The Next American Idol? 2010

I’m not much of an AI fan.  I don’t get  thrills from the lousy singers or the off the wall routines (ok, I’m kinda’ lovin’  Pants On The Ground man, but I can’t help it!).  I typically don’t have the patience to watch the field narrow.  SO.  What are the odds that I would catch a current AI contestant on Youtube  while looking for something all together unrelated?  Not only did he grab my attention, but I think Andrew Garcia may be the reason I actually watch a season of AI.

What.A.VOICE.!  With or without this show, I have a feeling that we’re going to all know this guy’s name as well as we know our own – at some point in the near future:

Good Luck, Andrew!


One thought on “The Next American Idol? 2010

  1. Yes, This part of Idol looks to be compelling. We’ll see where it goes.

    I miss you over at SON. It’s hard to find a balanced, respectful nuanced discussion of soaps issues these days. Thank heavens for you blog.

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