BnB Spoiler – Bridget, and Owen, and Stupidity, OH MY!

Bridget and Owen have illicit sex.  Normally, I’m a fan of illicit sex in daytime, but this event has me asking:   Has the water cooler in the BnB writers’ room been replaced with bong water?  WHO thought THAT was a good idea?  I don’t even want to know how it happens.  Between the melee at Forrester Creations with the emasculated Forrester males shaming what’s left of their malehood, the mess with Nick and Sandy, and now this, the BnB has joined my list of ‘dead-to-me’ daytime serials… General Hospital was at the top of that short list.  Congrats BnB – not that TPTB care, but they’ve just turned General Hospital into Masterpiece Theater in my book!  I can’t believe we’re down to half a dozen soaps.  I’m going to be out of daytime long before it officially ends, at this rate.

Remember the old adage that you can count on two things: death and taxes?  Well, with the BnB, you  sure as hell can’t count on death… Taylor Forrester.  Enough said?  Taxes?  The only ‘taxing’ thing about the BnB is that my patience is taxed.  This show is one big ‘swingers’ party.  The writers must throw character keys into a bowl as a way of deciding which characters get paired together.  There was Rick and Phoebe (his niece by blood until it was revealed, when Rick was an ADULT,  that his brother had a different bio father).  There was Rick and Steffy (Phoebe’s twin, the sister he started fondling weeks after Phoebe’s death – which resulted after a huge fight between the two of them).  Now Bridget is going to sleep with her current father-in-law, former friend.

This AFTER her mother-in-law gave the former physician a chance as a brand new designer.  This AFTER her mother-in-law fought back Bridget’s aunt Katie who’d slept with Nick and relished her role as the ‘other woman’ in Nick and Bridget’s marriage?

Her history of being the show’s doormat leads me to ask:  Is Bridget being used for some other purpose by the writers? If you want to build a TRUE supercouple, there’s a way to do it to allow the couple to win the audience over.  Using them to betray the people who love them isn’t it.  If you want to use a couple to advance the storylines of others, then you do what the writers are doing with BrOwen – at least as we understand it right now.

Why would Bridget and Owen betray Jackie?  She’s been good to both of them.   Are we to believe that Jackie will suddenly and inexplicably throw Owen out of their home and end their marriage?  Will we learn that they’ve been falling apart off camera -another ‘just add water’ moment for BnB writers?  That makes him immediate fair game?  Didn’t we go through this when the writers thought fans would sign on to Bridget sacrificing her marriage to nick for another sickening round of his lusting for and running to her mother?  The worst case scenario is that the sex ‘just happens’, and Owen is still married to Jackie – who thinks her marriage is solid.

If Bridget is being sacrificed, for what purpose?

1.  To make Nick seem like the wounded party so that he can run back to Brooke?   Won’t work.  If Brooke was willing to threaten Sandy/Agnes for interfering in her daughter’s marriage, shouldn’t she be equally disgusted by Nick placing her daughter in the position of feeling like garbage and running to another man?
2.  To make Steffy seem less trashy for trying to use her body to ‘win’ back FC?  Won’t work.   The die is cast.  Steffy betrayed Brooke,  the woman who loved her as a mother would love any daughter – when Steffy’s own mother, Taylor, was  ‘dead’ for the second time.  She treated the Logans as ‘the enemy’ when their only crime was to embrace her and her family.  She called them ‘whores’ and then was willing to sleep with Bill Spencer to win back Forrester Creations.
3.  To make Jackie the victim and launch a Jackie/Rick/taylor triangle?  Won’t work.  taylor can’t win fans no matter what she does.  The character has only been able to create a fanbase of those who hate Brooke as far as I can tell.   Any character how comes on board as a Brooke foe can win over that group and HAS.  There’s no need to sacrifice Bridget to make this triangle happen.
4.  To make Bridget an outcast to make Saggie (Sandy/Agnes) and Nick seem like a viable couple?  Unfortunately, this MAY work.  The writers have marginalized Bridget.  How dare she be upset that the lying surrogate she hired is making moves on her husband and asking him to lie to her!

5.  MAYBE Bridget has to leave Marone after her betrayal comes to light.  She returns to Forrester as a GENUINE Forrester heir  and works to restore her mother and aunts to their rightful place in the company.   This subplot would work as well!  The fact that it would work and make the sex with Owen less of a bad joke  is exactly why I don’t think the writers are going this route… it would require less (alleged) bong water…

Don’t you think it would be truth in advertising for this show to change its name to “Partner Swap: The Bold and Beautiful Edition”?  Are there any storylines on this show that aren’t about sex and betrayal?  Even the corporate intrigue storylines are, in the end, about sex.

The Bold and the Beautiful: daytime porn, and not very good porn, at that.