In the land of unicorns and rainbows

(alternately known as GH)  you can apparently shoot a cop and be granted bail to walk the streets again.

— Cops with gunshot wounds don’t require a protective detail, even when the shooter and his henchmen are walking free.

— Your Port Chuckles attorney will advise you that running from prosecution  means you’ll  lose all you own, but that you would be ‘free’ – even if you’ve shot a cop — Did I mention that Sonny shot a cop???

— Jasper Jax is a bad awful and evil man… and Sonny is the victim.  The insanity between Carly and Jax starts 5:54 into the following clip:

The cuts just get deeper and wider starting at the beginning of  this clip:

If only Morgan was old enough to free himself and then decided to stay with Jax and Jocelyn, rather than follow his mother down the rabbit hole and into Sonny World.

–A police officer nurses both the gunshot wound that a criminal mob boss gave him, and a grudge against his mother for  not telling him that the mob boss was his father.   Olivia is  proud of the law abiding role models she gave Dante.  Dante is peeved that his mother never told him to the truth about who his father really was/is.

Uh, JACKASS, have you met Michael!?!?!?!?  How about a THANK YOU, Mom?  What’s wrong with the effin’ writers?

Olivia and Dante work to protect Sonny… who’d planned to kill a cop when he didn’t realize that the cop was his kid.  Dante, the COP, was fair game for killing when he was just some other poor soul’s child.

Oh, and nice touch on having Dante mention that he thought his mother must have  slept around too much to know who his father was.  Uh… YEAH!  That’s who she’s been most of his life.

— In the land of rainbows and unicorns,  the gunshot victim and his mother decide that the police are the enemy.  They feel that the police care more about throwing Sonny in jail that fighting ‘real criminals’.

I’m DONE, GH, I’m DONE!  You’re going to have to give me one hell of a compelling reason to tune this show in again, and I don’t see that you have one.


3 thoughts on “In the land of unicorns and rainbows

  1. what… aren’t like totally shocked and cheering this on? (sadly I have seen those posts…mainly from the same idiots who claim that Sonny and Jason are sexy and therefore should be allowed to do whatever they want and if we dont’ like it well there are so many other soaps and the mob sets GH apart and at that point my head explodes)

    the sad thing is ultimately this is completely predictable. I mean just like i think everyone knew within seconds of Rebecca Herbst announcing her pregnancy it would be written into the show…these people who honestly 100% believed that the mob would be brought down were just chasing a dream they were desperate to believe. This show isn’t going to go back now and say that over a decade ago they made a monumental mistake in making the center of their show an unrepentant career criminal and his serial killing second in command. HA! This show can’t even come up with reasonable explanations for it’s own storylines!

    Why wouldn’t everyone blame the cops and Jax for this? They’ve blamed them for everything else! This is also the same show that refuses to acknowledge that Keifer and Sonny are pretty much the same person and while i’m supposed to want Keifer to get punished I’m supposed to cheer Sonny.

    To quote Serial Drama…this show is an asshole and until Bob Guza leaves it’s not getting any better.

  2. Sadly, I realized that Sonny wouldn’t spend any time in prison, he never has, but I thought for SURE the writers would have the good townspeople turn on him – if only to provide some sympathy for the attempted cop killer. Not.Even.That.

    Can’t the writers give SOMETHING to those of us who’ve been waiting for some form of justice from this show? Just a little? Why aren’t they at all moved by the ever falling ratings?

    I prefer to think of this show as an ass without a hole… that’s why the crap just keeps building. There’s no place to release it. ;-((((

    P.S., I’m afraid to know, but are there places (boards) where fans REALLY cheer Sonny and the Saint on (and most especially because they’re ‘so cute’)? I’m truly astounded by that.

    1. oh sadly yes…often it’s called…….but I have seen them show up in comments at Deep Soap…..Soaptown USA…..not so much SoapZone and other blogs but oh yes…those places terrifyingly DO exist. I kinda appreciate them though as it concentrates all the crazies in one place and allows for easier ways to trace them for purposes of sterilization.

      Pretty much if the site has an interview with Maurice Bernard or Steve Burton…the crazies will come out in FULL FORCE and terrify me to death!

      The saddest part of all? THis stupid show actually RAISED the ratings with this…to a whole 2.0 for the week. Which means it worked and they will use it to justify further crap. They always always do.

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