The Naturals – GH

Kimberly McCullough (Robin) and Jason Thompson (Patrick) are such naturals that they make you forget that they’re acting!  Often actors try to ignore babbling infants or are so distracted by them they break scene.  KM and JT have such a natural chemistry that they seamlessly weave adorable ‘Emma’ into the conversation with ‘Patrick’ and ‘Robin’.

I’d take a boatload of every-day scenes with this soap family than any scene involving fights about mob ties, crazy stalkerish ex-lovers, PPD, and any other storyline the writers keep coming up with to try to split the couple up.  THESE are the money shots.  The moments of reprieve from soap nuttiness that makes us remember why we loved soaps in the first place:

This clip only gets good at the end, when Tracy unleashes fresh hell on Carly.  Before there was whining, crying and shrieking, there was Tracy – and you are outgunned, my dear Carly Corinthos Jacks.  Listening to the Corinthos clan blame their woes on the rest of the world is maddening.  The behavior is sweet, but sad, when coming from four year olds.  It’s certifiable in adults:

Remember when the mobsters were annoying but at least used adult logic?

7 thoughts on “The Naturals – GH

  1. Dear sweet Lord that smackdown Tracy laid on Carly was epic and fabulous! I love it when anyone tells Carly to look in the fecking mirror for the root of Michael’s problems. I just “love” how she constantly over looks the fact that Michael had escaped from the “crack” team of Max and Milo with the goal of confessing to save his father. Or the fact that Michael had been sent out of town did not look good for Sonny’s case at all. Nope…blame it all on Dante and Lulu. Hey Carly…the day you start using the Spencer name is the day you can lecture people on choosing their love life over family!

    I also have to say….the fact that Michael is now apaprenlty a giant makes the Trio of Terror’s constant yammering about how Michael is a baby who cant’ handle this because of being a child absolutely frigging hysterical as he sits there TOWERING over all of them.

  2. I totally agree with you about Patrick and Robin! Kimberly McCullough and Jason Thompson have such a natural chemistry between them; it’s the only thing keeping me tuning in. I loved their first scenes in the park, and their adorable ease with little Emma, but then it dissolved into another boring, lame discussion about Sonny that they have no business fighting about.

    I completely agree with your assessment: I’d take scenes like the picnic scene over any of the other “story” they’ve been given this year. Patrick and Robin are such a great couple with so much potential; it’s a shame that GH doesn’t write for them or know what to do with them, it seems.

  3. I miss Robin and Patrick so much on GH! They are the best couple!! The writing for them right now is so contrived and ridiculous! I hate that they only get a couple of minutes of airtime per week too. It’s just nonsense!

  4. I 100% agree with your post in regards to Patrick Robin and Emma. The chemistry between Jason and Kimberly is off the charts amazing, but when you add in little Emma its even better. I’ll glady watch my cute little Scorpio-Drake family all day every day!

  5. I absolutely agree 1000% with the post about Robin and Patrick and Emma! You can’t find chemistry on daytime better than Jason and Kimberly, and every scene they do with the twins who play Emma is so wonderful because they actually include them in the scene and aren’t distracted at all! They are that way with the girls in every scene, and it is so refreshing to see that.

    I would take family scenes like this over any scene that has to do wtih the mob, past loves, or anything that even hints of breaking them up. Give us simple, wonderful family moments with Robin, Patrick, and Emma anyday over the crises you are putting them through now that neither they, nor their fans, deserve.

  6. I love Robin, Patrick and Emma. I want to see Robin and Patrick try for another baby. Emma needs a sibling. This couple is different than most couples and should be written accordingly without the breakups to make up. Tired of mob stories. I rather see hospital stories with Robin and Patrick as the main players in the hospital. GH needs balance with the hospital not just the mob. This Scorpio-Drake family along with the over the top chemistry that Kimberly McCullough and Jason Thompson share along with the babies that play Emma is just so obvious and they should have story and yet no story or airtime. GH is becoming a joke with not using the talents of Kimberly McCullough and Jason Thompson

  7. I totally agree with what you said about the Scorpio-Drake family. Jason and Kimberly are amazing in these roles and are so good with the adorable girls that play Emma. They are truly the epic soap couple of this generation. Give me a whole episode of them in the capacity shown in the first few minutes of the video you posted and I will be a happy girl!

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