GH: What reaction should Lucky have to the ultimate betrayal?

Do you know what I remember most about young Elizabeth Webber?  I remember two things.

1.  I remember what a hellion she was when she first arrived.  Like so many of daytime’s bad girls, Liz’s bark was far worse than her bite.  For her rough exterior, she was just one more sad and lonely kid who desperately wanted to fit in, but had no idea how to do it.   It’s what made her so likable and worth rooting for.   Despite her awful behavior – it was hard to avoid rooting for her happiness.  If anyone deserved happiness, she did.   Enter, Lucky Spencer.

Lucky was smitten with Liz’s sister, Sarah Webber, and didn’t know that Liz,  who was equally smitten with him, was alive.  He couldn’t see past Sarah’s bright and shiny  face.  Sarah was the image of perfection.  Elizabeth grew tired of being considered the Webber sister in need of perfecting.   It made sense that she would want Lucky, who was as sad and lonely and as imperfect as she was.

2.  I also remember Liz and Lucky after her rape.  I know that for some fans  the rape scene was Liz’s defining moment, but not for me.  Having never been a fan of storylines in which bad girls are raped and then ‘go good’,  I hated this one even more because clearly Rebecca Herbst had the range to transform Liz to an openly likable character without the manipulation of using  sexual violence against the character to bring fans to her side.  Liz and Lucky, after the rape, were about as endearing as any soap couple has ever been.  Lucky  was there to stand WITH (not just ‘by’) her as she figured out who she wanted to become, and what her life would mean to her after the assault.  They defied anyone who would try to tear them apart, and they stood against the world together.   It was one of the few teen storylines I’ve ever been able to watch or enjoy.

I remember Eilzabeth Webber as a far more complete character THEN, than the character she’s become now.   For whatever reason, almost from the day Liz found Jason bleeding in the boxcar (post his finding Sonny and his beloved Carly together), the writers have decided that Liz would become that self-destructive teen again.  This time they created a more subtle version of “teen Liz”, but this one is far more self-destructive and is taking everything and everyone around her down with her.  She has repeatedly turned her world upside down, trying to find happiness where there isn’t necessarily any happiness to be had.

The irony is that during Lucky’ s addiction storyline, we learned that Liz felt betrayed by his addiction to painkillers.  It felt, to her,  like a rejection of their lives and their love together.

The soap reality is that Liz has been nursing a looming addiction of her own, one that keeps tearing her family apart and hurting everyone who dares to love or trust her.  Elizabeth’s addiction is to impossible love affairs.  Zander Smith.  Ric Lansing.  Jason Morgan. And now her obsession turns to Prince Nikolas Cassadine – her fiance’s brother.  Why is she with Nik?  Because as much as she ‘loves’ Lucky, she believes that she’s ‘in love’ with Nik.   For now, given the fact that we get little more than ‘happy happy hump hump’ scenes from them, it feels more as if Liz is in LUST with Nik.  Short of him leaving money on the table for her, or her leaving money on the table for him, it’s hard to tell their relationship apart from any other ‘transaction’.  It’s just one more opportunity for Liz to hurt Lucky, and to remind him that he’ll never be enough for her.  No one will.

If she was really looking for love, she’d look for someone whose life wouldn’t put her and her children’s lives at risk.  (Isn’t ti time to cue Helena Cassadine?)  She wouldn’t keep falling for men who encourage her penchant for infidelity and who treat her as if she’s only as good as the sex she gives them.   They’d respect her and her conflicted feelings more than that.  If she truly loved Lucky, she wouldn’t ask him to continue to sit back and watch her self-destruct when she clearly has no intention of changing her behavior.    Liz’s idea of love is the equivalent of an extended hand over an open flame – unlike teen Liz, adult Liz keeps asking Lucky to put his hand in the flame with hers.

Many fans, myself included, want to see Lucky confront Liz, and tell her where to stick her ‘love’.   Each new self-destructive relationship steals away more and more of what was once likable about this character – in part because she continues to steal a bit of Lucky’s soul along the way.  ALL characters enter into relationships that exist on borrowed time.  She’s hardly new at it.  Liz just happens to be among the worst of GH characters who not only makes the jump  to ‘new love’ more frequently than others, but she just can’t seem to end her former relationship before starting a new one.  She’s one of the few GH characters who drags the victim of the former relationship (typically Lucky Spencer) kicking and screaming into the new one.

