BnB: Classic Brooke and Ridge

AOL’s Inside TV has declared that the BnB’s Brooke and Ridge are one of soaps top supercouples (powercouple is more like it, right?)  They are there with GL’s Reva and Josh, Phillip and Beth, YnR’s Victor and Nikki, ATWT’s Margo and Tom.

I thought I’d share just a few of my favorite Brooke and Ridge (Bridge) moments:

The first time they meet:

A song written for Brooke, by Ridge (with Ronn Moss’ RL bandmate Peter Beckett showing up to lend a hand):

The Location Shoot in Portofino (all four parts are worth the view) – there is a reference in the first part to the ‘Lake Como’ scenes.  Long term viewers will remember that it was there that Ridge told Brooke he could be with taylor and be happy, but he didn’t belong with her, that Brooke as his ‘destiny’).  The destiny line has wrongfully been attributed to Brooke since then:

An FC photo shoot:

A very married Ridge fights Victor Newman over Brooke.

Ridge to Brooke:  “… because the only life I have, Brooke, I have with you”:

Another Reunion in Malibu

Fully, Legally, Married