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Not long ago, I woke up in the middle of the night to the sound of a familiar voice.  Having fallen asleep with the television on, I was surprised, and a  little disoriented, to hear the voice of Renee Elise Goldsberry (Ex- Evangeline Williamson).  It’s  a voice I haven’t heard on television since Van left the show.  Waking up, I realized that I was watching a short film (a musical) titled “Jump the Broom”.  A teaser of the film is posted below:

The film is written and directed by Kena Tangi Dorsey, who makes grand use of Ms. Goldsberry enormous voice and incredibly emotionally expressive face.  Dorsey knows that it’s not necessary to give Goldsberry endless dialogue for her to get the point across.  Her eyes tell the tale.  If only OLTL could convince her to come back.  The show could use a Williamson sisters takeover.  It’s currently as dull as dishwater.

As for the film, it  is well worth your time if you’re able to catch it.  You can find out if it airs on one of your local/cable stations by clicking HERE (REG’s facebook page).  You can catch up on all things ‘REG’ there.

Sympathy Depleted…Michael Corinthos Jr: Jailbird

I know that scenes like the one below are supposed to make me feel sorry for Michael, and are supposed to lead me to want to see Dante and Lucky do everything they can to free him, but they DON’T.   I’ll tell you why after you watch the clip, if you haven’t already watched the show:

  • Do I think Michael belongs in prison for trying to stop Claudia from running off with his minutes old infant sister after she’d kidnapped his pregnant mother?  No.
  • Do I think he belongs there because he let his father cover up an act of “self-defense”?  No.
  • Do I want him there because his pinhead father told him that he was ‘proud of him’ for taking Claudia’s life?  Would sending Michael to prison be a great way to teach Sonny a lesson? No.  Michael should not be used as a pawn to teach his father a lesson.  In fact, Sonny and Jason should be in prison for obstruction of justice (they burned down a freakin’ cabin and hid Claudia’s body over something that wasn’t even a crime).  While we’re at it, Carly should be in prison with them so that Jax can save that sweet child of his from her mother.

So why the lack of sympathy?  Because in the end, it’s most likely the case that the writers will have Michael learn absolutely ZERO from his prison stint.  This is the kid who wanted to take his father’s place as mob kingpin (as though he would never have to face justice and the possibility of prison at some point in the future).  Michael was so mean and spiteful when thinking that he could be passed over as top boss that the character was insufferable.  His behavior included wanting to see his father kill Dante because Dante was <GASP> an undercover cop and a ‘rat’ who infiltrated his father’s organization.  Even after he found out that Dante was his brother, he lacked sympathy and compassion  for his brother.  He felt that the bullet to his chest, courtesy of their father, was well deserved.

Now he’s in prison with the sort of men his brother works hard to put away to keep society safe. He’s in prison with the sort of people The Quartermaines, and Jax, wanted to protect him from.   They are the sort of men his father does business with on a regular basis.   Welcome to the real (soap) world, Michael Corinthos Jr.  It’s tougher than you thought.

I don’t believe he belongs in prison, but at the same time  I just don’t have any sympathy for him.  If the GH pattern holds, there will be no redemption.  The only thing Michael will learn is to not go to prison unless he takes his fathers’ chief enforcer with him.

I’m resentful that characters who have always  shown a clear preference for truth, honesty, and justice are now just mob puppets.  I’m bored by Michaels’ ‘scared straight‘ prison moments that will lead no where.

Ending on a high note

WTF!?!?!?  Someone remembered the show’s history and is using an old plot point to tell a new story.  Lulu must be far more serious about Dante than she was about Johnny.  I don’t recall Lu ever caring if Johnny knew about her abortion.  I don’t think it even came up, but that was so long ago, I can’t remember.

Damn you, GH! I’m loving couples again…

First TIIC gave me Jax and Carly (and then royally screwed them).

Then they gave me Scrubs… LOVE!  I’ll always love them no matter how hard TIIC work to try to screw them up.  Thompson and McCullough keep Patrick and Robin viable despite the writing.

Along came Mac and Alexis – and TIIC haven’t done much with them – what a waste of a perfectly lovely couple.  Mac and Alexis dancing in the headlights of her car has been one of my favorite GH scenes in a long time. (Scrubs 57secs in, Maxis 1.:30secs in)

Now Claire and Lucky… friends, a couple, frenemies, enemies… I just love them.  They  ‘click’ (and she hasn’t had a kid per affair for poor Lucky to raise).  I’m sure the point is to have Liz see them together and realize what she’s thrown away, but I’d love to see them together despite Liz’s inevitable longing to be with Lucky again:

I should give the writers credit for not having Lucky rip Elizabeth apart again, even if she’s been a total wank.   I also like the fact that he reflects on his treatment of Elizabeth and having him comment realized that he loves his sons more than hates what Liz has become (ok, my interpretation of what he says).  I’m over LL2 in the same way that I’m over LL1 and pretty much all of GH, with the exception of Scrubs, Maxis, and possibly Claire and Lucky.  It’s time for Lucky to move on and be happy, truly happy… and besides, how can he turn down a woman who actually wants to have his kids, instead of kids with everyone but him?  I’m guessing Claire won’t go as low as giving Lucky a child she lets him think is his and then secretly gives it the real father’s initials.


