Damn you, GH! I’m loving couples again…

First TIIC gave me Jax and Carly (and then royally screwed them).

Then they gave me Scrubs… LOVE!  I’ll always love them no matter how hard TIIC work to try to screw them up.  Thompson and McCullough keep Patrick and Robin viable despite the writing.

Along came Mac and Alexis – and TIIC haven’t done much with them – what a waste of a perfectly lovely couple.  Mac and Alexis dancing in the headlights of her car has been one of my favorite GH scenes in a long time. (Scrubs 57secs in, Maxis 1.:30secs in)

Now Claire and Lucky… friends, a couple, frenemies, enemies… I just love them.  They  ‘click’ (and she hasn’t had a kid per affair for poor Lucky to raise).  I’m sure the point is to have Liz see them together and realize what she’s thrown away, but I’d love to see them together despite Liz’s inevitable longing to be with Lucky again:

I should give the writers credit for not having Lucky rip Elizabeth apart again, even if she’s been a total wank.   I also like the fact that he reflects on his treatment of Elizabeth and having him comment realized that he loves his sons more than hates what Liz has become (ok, my interpretation of what he says).  I’m over LL2 in the same way that I’m over LL1 and pretty much all of GH, with the exception of Scrubs, Maxis, and possibly Claire and Lucky.  It’s time for Lucky to move on and be happy, truly happy… and besides, how can he turn down a woman who actually wants to have his kids, instead of kids with everyone but him?  I’m guessing Claire won’t go as low as giving Lucky a child she lets him think is his and then secretly gives it the real father’s initials.


One thought on “Damn you, GH! I’m loving couples again…

  1. Maxis is awesome as you already knew you had me there.

    However as Claire/Lucky screamed CHEMISTRY TEST…and teh fact her baby rabies showed up pretty much overnight…..and as I suspect it’s so that when the inevitable chaos around the birth of the baby happens we all suspect Claire…..I’m kinda meh. First off i have a severe allergy to super obvious chemistry tests. If it happens i think it should just happen, not because we got multiple scenes to show us how it could happen. And i’m kinda over Lucky having to spill his issues with liz to any passing stranger who comments on the kids. Really? Claire needed that information? oh let me guess…so we can have ANOTHER catfight between Liz and random chick Lucky is hanging out this week because I think they caught on Maxie and Liz have had the exact same argument since 2007 adn taht screws their entire plan to make us think we imagined the last ten years.

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