GH’s Freaky Friday: Sonny Corinthos/Ned Quartermaine

Ah Freaky Friday… a Disney staple.  A mother and daughter, neither being able to understand the life perspective of the other, end up switching bodies.  Mom, in her daughter’s body, finds herself back in high school and remembers what hell it was.  The daughter, in her mother’s body, realizes that her mother does more than wanders aimlessly through the day trying to figure out how to make her children miserable.  By the end of the trade, they  realize that they’ve only ever viewed the world through their own perspective and effectively become ‘new’ people in their old bodies.

What does that have to do with General Hospital?

What would this show be like if Ned Q. was still around for Kristina, instead of having her play such dangerous games with the lives of young men like Ethan and Johnny? Johnny is a putz for encouraging this crap – by the way.   I’d never fault Kristina  for Johnny’s actions.  I do fault the child for coming up with such stupid plots to get herself through tough moments in her life (er, I fault the writers actually).  Honest to goodness, have the writers ever met smart women who can solve a problem without relying on men to save them?  Do they know any women who live without waiting for men to validate their very existence?  If so,  it would be great if they created a few soap characters based on those women!   Rather than running from one man to another so early in her young life,  Kristina could have turned to Ned as a father.   Yeah, I get the irony, still relying on a man, right?  It’s not the same.  We’re talking, in this case, about a daughter who relies on the wisdom and counsel of her mother and father. Ned was the man who was her ‘first father’ and the writers made him protective of her once he accepted that responsibility.  It would be nice to see that again.

The bonus?

Sonny would then live AJ’s life (to some degree). His child would call a Quartermaine ‘dad’ and want nothing to do with him.   Sonny would have to sit back and watch Kristina and Ned take part in father-daughter activities knowing that she was happy without him. Carly would have to watch and realize that children raised by the Qs didn’t turn out too bad after all, given the alternative. She would sit back and regret the life she gave Michael when he could have grown up loved and happy;  without having been kidnapped, nearly killed, lost some of his childhood due to being in a coma, or to have taken a life himself.

Of course, that requires the writers to use the show’s history, have Sonny experience true loss, and make Carly introspective —  so there’s no way it would happen.

In Ned’s absence, the writers could/should have decided that Mac would be an excellent father figure, one  who’d allow Kristina the space to grow into the woman she wants to be.  Imagine the newness for Mac… a daughter who isn’t involved with  mobster or some  mob minion and who actually thinks that law matters?  Be still my heart.


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