The only Jack Abbott for me, Terry Lester.  Jack slept with his father’s young bride, sure, but he was only tying to keep her warm… eh, it was a prick move that he left her alone after, I know:

BnB’s Margo Lynley, DAYS’ Kate Roberts… originally YnR’s Lindsey Wells… no matter what character Lauren Koslow plays, you can just bet the character is kick ass:

Jill, having pulled the hay from the barn out of her hair decides Nina is  beneath her (veteran viewers will know that that means):

Katherine, having fallen well over the edge:

Turn about is fair play?

Victor meets his future bride, mother of his children:

Victor, Lorie Brooks, Julia (and indirectly Nikki)

Finally, to celebrate his return?  THE HOFF (and check out crackle, btw, it has something for everyone):

The Naturals – GH

Kimberly McCullough (Robin) and Jason Thompson (Patrick) are such naturals that they make you forget that they’re acting!  Often actors try to ignore babbling infants or are so distracted by them they break scene.  KM and JT have such a natural chemistry that they seamlessly weave adorable ‘Emma’ into the conversation with ‘Patrick’ and ‘Robin’.

I’d take a boatload of every-day scenes with this soap family than any scene involving fights about mob ties, crazy stalkerish ex-lovers, PPD, and any other storyline the writers keep coming up with to try to split the couple up.  THESE are the money shots.  The moments of reprieve from soap nuttiness that makes us remember why we loved soaps in the first place:

This clip only gets good at the end, when Tracy unleashes fresh hell on Carly.  Before there was whining, crying and shrieking, there was Tracy – and you are outgunned, my dear Carly Corinthos Jacks.  Listening to the Corinthos clan blame their woes on the rest of the world is maddening.  The behavior is sweet, but sad, when coming from four year olds.  It’s certifiable in adults:

Remember when the mobsters were annoying but at least used adult logic?

If you hate soap fans, you have to be more open about it

I was trying to think of a way for TPTB of daytime to show soap fans just how little regard they have for them.

Dumb down daytime women and make them perpetual victims?  Nah!  You can always claim that women are showing their ‘strengths’ by fighting for their men – most especially when they fight one another.

Dumb down daytime men and make them as misogynistic as you possibly can?  No, no… that’s just a misunderstanding.  It’s perfectly ok for men to want their women to be better people so that they can better serve them.  Haven’t you seen ‘Mad Men’?  Just ignore the difference in decades, it’s all good.

Make children violent predators?

Throw the show’s history out the window to advance each storyline?

Repeat storylines ad nauseum because it’s easier than writing something fresh and exciting?

OH!  I know!  Call the state police and FBI on those crazy terrorist soap fans!

Confused? In what sounds like a plot from a daytime drama series, the FBI was called in to investigate a campaign that fans devised to help pressure CBS into reconsidering its decision to axe As the World Turns and Guiding Light. Fans of the Facebook group “S.O.S.: Save Our Soaps” had been sending bars of soap to CBS to show their support for the canceled soaps. Someone at CBS had gotten worked into a lather over the campaign, and apparently believed that the soap might be laced with anthrax.

Got that? If you can stand it, read the full gory details here.   A company that PRODUCES and sells soap reports fans who send bars of soap (not bags filled with strange powdery substances).  That’s the biggest ‘you suck’ to soap fans anyone has ever uttered.  Can you imagine the poor soap fan who got the knock on the door from the state police and the Feds, for simply expressing a love and passion for a show that has never been harnessed or fully appreciated by the current daytime brass?  At the very least, I hope that a personal apology was issued, but I doubt it.  The following response was posted by an individual who claims to be the protest’s organizer:

Posted by tamilynnking at Wednesday, January 13 2010 11:28 AM

Hello everyone,
my name is Tami and I was one that was visited by the FBI who were escorted by the Pennsylvania State Police. They rang my bell, asked me if I had mailed any parcels in the last few weeks, and I knew exactly what they were talking about. I said yes, little bars of soap. and they said that is why they were there. CBS had concerns of the contents. amazing because you could honestly smell the soap very strongly from outside the envelopes. anyway, I am the admin. of Save Our Soaps – Guiding Light/As The World Turns on facebook, and I am the one who started the campaign so therefor I am guessing that is why they came to see me. I am also not far from NYC. Immediately after seeing me, they drove 10 miles and paid my 78 yr old mother a visit. (I mailed 3 in her name) thank goodness I had the fore thought to call and warn her they might come.

Soap fans, face it, you’re better off tuning out rather than supporting a genre where TIIC treat you as a threat to all humanity for sending in a bar of soap.  When Susan Batten replaced Allyson Rice Taylor in the role of  ATWT’s  ‘Connor Walsh’, fans created the ‘Can-her’ campaign to show their displeasure and to ask TPTB to consider putting  ART  back in the role she originated.  (Batten was let go, ART was never rehired.  Eff YOU soap fans) As I remember it, the cans were donated to a local food bank – no one called the state police or the Feds.

Stay classy, P&G, ATWT brass, CBS.  Stay classy.

Helen Wagner (Nancy Hughes) has passed away

Actress Helen Wagner, who played mild-mannered Nancy Hughes on the CBS soap opera “As the World Turns” for more than a half-century and spoke its first words, has died at age 91.She died Saturday, said the show’s New York-based production company, TeleNext Media Inc., which didn’t say where she died or what was the cause of her death.

Wagner opened “As the World Turns” when it premiered on April 2, 1956, with the words: “Good morning, dear.” She held the Guinness World Record for playing the same role on television for the longest amount of time, TeleNext Media said.

You can read the rest of the article HERE

You will be missed, but thank you, Ms. Wagner, for having shared your considerable grace and talent with us.