Tea? Tea Delgado?

I almost didn’t recognize the incredibly bad-ass goddess of great hair. No sirree!  I didn’t recognize her because she was whining, crying, sniveling, and begging Todd to forgive her for not telling him about their daughter, Daniella.   The soap world has officially turned on its axis.  Isn’t this the same woman who has repeatedly taken hits to her reputation to save Todd from himself and defended him in court against the indefensible?  Isn’t she the woman to whom he owes his freedom?  Isn’t he the man she found in bed with another woman after swearing he loved her?   Isn’t he the clod who accused her of only wanting his money even though she could have stolen his fortune a thousand times over?   Isn’t this the same woman who was willing to risk going to prison by pretending that she killed Lee Halperin/Janet Ketring/Carol Harper Dennison so that the police wouldn’t think Todd did it and send him back to jail?

Rather than begging Todd for forgiveness, the writers should have had her wake up and realize that Ross Rayburn (who, of course, was destroyed to make Todd look heroic) really was a better man than Todd.   For a man who thinks that he makes magic happen every time he says that ‘family is everything’, Todd should remember that he gave a child away to be sold – without remorse and only because he didn’t think that the child, Jack, was his biological son with Blair.  He was willing to let Blair believe that her child was dead.  He may also remember that he plotted to kill Sam’s mother while he was in the womb, to get rid of her and him.  I guess the fact that Todd recovered Jack (after finding out that Jack was his) and that he had a change of heart about killing Sam’s mother, Margaret, makes him a better person than Tea?  It’s why SHE has to beg forgiveness, with him refusing it, and HE gets to be repeatedly forgiven for his worst behaviors.

The soap world is turning on its axis, and my stomach is just turning.


2 thoughts on “Tea? Tea Delgado?

  1. Hasn’t this been the standard of how most soaps write their “lead male character(s)” for over a decade now?

    OLTL has Todd and at times John McBain
    AMC has Ryan and Zach
    ATWT has Jack
    GH has Jason and Sonny
    YR has Victor
    BnB has Ridge

    Female characters, who should know better and should be WRITTEN better, somehow always seem to risk it all for love for a man, who continues to treat them like crap, because in those men’s eyes, those women not doing right by them?

    Tea’s not the most sane female character in soaps, but this neverending “tug of war” that she has going on with Blair Cramer over Todd Manning makes no sense to me whatsoever.

    It makes both of those female characters pathetic in my eyes. That’s not how I remember the fictional female soap opera characters during when my grandmother was alive and I watched soaps with her.

    My stomach has been turning for a long time now and I don’t think that it’s going to stop, until this whole entire genre is gone from the tv airwaves.

  2. I don’t see this all so tragic. First of all, it is because she went through all she did that Tea is pleading with him, not to take her back, but to speak to her. He told her how much he hates her and one could feel the pain and disappointment in his voice. This is because he did change, drastically because he realised that she loved him… that much. He opened himself up and humbled himself. Knowing Todd from the beginning, it was clear to me that this would come as it did. Tea should have told him the truth from the beginning, her excuses for not doing so were contrived, I wasn’t feeling them, which was great! She was so stunned by all that was going down around her that she couldn’t think straight. Otherwise, I believe her reply would have been different.

    That they wrote Todd to believe anything that lying wench Blair said, was totally OOC, it wasn’t the Todd who know Blair inside-out, who questioned every dotted i in her sentences and watch out for where she crossed her T’s.. no, we are lead to believe that this one secret about being married had totally turned him from being the wonderful romantic that we TODD FANS love, in to a degenerate spurned lover.

    I am hoping that things will change soon, but as for F. Lorenzo…….. I don’t care what she gets in her hand, she can act her piece out off the walls and back again without even blinking.

    Generally, in any soap, the Men and the Women are being washed down and stripped of any kind of characteristic that made them powerhouse players on whatever show it may be. Still, for my money, OLTL is knocking it out of the box, bringing us back our vets and intergrating the newbies better than any other. So.. as I said, I am not taking this small set back so hard.

    I see an Emmy for my show and for FL! Tea rocks and when she cries, the whole world cries with her… or they aren’t watching the same show.

    THANK YOU sooooo much Norrth for another great OLTL blog! Love ya and happy X-Mas/ Holiday season!


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