It ain’t easy being sleazy… The Bill Spencer Edition

Pretty soon daytime writers are going to have to figure out that they ALIENATE female viewers with this crap. Bill Spencer Jr. has tried to force himself on Donna. He tried to solicit sex from her by offering Eric ‘safety’ from a corporate takeover if she had sex with him (yes, a 100 million dollar company for ‘one night’ of hot sex).  He violated her with physical intimidation – standing too close, touching her against her will, you name it.

Bill Spencer has a history of sexual conquest that is FAR WORSE than anything ANY BnB character has experienced, from what we’ve learned.  He’s even proud to be a ‘chip off the old perverted block’.  Yet he attacks Brooke Logan?  Really?

F-U Bill Spencer Jr. (and I guess to the writers too for thinking it was ok to have Bill say something so low).
F-U Katie for betraying your sisters for another low life male (again,  I guess I have to give the big F-U to the writers as well).

Neither Ridge NOR Eric has asked the Logan sisters to choose them or little sister Katie.  In fact, Ridge was upset about the fact that despite the Forrester’s constant talk of  ‘family first’, they were putting the Logan family at risk and could potentially damage the sister’s relationship.

What does that say about the crap-bag Katie is married to!?!?!?!  Why do the writers continue to make the fatal error of thinking that viewers enjoy watching women being degraded and humiliated by ‘powerful men’?   Just a hint, your ‘powerful men’ don’t look so powerful when they demean women and belittle them.  They look weak, and pathetic, hardly the sort of males daytime viewers want to waste time watching.  Whatever accolades the writers receive from very few fans  for the ridiculous and mind-numbing attacks on women, it hardly makes up for the fans they lose when they pull this stunt.

How many script pages do you think daytime would lose if writers discarded  every reference to women as ‘cheap’, ‘slutty’,  and other similar sentiments?  We could probably reduce the six remaining soaps down to a one hour program…  Sad, huh?

4 thoughts on “It ain’t easy being sleazy… The Bill Spencer Edition

  1. I don’t know about all of daytime…but I do know Bob Guza wouldn’t have a page left of his scripts if such a thing happened.

  2. But Brooke really is a low life. It is difficult to imagine a normal human being be it male or female sleeping around like that. Father, sons, daughter’s husbands and everyone else who is available and then she is presented as The Virgin mary.

  3. Sadly many were OK with this because it was an attack on Logan women, many are calling this scene the best scene on B&B and so many were claiming what Bill said were the best lines of B&B. It is the reason why Bill Spencer became a very popular character because of his sexist treatment of Brooke and Donna. If I were Katie, I would have punched him and then left him for talking to my sisters like that. I wish the writers has written Katie to stand up for her sisters and protect them by not telling Bill what they did. It seems many are OK with sexism if it is aimed at the Logan women.

    Sometimes I wish the actors would speak about the sexism in daytime and television shows and movies in general. I mean Don Diamont himself describes Bill Spencer character when his character first came one as being sexually inappropriate when really the words I would have used would have been sexual harassment.

  4. Replying to the previous commentator, even if Brooke was a low life and I do not think she is, Bill is the low life. So even if Brooke were a low life, it does not justify Bill’s comments considering Bill can’t be attacked with sexist comments since he is a man. Can you imagine if the Logan women attacked Bill with anti-Semitic comments (I know Bill Spencer’s character is not a Jew, but just giving an example here)? Would any tolerate that, even as a Logan fan I would not tolerate that? And even then he would be able to attack them back with sexist comments.

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