Dark Shadows/Dark Shadows Revival

For anyone interested, Netflix is streaming ‘Dark Shadows Revival’ (the complete failed series, of course). It’s worth the watch to see some old soap stars who were major fan faves, and actors who were linked to daytime soaps – even if their roles were limited:

Julianna McCarthy (ex- Liz Foster, Young and the Restless) as Mrs. Johnson, the Collins family maid; Joanna Going (ex-Lisa Grady, Another World) as Victoria Winters; Roy Thinnes (ex- Sloan Carpenter, OLTL) as Roger Collins; Barbara Blackburn (Ex-Siobhan Ryan, Ryan’s Hope) as Carolyn Stoddard / Millicent Collins; Michael T. Weiss (ex Mike Horton, Days of Our Lives) as Joe Haskell; Ellen Wheeler (GL killer… I KID, I KID (sorta). She was ex- Marly/Vicky Hudson, Another World) as Phyllis Wicke… and there are others.

There are some changes in DS: Revival. It’s Vicki Winters who is the reincarnation of “Josette DuPres’ instead of Maggie. Jeremiah is Joshua Collins’ younger brother, not Barnabas’ younger brother. Barnabas and Angelique were never married. Willie Loomis is Mrs. Johnson’s nephew. With his release, Barnabas begins by terrorizing the women of Collinsport – which is not what we saw in the original DS. Some of the revival (12 eps in all) is quite hammy, and other parts of it is truly engaging and now makes me wish the show had lasted longer.

Netflix also streams the original Dark Shadows – picking up with Willie Loomis finding Barnabas’ tomb and releasing him. The time before that has to be ordered on DVD.  Does anyone even  remember a time before Barnabas?  In case you’ve been wondering?  Jonathan Frid is alive and well and still very active helping to maintain the DS legacy!  Jonathan Frid (Barnabas),  Barbara Steele (Celeste) and John Karlen (Willie Loomis) have been working on the new DS project:  Dark Shadows: The Night Whispers.

Updated to add: You  can watch the full Revival of DS for FREE on HULU: http://www.hulu.com/dark-shadows


One thought on “Dark Shadows/Dark Shadows Revival

  1. I wish the revival series has lasted longer…I loved running home as a kid to watch Jonathan Frid, but Ben Cross made that vamp menacing and more realistic…Loved it! But I never saw that series (or even knew who Ben Cross is) until 2009…I would really like to see him and Christopher Pennock (who played Jeb Hawkes in the original DS) get more work! Both are phenomenal!

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