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I watched just a couple episodes of the original Melrose Place the first year it aired.  It just wasn’t the show for me so I moved on to something else (what?  I can’t even remember at this time).  One of the few things I could tell you about the early episodes is that there  was a  young handsome hardworking doctor, Michael Mancini, and his lovely and sweet wife, Jane.  I knew as soon as I saw them that one or both of them had to change if they were going to survive that show.  They were ‘too sweet’  and ‘too in love’.  I wasn’t shocked  when I later caught an episode and sweet Michael Mancini was a first class rogue and all around bad guy.

What we’re now watching, GHers, is the ‘Mancini treatment’ for dear Patrick.  My guess is that it will play out with much less success.  This is a serious step backwards.   The writers took great pains to transform Patrick  from an egocentric playboy who bedded desperate  nurses hoping to tame him,  into a mature man in love with a woman who was clearly his equal in every way.

So what is the life lesson (for onscreen Robin Scorpio Drake) in this storyline?

Is she to learn that you can never reform a narcissist?

Will she learn that she was right (UGH), that the mob boys may engage in behaviors not condoned by society, but at least they’re loyal?  Any bets on how long it will be before we hear Robin throw that line in Patrick’s face?

Should she question how foolish she was to take Patrick at his word when he said that he wouldn’t trade the life he has with Robin and Emma for anything in the world?

Whatever the case, the writers erred in giving Patrick the  ‘Mancini Treatment’.   He was drunk when he cheated?  That’s the excuse?  How many times before that had he hinted at, flirted with, suggested to his ex- that a roll in the hay with him would make all right with the world?  Was that not Patrick Drake Mancini crying about driving a minivan with a child safety seat (and to Luke Spencer of all people)? The writers have given me no reason to care about this storyline, or PDM, or his new found concern for his wife and family now that he’s ‘sober’ and not just stupid/whining and self pitying.

It would be a disgrace to have Robin fight to save her relationship with him  It’s PDM who should do the fighting to save that marriage.  Robin should not be willing to quickly forgive, either.

It would be a nightmare if the writers were foolish enough to have Robin fault herself.  She should clearly fault Patrick and Lisa for their actions.  The writers regressed Patrick for this storyline, they need to take the time to build him back up as a ‘man’.

The fact that Lisa is a liar and manipulator does not make me want to ‘root’ against her any more than I already am rooting against her.   Her behavior does not lead me to stand in favor of Robin kicking her sorry ass (though I wouldn’t mind seeing Robin kick Patrick’s sorry ass).   I wish the writers had been more clever in finding storylines for SCRUBS. I wish they cared to spend as much time developing them and making them a centerpiece of the show in the way they’ve done for the mob boys for years.  What made GH great for so many years was it’s attention to details related to creating and building unparalleled love stories.  Now all of GH’s love stories are on the rocks:

  • Jax is being emasculated while  being ‘taught a lesson’ by his airhead wife who isn’t fit to carry his clipped toenails.  Seriously, the man eats his opponents for breakfast.  CARLY keeps his head spinning?  If he was Sonny, he’d have already moved on and impregnated someone by now.
  • Olivia is watching Johnny behave like  pinhead and follow the lead of a disturbed 17 year old.
  • The writers are pushing the slithering Liz and Nik closer together, despite their ill treatment of Lucky – who is alone yet again.
  • Maxie is unfaithful to Spinelli again, emotionally, this time.
  • Spanky buns has no use for Luke – who has decided that running off to parts unknown will cause Tracy to miss him even more.
  • Lulu is locked in battle with ‘bought-and-paid-for’ Brooke Lynn.
  • Alexis has no love life to speak of (and where is MAC)?
  • Steven is stuck believing that sociopathic Lisa has real feelings for  him.
  • Yet another woman in law enforcement is offering herself as bait to catch Sonny.  What are they doing to my CLAIRE!?!?  Lucky is single, he’s alone!

Yup, makes sense that the writers take the show’s only happy couple and ruins them.  It makes sense if reason and logic are things of the past.  Apparently it is, as daytime serials soon will be as well.

Good night nurse!

5 thoughts on “GH’s Patrick Drake

  1. Totally disagree with you on Patrick. First Robin has messed up a thousand times and Patrick has forgiven her including for her lesser degree of cheating with Brad and if PPD can be an excuse so can being drunk. Plus your little bit about the mob and loyalty was that a joke? because I’m fairly sure Sonny has slept with many woman including while he was married to Carly, and cheated on Kate with Carly not to mention cheated on Kate with Claudia. How about Jason do we forget that he shares a child with Liz? at any rate EVERYONE on GH has cheated including the untouchable Robin so I’m not sure what the big deal is with this. Is Patrick suppose to be held to a higher standard then anyone else on GH? how about Nik? Lucky? Liz? Carly? Sonny? Sam? Jason? Maxie? all cheaters right? At least Patrick feels guilt over it unlike others I listed and if Robin cannot forgive him for a drunken mistake after he has forgiven her before then Patrick is far better off without her.

  2. I totally agree with Jean Robin has done a lot of horrible things he has forgiven her for besides kissing Brad like she didn’t tell him she was pregnant with his child, and she totally abandoned him and Emma, if he can get over all that she has done to him she can get over his mild act of cheating. Every time someone cheats they never feel guilty they say that they were driven to it by the person they were involved with at least Patrick wanted to be back with Robin after sleeping with that homewrecker Lisa. How is it any different from when everyone else cheats it may have been his ex but Carly slept with Sonny who was her ex-husband. Robin most likely will forgive if she loves him as much as she says she does. It will take them sometime to recover just like with PPD, this time it may have been a bigger blow, but if anyone can get through this they can. Besides Lisa is going to get whats coming to her she takes part of the blame and so does Patrick and Robin they are all responsible Robin knew when she left that Lisa had the hots still for husband and she left anyways thinking her husband would never cheat and guess what happened he cheated. She has dealt with him before sleeping with Leyla this isn’t really different cause it was only the day after they broke-up he moved onto her and he was partially drunk so that takes away his better judgement if he was sober he would never have cheated on his wife and that is the truth. Everyone else cheating is far worse then this little act.

  3. If you want to make a guilty man feel even worse go ahead, but what he did isn’t as wrong as consciously knowing your doing it as in the Nik/Liz/Lucky scenario at least if he was not drunk he would have better judgement and not have made a gigantic mistake

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