Top Ten Greatest TV Kisses

Apparently no one told AOL Inside TV that Luke was faking it.  His life with Laura only smothered him and he hated being a father.  Oh wait… that happened later!

Daytime drama’s most watched episode featured the marriage of Lucas Lorenzo Spencer to Laura Baldwin Webber in November of 1981. After surviving obstacles ranging from a jealous ex-husband and a mob hit to a mad scientist’s scheme to freeze the world, the couple had more than earned their fairy tale wedding and a happy ending. This being the soaps, though, that happiness wouldn’t last long.

While I’ve never been a huge Luke and Laura fan, I can appreciate the impact this couple has had on General Hospital, specifically, and on daytime as a whole.  Their history may not get much respect on the show, but it’s interesting to see how much fondness remains for one of daytime’s iconic couples.

(Video posted at the above link)

4 thoughts on “Top Ten Greatest TV Kisses

  1. I so enjoy things like this these days…mainly because I enjoy the mental image of Tony Geary wanderign around moaning and groaning about how stuff like this is what is keeping him back from his true greatness… this helps us poor naive, unchalleged fans from realizing the true awesomeness of a deadbeat father who is proud to be a deadbeat!

    Yes I still have massive issues with those interviews he made during the “NATHAN PARSONS IS THE GREATEST THING EVER” months.

  2. You don’t like this iconic couple why ? Let me guess..because the despicable Luke was in love with the idea of romanticizing his rape victim Laura ??!! I think i get it right ! lol

    1. I do appreciate the honest discussion about this topic, BTW. It’s quite healthy to remind the writers that we are thinking, passionate, caring people who won’t buy just any storyline – just in case they’re ever reading our comments.

    2. I’ve never been a fan of rape-as-romance storylines, EVER. I don’t care how ‘iconic’ a couple is I think that sort of writing fed too many fantasies about sexual assault and that women secretly ‘enjoyed it’. I didn’t hate Luke and Laura and I don’t think that Luke is ‘despicable’. I even applauded GH for dealing with Luke’s rape of Laura and having Luke face his children for what he’d done to her. It was long overdue. It gave fans like me the opportunity to respect GH history for what it was supposed to be, while not being asked to ignore what it factually was.

      To play out that same storyline with any soap couple, today, is unforgivable. At least when it happened with L&L, the nation was still struggling with the issue and we were fighting to redefine our cultural understanding of what rape was. We KNOW what it is, now. To try to write rape as romance undermines the progress we’ve made. Any show that still tries to sell that as love deserves to lose its audience. I’m glad to see that shows like DAYS are finally getting a clue and dropping the EJami rape-as-romance storyline. Not even Luke tries to pretend his actions were rape any more. It would be nice if the remaining daytime manipulating, controlling rapists would fall in line.

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