotted her way into the Forrester family?  If so, how?  Stephanie, at one point, did confront Taylor with her mistrust of the not-so-good doctor who seemed to be on her doorstep more frequently than she should be, given Ridge’s circumstances!  Would that be revisited?  At the time, of course, Stephanie wanted Brooke to be there, at Ridge’s side,  so that Eric would be free for the taking.  Stephanie greatly distrusted Taylor.  She was right to distrust her.   What patient/psychologically frail man has Taylor avoided taking advantage of:  Grieving Ridge?  No. Grieving  Thorne? No.  Rebounding Eric? No.  Psychotic Blake?  No.  Traumatized Nick?  No.  

Now this?

Are we witnessing the birth of the new Sheila Carter?  EH!  I doubt it but imagine how much fun it would be to see Stephanie choke on knowing she’d been protecting Taylor, while suspecting that Taylor may have actually ushered Caroline into the great beyond!  Imagine that Taylor’s TRUE fear of Bill is that he might one day find out… and Bill is no Brooke.. he bites back.

Oh writers, Oh the places you could go!

GH: Some Days, Watching This Show Is a Little Like THIS (warning: brief nudity)

Yes, yes, and since the nudity involves Paul Bettany – seriously, .. you should thank me!  As for GH  “blame” more than “thank” is the word I’m looking for when thinking about what sort of credit should be given.   What follows is what I LIKE about GH right now and what I hate, though hate me be too strong of a word since it motivated me to find a nude Paul Bettany clip!

What I love!

I love that the writers can make me love (some) couples when I thought that my feelings for them were forever dead.  You know where this is going!  Lucky and Liz.  She has long been, for me, one of the sleaziest most unbearable women in daytime.  With respect to her lovelife, she’s the female Sonny Corinthos.  If there’s a man she’s been involved with that she HASN’T carried a child for, surely he must be sterile.  For a nurse, her knowledge and use of family planning devices carries as stellar a record as Port Chuckle’s cognitively limited Dapper Don.  That Liz and Sonny don’t have a child together amazes me.  Somehow the writers let that one slip by – unless my memory is so shoddy I just don’t remember a Lonny Love Child.  

Everything about Liz makes me cringe, and yet when Liz and Lucky are together, the magic happens!

It’s not just having JJ back in the role of Lucky because honestly, I wasn’t the biggest fan of that move.  Greg Vaughn’s soulful eyes and hunkalicious abs still haunt me, folks, and I miss him in the role.  I wish both “Luckys” could have survived, in whatever weird storyline plot the writers could come up with – I’m easy like that.  As for Lucky and Liz?  Somehow, the writers have figured out how to use the LL2 family with precision accuracy.  Even with Vaughn in the role, the LL2 writing, as centered around the family, is thoughtful, loving, sweet and tender.  They’re the kind of moments the writers use to give us more of in the glory days of GH.  It was the loving and tender moments that balanced against the occasional dark scenes when darkness on GH meant a huge and adventurous battle between the villains out to destroy Port Charles and the heroic men and women who fought back. 

Now?  The frequent darkness (violent and vile) is balanced against he occasional loving family scene.  When I see them, they breathe new life into the show for me, even if for a limited time.  I can thank the writers for that.  More of THAT, please.

What I still hate!

Real men, like Jax, have to be taken down a peg when they cross paths with the Apple Dumpling Gang (Carly, Sonny, Jason).  Women in Sonny’s life have to proclaim him a hero, no matter how low or how sleazy he gets.  The only time they stand up to him is when the actress in the role is leaving the show.  The idea that Carly gets to put on blinders to sacrifice another man’s child to stay close to Sonny makes me terribly ill.  In Caroline Benson – Carly Corinthos’ world:

  •  being kidnapped by your father’s enemies builds character. 
  • Being photographed “dead” by a loon who fakes your death only toughens you up – besides, isn’t that photo now sitting on her mantle?  Good.Times.
  • getting shot in the head and spending most of your formative years in a coma, shot while someone was aiming for dad?  Well that just gives you one kick ass essay for your college apps (Let little Mr. Kappa Kappa Legacy top that one!). 
  • if your son ends up in prsion because his idiot father makes self defense look like murder in a cover up?  WELL!  The hell he suffers there is just his initiation into how hard life can be at times.  Welcome to the majors, future crime boss! 

DAMN Jax for worring about his little girl ending up with a bullet in her brain – or worse.

DAMN Brenda for not being a woman tough enough to stick out a few hard times, just because she’s already been kidnapped while under Sonny’s protection and her son was threatened.   Weenie.

DAMN the world for thinking that little Corinthos children who plan to kidnap a child to “save” her from the graceful love of her father are somehow wrong and pathological!  Future criminals don’t become desensitized to right and wrong all on their own!

Thank goodness for Sonny and Caroline-Carly, making childhood a little less safe, one tragic event at a time.  Someone should remind Carly of these moments:

Yeah.  Good.Times.

To which I can say that I will not miss Bob Guza when he’s gone.  Not.One.Bit.