BnB: Adult Soap Children who need to “Get a Life”

Riddle me this, fellow soap fans and pockets full of sunshine: which adult children in daytime are OBSESSED with their parents love lives? Which other soap writers have wasted countless hours penning scenes in which adult children spend their waking hours manipulating to get their parents back together(as if they’re babies who need them both at home when they drop by!)?  No other soap?  I can’t think of one beyond The Bold and The Beautiful!

Why is this ok on the BnB? It’s weird and a waste of viewer time.

Has anyone else noticed that it’s only Stephanie and Taylor’s children who do it? Is that a sign that they don’t believe that their fathers truly love their mothers so they have the ‘help’ them along? Does it mean that they see their mothers as too weak to live their own lives? Do they see their mothers as obsessed with their fathers so they become obsessed with reuniting their weak/frail, emotionally stunted mothers with men who don’t love them as they once did?

The writers haven’t found a way to give real meaning to this bizarre behavior. Most adults are trying to live their lives and build their own families – while the children of these two women, who’ve obviously done a bad job of showing their children how strong women find happiness, are becoming emotionally stunted and have become parents to their parents!  

How ridiculous is it that Ridge divorced his beloved and planned to marry the spare before even telling his namesake son (the child he always wanted and WAITED to have, his word) and is then at dinner with his beloved and his parents on the SAME day he was supposed to marry the spare?  That must have come from somewhere and I think it comes from being raised by a mother whose connection to human emotion is tenuous at best.   It would be nice for Ridge to come to some realization about how he’s lived his life thanks to the way he was raised as a way of showing soap fans that there is hope for a REAL change in Ridge this time and that his mother’s manipulations will have no further hold on him.