BnB: What Brooke and Bridget did to deserve this…

That would be… NOTHING!

How interesting. The Marone (steffy), Hayes (taylor) and Douglas (stephanie) women want the Logans (two of whom are FORRESTERS) out of Forrester Creations.

What Steffy Marone forgot to tell Oliver about her hatred of ‘The Logans’ is:

1. Only ONCE when Ridge dumped her mother did it effect her – the other times took place before she was born.   The first time Ridge left taylor hayes was  when Brooke finally agreed to leave Eric and be with him. They’d gotten together thanks to Stephanie Douglas paying for a forged ‘Dear John’ letter reportedly from Eric to Brooke. taylor got DUMPED in the same room at the same club where Ridge told Brooke he was going to marry Caroline). He dumped taylor after her first return from the dead. He then dumped her again after the second return from the dead.

Even the last time he dumped taylor hayes, steffy wasn’t a little girl with her nose poking the glass watching him go. She was 16? 17? Still painful, yes, but not as painful for her as it was for others, like:

2. Hope, then 5, and RJ, an infant, who DID watch Ridge go when steffy’s mother  came back from the dead for the second time and her grandmother faked a heart attack to force him back together  with her mother.

3. The woman steffy is blackmailing is her aunt – the same aunt who took care of her and her siblings when her mother “died” and who helped them survive losing her. The kids thrived because of Bridget and they, at least then, loved her.  What sad symmetry to have Bridget devote her young life to steffy, Phoebe, and Thomas… and to have lost three children since then.  She gave her all to steffy when she was a child recovering from her mother’s death.  Now the death of her own child has given steffy the means to destroy her life.  Unreal.

4. Steffy forgot to tell Oliver that Brooke is the loving stepmother who raised her and nurtured her -and her siblings, from the time they were children through late adolescence. She raised them to be a good and loving until toxic taylor, their mother, returned.  The children were saddened and confused during that time.  They didn’t want Brooke to leave, but they were happy to have their mother alive and back with the family.  When did the hatred of Brooke and all things Logan, begin?

5. while steffy was lying and whining, she forgot to tell Oliver that Brooke is also her ‘almost’ Mother-in-law. Just over a year ago, steffy wasn’t worried about her mother being ‘abandoned’ by her father. She was Brooke’s biggest fan because Brooke supported her right to make a decision about being with Rick. No tears for her mother, then! She was basically telling her mother to get over herself and stay out of her life.

The writers have contorted the show’s history so much to suit  stephanie, taylor, and steffy that it’s hard to believe that any of the current writing team has been with the show for longer than a year. They have no sense of history when they write this crap. If you have to go that far to sell steffy, taylor, and stephanie in this storyline, the storyline isn’t worth telling and the characters aren’t worth the airtime they’re receiving.


2 thoughts on “BnB: What Brooke and Bridget did to deserve this…

  1. Well, duh! 🙂

    This bizarre collective amnesia/reset button/Darth Bell’s Jedi mind trick “you did not see what you saw” thing is one of the main reasons I stopped watching the show a year ago. What’s the point in watching an ONGOING story when history doesn’t matter? When characters never say the things they should or call other characters on blatant lies/distorted history? Ugh.

  2. So you don’t like being told you’re an absolute goof and that you imagined an entire two decades of storyline? Good, it means I’m in good company. Some are suggesting that we’ll find out one of two things:

    1. That Steffy is crazy and believes things happened the way she says or
    2. She’s intentionally lying to try to garner support.

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