Top Ten Greatest TV Kisses

Apparently no one told AOL Inside TV that Luke was faking it.  His life with Laura only smothered him and he hated being a father.  Oh wait… that happened later!

Daytime drama’s most watched episode featured the marriage of Lucas Lorenzo Spencer to Laura Baldwin Webber in November of 1981. After surviving obstacles ranging from a jealous ex-husband and a mob hit to a mad scientist’s scheme to freeze the world, the couple had more than earned their fairy tale wedding and a happy ending. This being the soaps, though, that happiness wouldn’t last long.

While I’ve never been a huge Luke and Laura fan, I can appreciate the impact this couple has had on General Hospital, specifically, and on daytime as a whole.  Their history may not get much respect on the show, but it’s interesting to see how much fondness remains for one of daytime’s iconic couples.

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