Sympathy Depleted…Michael Corinthos Jr: Jailbird

I know that scenes like the one below are supposed to make me feel sorry for Michael, and are supposed to lead me to want to see Dante and Lucky do everything they can to free him, but they DON’T.   I’ll tell you why after you watch the clip, if you haven’t already watched the show:

  • Do I think Michael belongs in prison for trying to stop Claudia from running off with his minutes old infant sister after she’d kidnapped his pregnant mother?  No.
  • Do I think he belongs there because he let his father cover up an act of “self-defense”?  No.
  • Do I want him there because his pinhead father told him that he was ‘proud of him’ for taking Claudia’s life?  Would sending Michael to prison be a great way to teach Sonny a lesson? No.  Michael should not be used as a pawn to teach his father a lesson.  In fact, Sonny and Jason should be in prison for obstruction of justice (they burned down a freakin’ cabin and hid Claudia’s body over something that wasn’t even a crime).  While we’re at it, Carly should be in prison with them so that Jax can save that sweet child of his from her mother.

So why the lack of sympathy?  Because in the end, it’s most likely the case that the writers will have Michael learn absolutely ZERO from his prison stint.  This is the kid who wanted to take his father’s place as mob kingpin (as though he would never have to face justice and the possibility of prison at some point in the future).  Michael was so mean and spiteful when thinking that he could be passed over as top boss that the character was insufferable.  His behavior included wanting to see his father kill Dante because Dante was <GASP> an undercover cop and a ‘rat’ who infiltrated his father’s organization.  Even after he found out that Dante was his brother, he lacked sympathy and compassion  for his brother.  He felt that the bullet to his chest, courtesy of their father, was well deserved.

Now he’s in prison with the sort of men his brother works hard to put away to keep society safe. He’s in prison with the sort of people The Quartermaines, and Jax, wanted to protect him from.   They are the sort of men his father does business with on a regular basis.   Welcome to the real (soap) world, Michael Corinthos Jr.  It’s tougher than you thought.

I don’t believe he belongs in prison, but at the same time  I just don’t have any sympathy for him.  If the GH pattern holds, there will be no redemption.  The only thing Michael will learn is to not go to prison unless he takes his fathers’ chief enforcer with him.

I’m resentful that characters who have always  shown a clear preference for truth, honesty, and justice are now just mob puppets.  I’m bored by Michaels’ ‘scared straight‘ prison moments that will lead no where.

Ending on a high note

WTF!?!?!?  Someone remembered the show’s history and is using an old plot point to tell a new story.  Lulu must be far more serious about Dante than she was about Johnny.  I don’t recall Lu ever caring if Johnny knew about her abortion.  I don’t think it even came up, but that was so long ago, I can’t remember.

One thought on “Sympathy Depleted…Michael Corinthos Jr: Jailbird

  1. I too have no sympathy for Michael at all. And equally no desire to watch the entire show twist itself into knots about how to get him out of prison….which as Sonny so helpfully pointed out…”is a not good place.”

    While Michael may not have needed to go to prison for this instance (And I can see justifiable homicide being argued…not so much with the self defense but i’ll go along with the former) the point for me is the Trinity of Stupid have been worried for a while now about Michael’s desire to be in the mob and exactly like Sonny. So much so…they’ve never let him face a single consequence. Ever. He shot Kate and didn’t so much as have to apologize for it!!!!

    Also…much the stupidity of the plan that landed him in prison….the actual plans to help him are even stupider! Why has not one person suggested kicking Diane off the case…hiring a non-mob affliated lawyer (they do apparenlty exist), getting an appeal argument in front of a different judge and while that’s going on request a prison transfer or protective custody arrangement on some valid grounds! Also if they could explain to me why every enemy of Sonny is housed in Pentonville and not one of the stooges he employed to take the fall for him is there I would be good.

    As for Dante and Lucky…if they are soooo disheartened by how the justice system treated Michael (and honestly the kid got a freaking gift of a sentence considering every shred of evidence that backed up his claim was destroyed by the Trinity of Stupid)…then instead of planning a freaking BLACKMAIL plot…why don’t they just quit the force and start a freaking PI firm! It would be more in charcter and less likely to cause me to beat those two senseless!

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