Is ATWT canceled?

You betcha’ and it just SUCKS, doesn’t it?  True or not, it certainly feels as if NBC and CBS have been leading the charge to dismantle daytime, one show at a time.  Rather than invest in new blood in the writers’ room and retain beloved onscreen  faves, TPTB have favored daytime writers and EPs with histories of utter failure and disregard for the fans – shifting them from one show to the next.  “Cheaper” (and not necessarily better) on screen talent has been shifted from one show to the next  as well, and fans are stuck with the consequences of a host of bad decisions.  We’ll miss you ATWT.
ATWT’s last airdate is scheduled for Sept. 2010 (GL fans will remember that GL’s last airdate was Sept. 18, 2009).   Read more by clicking HERE.

Update:  RedStateCenterLeft commented with this bit of trivia regarding ATWT, as HuffPo:

ATWT was the program Walter Cronkite broke into to announce that JFK had been shot. Because of that AWTW will be forever linked to a day that changed history. So sad to see that bit of history fall.