Eastenders Clips

One word?  DAYUM!  I can’t tell if this is over the top or brilliant… I’m leaning toward brilliant.  How gritty and real!

Children do the darndest things!  CRINGE… and delicious!  Family dinners must be a killer with this clan.  The bride is sleeping the the groom’s father and her brother in is love with the groom’ s stepmother.  American daytime, you are LACKING!

Greatest Moments?  You tell me EE fans!

2 thoughts on “Eastenders Clips

  1. ” American daytime, you are lacking”
    Why how dare you…. tell the truth!! Have to agree totally! These two clips have a sense of “realness” which is missing in our soaps. The acting is a little less “arch”, & more like recognizable behavior which we might see in our daily lives. This is not a knock on American actors, BTW; it’s more a criticism of the way our soaps are written , produced, & directed. Notice how the blocking & shot sequences in the first clip flow much more naturally than in most American daytime TV. Pay particular attention to how seamless the transition is from interior to outdoors when the blonde woman leaves the flat- no jarring changes in lighting to mar the scene. ( Are you listening P&G/ATWT?!!) In the second clip, the way the scene builds is masterful- a slow change from happy frivolity to muted horror. The clip they’re watching doesn’t rush, but takes its time getting to the awful revelation. An American soap would prob. just ” cut to the snapper”, as Sally Spectra (B & B) always used to say.

    I’ve been thinking for a while that it’s time for daytime TV to grow up a little. Think of how different primetime dramas are from what they used to be just ten years ago. Daytime needs to start becoming a little less “over-heated” & a little more down to earth & relatable. A little more drama, & less melodrama. Please!

  2. You’re singing my tune! The camera work is beyond beautiful. It’s almost embarrassing to watch EE because you feel like an interloper, as if you’re eavesdropping on the people involved. I hadn’t noticed the consistency in lighting between interior and exterior scenes (you’re right, it’s that seamless) so I’m glad you pointed it out. It’s what’s made ATWT/GL and to a lesser degree the BnB so painful to watch at times.

    How different to have an affair taking place between a FIL and his DIL that isn’t treated as ‘naughty fun’ to be celebrated. The look on (Lauren’s?) face when she realizes what a potentially explosive and painful thing she’s done? I can’t remember anything in recent American soap memory being so subtle and well done. In an American soap, she would have been a troubled teen, waiting in the shadows and smirking while watching everyone fall apart.

    I wholeheartedly agree with your comment about the need to inject realism in American Daytime serials! That the FIL is good looking – but in an average joe sort of way, and not especially wealthy, absolutely intrigues me. What is it that draws his son’s wife to him? I want to know more! Absurdly wealthy American soap characters are outmoded. With the changing production values, it’s not even believable, so shifting to more realistic plots and revamping families would make perfect sense.

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