If you hate soap fans, you have to be more open about it

I was trying to think of a way for TPTB of daytime to show soap fans just how little regard they have for them.

Dumb down daytime women and make them perpetual victims?  Nah!  You can always claim that women are showing their ‘strengths’ by fighting for their men – most especially when they fight one another.

Dumb down daytime men and make them as misogynistic as you possibly can?  No, no… that’s just a misunderstanding.  It’s perfectly ok for men to want their women to be better people so that they can better serve them.  Haven’t you seen ‘Mad Men’?  Just ignore the difference in decades, it’s all good.

Make children violent predators?

Throw the show’s history out the window to advance each storyline?

Repeat storylines ad nauseum because it’s easier than writing something fresh and exciting?

OH!  I know!  Call the state police and FBI on those crazy terrorist soap fans!

Confused? In what sounds like a plot from a daytime drama series, the FBI was called in to investigate a campaign that fans devised to help pressure CBS into reconsidering its decision to axe As the World Turns and Guiding Light. Fans of the Facebook group “S.O.S.: Save Our Soaps” had been sending bars of soap to CBS to show their support for the canceled soaps. Someone at CBS had gotten worked into a lather over the campaign, and apparently believed that the soap might be laced with anthrax.

Got that? If you can stand it, read the full gory details here.   A company that PRODUCES and sells soap reports fans who send bars of soap (not bags filled with strange powdery substances).  That’s the biggest ‘you suck’ to soap fans anyone has ever uttered.  Can you imagine the poor soap fan who got the knock on the door from the state police and the Feds, for simply expressing a love and passion for a show that has never been harnessed or fully appreciated by the current daytime brass?  At the very least, I hope that a personal apology was issued, but I doubt it.  The following response was posted by an individual who claims to be the protest’s organizer:

Posted by tamilynnking at Wednesday, January 13 2010 11:28 AM

Hello everyone,
my name is Tami and I was one that was visited by the FBI who were escorted by the Pennsylvania State Police. They rang my bell, asked me if I had mailed any parcels in the last few weeks, and I knew exactly what they were talking about. I said yes, little bars of soap. and they said that is why they were there. CBS had concerns of the contents. amazing because you could honestly smell the soap very strongly from outside the envelopes. anyway, I am the admin. of Save Our Soaps – Guiding Light/As The World Turns on facebook, and I am the one who started the campaign so therefor I am guessing that is why they came to see me. I am also not far from NYC. Immediately after seeing me, they drove 10 miles and paid my 78 yr old mother a visit. (I mailed 3 in her name) thank goodness I had the fore thought to call and warn her they might come.

Soap fans, face it, you’re better off tuning out rather than supporting a genre where TIIC treat you as a threat to all humanity for sending in a bar of soap.  When Susan Batten replaced Allyson Rice Taylor in the role of  ATWT’s  ‘Connor Walsh’, fans created the ‘Can-her’ campaign to show their displeasure and to ask TPTB to consider putting  ART  back in the role she originated.  (Batten was let go, ART was never rehired.  Eff YOU soap fans) As I remember it, the cans were donated to a local food bank – no one called the state police or the Feds.

Stay classy, P&G, ATWT brass, CBS.  Stay classy.


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