On the Move in Daytime – Comings and Goings

  • Sarah Joy Brown is on the move and I can’t friggin’ wait, though I wouldn’t mind seeing SB play something other than batshit crazy in daytime:

LOS ANGELES (AP) — Sarah Brown will be checking out of ABC’s “General Hospital” and into CBS’ “The Bold and the Beautiful,” and she won’t get a moment’s rest in between.

The actress’s last appearance on the ABC daytime soap as Claudia Zacchara, the sexy daughter of a mobster, is set for Nov. 5. The next day, she’s to be introduced as goodhearted newcomer Sandy Sommers on “The Bold and the Beautiful.”

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  • GH is really shaking things up.  Greg Vaughn is leaving (no comment on what his next move is).  Jonathan Jackson returns in the role of Lucky Spencer.  Let the flaming begin, but this one worries me.  I loved JJ as teen Lucky, and for my money, he still looks too much like” teen Lucky”.   I have to wonder if it’s not a signal from TPTB.  A signal for?  I dunno.  If JJ’s Lucky continues to read as Nik’s baby brother, I see Nik and Liz long term.  If they’re trying to play off of the amazingchemistry  young Liz and young Lucky shared, Nik is probably a goner.  Either way, I’m loking forward to seeing JJ and AG’s “Luke” onscreen  together again.  They were often the best part of GH for me for quite a long time.  Hopefully the era of wunderkinder Ethan is over.  The writers never committed to Luke and the ‘cowboy’ with Vaughn in the role.  Maybe they’ll fnally remember that Lucky is Luke’s son… or at least change his damned name.  It’s cruel to keep referring to that guy as ‘Lucky’.
  • The Bold and the Beautiful’s Ashley Jones will appear in an upcoming episode of ‘The Mentalist’.  Details to follow (Thanks for the tip, Ann!)  As for her BnB character “Bridget Forrester Marone “…. our Budge is on a crash course with Sarah Brown’s upcoming character, Sandra… BRING IT, Baby!  Bridget has had to fight for love her entire life, Sandra the psychotic might just be in for a shock!  Might we eventually see a Sandra /Whip (Rick Hearst) pairing?
  • I still can’t speak on the YnR’ s hardball tactics with Eric Braeden.  Who’s going to fill his awfully big shoes if they can’t lure EB back and bring Victor back to screen?  LILY?  Amber?  Kevin?  Jack?  Pffft.    I will not speack of EB’s departure.  Can’t.  Too stunned/disgusted/shocked/ready to move on from the YnR.

One thought on “On the Move in Daytime – Comings and Goings

  1. While under other circumstances….and trust me I did PRAY for this to occur while Jacob Young played the role, I’d be happy about this, the absolute shadiness that this deal went down has left me with a vile taste in my mouth. I understand it’s a business decision and I know it’s an attempt to raise ratings. I get that. What i do not get is the outright LYING ABC is engaged in. Greg tweeted that he was fired (in an extremely classy and professional way IMHO) and the reactions of his co-stars were stunned and saddened to hear that he was let go. TEN minutes after Greg shared on his Twitter, ABC released a press release claiming GREG had vacated the role. I understand the impulse to avoid a real Greenlee fiasco but that was just disrespectful and not to mention dismissive of the fans’ intelligence. I’m supposed to beleive Greg chose to leave a role he’s been so vocal about loving right before it is clear his storyline is going to pick up? Not on this planet.

    the bottom line for me right now is Greg is a great guy that I know will bounce back and find a show that will treat him with respect like Guza NEVER did but he deserved better than to have come in to shoot an episode and stuff for the new opening and then be told “By the way…there’s the door. Use it.” and then being made to look like the person who left. He deserved be treated with respect if nothing more than the fact he is the one who has played Lucky the longest.

    I like JJ. I adored him back in the day. However the writing is not there like it was when he was last here ten years ago. The storylines everyone cites as such great ones for Lucky were not penned by Guza. They were penned by the Labines, Michelle Val Jean and Patrick Mulchavey. Plus really, the show is going to wave a wand and go “POOF! the past eight years of Luke claiming to hate being a father and being proud of being a deadbeat completely didn’t happen!” Tony Geary’s been FAR too vocal about LOVING taht development in Luke. And the for all the comments about what JJ’s Lucky would or wouldn’t have done…try this on for size….JJ’s Lucky would have never accepted Cam or Jake because he was way too much like Luke on that scale.

    Unless there is a writing team changing coming as well…this is nothing more than a stunt designed to make it LOOK like GH is addressing fan complaints…when in reality nothing will really change. James Franco will be appearing at the same time in a mob related storyline. Ask me what I think is going to get more airplay. Lucky Spencer will never be allowed to be written as better than Jason….there fore while INITALLY it will appear to improve and I think Lucky WILL win the whole Nik/Liz/Lucky thing…if for no other reason the media will clearly not rest until it happens and well Guza is obvious and lazy. (see how we ALL knew Rebecca would end up wiht Nik. and Katherine with Stefan. and Alexis with Cameron. Wait…it’s like he does this a lot or something….) AFter that….same old same old.

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