Will daytime gods NOW work harder to save the genre?

If you were a failed daytime writer, producer, or director, it rarely mattered that your tenure with a show was considered a creative low point. You could easily screw up one soap and move into the same position (most often) with a different soap. Guiding Light aired for the last time on Sept. 18th. Fans and soap critics are speculating that ATWT is the next to go. What do you think the impact will be on the power brokers of daytime? There are many fewer places to retreat to when you’ve performed poorly with one soap.

Will writers, producers, and directors continue to offer lazy storytelling (if you’re a fan like me who believes they are)?


Do you think the cancellation of GL, along with the possible cancellation of ATWT, will light a creative spark causing TPTB to fight to save the jobs they have now? Where are the out of work writers/producers/directors of past canceled shows ending up? Where will those left in the industry go when this is all over? It has to weigh heavily of the minds of those still in the industry.


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