This time, Lucky was willing to walk away and leave her to find her ‘happiness’.  Liz wouldn’t let him.  She decided that she had to propose and lead him to believe that she wanted to share the rest of her life with him.  For fans like me?  We’ve had it to HERE with her constant justifications and rationalizations for her behavior.   Is Liz worse than any other woman (or man)  on this show?  YES!  Not because of her actions – because her actions are somewhat the same as others.  What makes her worse is her inability to enage in serial monogamy and because of the lies she tells to cover her behavior.

There was a ‘good enough’ lie for each of her paternity ‘mishaps’.

There was a ‘good enough’ lie for her affair with Zander.

There was a ‘good enough’ lie for the first affair with Jason.

There is now a ‘good enough’ lie for sleeping around with Nik.

She’s doing this FOR Lucky, don’t you know?

She owes him!  (Apparenly she owes him everything but the truth about not loving him.)

She wants to give him the family he never had.  (Not realizing that she’s treating him as bad as his father has treated both him and his mother over the last several years).  I’ve made that point earlier HERE.

She wants to make him happy.  (Sleeping with your fiance’s brother brings him all kinds of kicks and giggles.  She’s so right).

I remember the Elizabeth Spencer who couldn’t stop herself from telling Carly Corinthos what a bad mother she was to date a man who could put her children in danger, as well as telling Carly what a horrible human being she is.   Liz is quickly headed into Carly Corinthos Jacks territory… and at this rate, the writers may end up offereing us Carly 2.0 mothering  a teenaged Cam or Jake rebelling against the latest family upheaval, the newest stepdad, and the mom whose love life wrecks every bit of stability they’ve ever known.  Liz is starting to make Carly, and every other woman she’s ever condemned,  look a hell of a lot better.

2 thoughts on “GH: What reaction should Lucky have to the ultimate betrayal?

  1. Well you somewhat answered your own questions there. You are one of the few internet commenters who has seen the connection that all other writers seem to miss. The destruction of the character of Elizabeth Webber does trace back to her first interactions with Jason. Just as Lucky’s character was started to be destroyed from that time so Jason could take his place as the true hero of the show….Elizabeth’s character is one of the ones that based on family connections and legacy standing that just based on paper should be the center of the show…not Carly. Once…Lucky/Liz was seen as the great hope for the future of GH…not Carly/Jason or Carly/Sonny. These were characters that could be seen as leading storylines without having to rely on the mob.

    You raise many interesting questions…ones that I wish GH would answer. Does it stem back to the open favortism her parents showed her sister and brother over her? Could be. But the show will never explore that. Could the answer lie in that she is aware that every time Lucky needed her to save him (i.e….his kidnapping, his brainwashing, his addiction….) she’s fallen short and yet every time she’s needed him to save her he’s not failed? That her need to self destruct is rooted in her belief that she isn’t worthy of such love and that she’s not held up her end of it? Could be. But we’re never going to know. I would hope the aftermath of this ridiculous storyline (and kudos for you for pointing out all Niz is missing is a scene of leaving money on the table) is Elizabeth really getting deep with herself….figuring all this out. But that’s way too much focus away from Jason, Sam and Carly. We’ll get some half-hearted explanation and then nothing much else.

    In the character’s defense, I will say this is actually the first time the show has gone out of it’s way to NOT excuse her cheating. All other times, it’s been justified both in the minds of the show and the viewers. Lucky was cheating with Maxie and taking drugs…so sleeping with Jason and carring on an emotional affair was just fine. Ric had held Carly in the panic room…sleeping with Zander was fine. The first tryst with Zander was more about justifying Steve Burton’s exit from the show than anything else. This is the first time the show hasnt’ tried to protect her or make it seem like it was the right or at least excusable thing to do.

    Why do they keep doing this to Elizabeth? I suspect the answer is nothing more than the show is aware Rebecca Herbst has a very loyal fan base (although admittedly extremely tested these days) who will not abandon her. THey can throw this crap on her and her fans, while they care….they won’t abandon her or the character. I also suspect Bob Guza sat down everyone involved in this storyline and swore he was going to write them an Emmy….that this storyline was going to be this big huge thing that got them all praise and showed the world how they were going back to “classic soap storytelling” (Fun drinking game…drink everytime one of them uses that phrase in an interview). I also think that the inital backstage attitude was that support for Lucky died when Jonathan Jackson left the role and that the audience really would cheer this on becuase we allegedly hated Lucky as much as they did. (See their total shock at the audience siding with Lucky during the Ethan introduction. The press comments are ones of total “what do you mean you’re siding with Lucky?”) When that didn’t happen….well shock overtook them and they then started throwing darts on teh wall to write the storyline.

  2. I agree, now more than ever is the time to explore the Webber family dynamic and Liz’ self-destructive tendencies. She and Carly are cut from the same cloth – which explains their rivalries.

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