Will daytime gods NOW work harder to save the genre?

If you were a failed daytime writer, producer, or director, it rarely mattered that your tenure with a show was considered a creative low point. You could easily screw up one soap and move into the same position (most often) with a different soap. Guiding Light aired for the last time on Sept. 18th. Fans and soap critics are speculating that ATWT is the next to go. What do you think the impact will be on the power brokers of daytime? There are many fewer places to retreat to when you’ve performed poorly with one soap.

Will writers, producers, and directors continue to offer lazy storytelling (if you’re a fan like me who believes they are)?


Do you think the cancellation of GL, along with the possible cancellation of ATWT, will light a creative spark causing TPTB to fight to save the jobs they have now? Where are the out of work writers/producers/directors of past canceled shows ending up? Where will those left in the industry go when this is all over? It has to weigh heavily of the minds of those still in the industry.


General Hospital… for the love of LIZ!

Liz and Prince Nikolas are low, sleazy, and just plain trashy… which means that I can’t take my eyes off of them!  They’re a motherfrickin’ trainwreck, people!   I dig their ‘forbidden chemistry’, I do … I just hate them as a couple.  It’s making me like them even less as individuals.  Liz has worn out her status as the woman meant to comfort GH’s broken-hearted males (Jason – TWICE, there was Zander Smith and  Ric Lansing, Patrick – during Robin’s PPD, and now Nik, yet AGAIN).  Still,  I have high hopes for this storyline.  Weird, I know!

I’d love for Liz to realize that she isn’t the goddess of goodness and light she’s seemingly  talked herself into believing she’s become.  Lucky is the evil lowdown drug addicted cheat who can’t be trusted.  She’s the picture of reclaimed purity and perfection still grieving his infidelity… Woe is her!  I thought Lanie’s question during the marriage counseling session, asking Liz if she thought she was incapable of cheating, was brilliant.  Well done writers.. you just blew it on the follow through.  Liz flashed, for just a moment, on her close contact with Prick Nikolas.

Too bad.  If I was writing the character, she’d have flashed back to her interlude with Zander.  Then she’d have thought about her dalliances with Jason, pre-Lucky’s addiction and post.  She would have thought about why her ‘natural’ reaction to finding out that Lucky was cheating was to cheat, herself.  THEN she would have thought about Nik, her ‘husband’s brother… She would have been tormented by the thought of hurting Lucky, the man who gave her the best of himself and who asked her for nothing in return.  Good for him  for asking for nothing, because nothing is pretty much all she has to give to him.  In my hands?   Liz would have experienced a raging inner battle – trying to figure out why so much of her life has been spent making Lucky feel small, cheating on him, drawing him in to love her just to reject him for the next new ‘someone better’.

How prophetic that Liz and Lucky were considered LL2 by fans (the second Luke and Laura).  The show’s writers are as determined to destroy Liz and Lucky as they have been to destroy Luke and Laura.  In this case?  Lucky is Laura… loving, sensitive, sometimes making mistakes but generous and forgiving to a fault.  He keeps loving Elizabeth and hoping that the next time will be different, that she’ll set aside her need for ‘adventure’ and adoration and just love him in return.   Liz is Luke… she says all the right things, but in the end she’s self-serving and cares more about what she feels in the moment than the implications of her actions.  Lucky’s pain can be ‘mended’ and one day she’ll make it up to him… until it’s time for her to leave him again.

Teenaged/Adult  Lucky fell for the feeling he knew best – an emotion that should never be called love, but it was the best his father – and now Liz, had to give.  Just as he clings to Luke and keeps hoping there’s something he can do to make his father love him;  he’s done the same with Elizabeth.  If the writers are in tune with these characters, they’ll have Lucky come to this conclusion and cut Prick Nikolas and Elizabeth Webber out of his life for good.  It’s time.  For all of Liz’s whining and obsessive need to be a victim, she clearly can never be the woman to love Lucky the way he needs to be loved.  Just like his father, she will disrupt his live whenever she needs something from him, but she’ll never give him genuine love and respect in return.   She knows what to say, she just isn’t capable of proving her love with the appropriate action.

Let’s just hope she doesn’t give him yet another child she’ll pass off as his own.  To make him think he was the father of Jason’s kid was bad enough… to make him think he’s the father of his brother’s child?  Brutal!

Writers, I have a cup of popcorn with Lucky’s name on it just waiting to be popped!  It’s ready for the day that Lucky gets to rip into Elizabeth and Nik, REALLY rip into them – in a way that makes it clear to us that there will never be real happiness for the two of them, because they don’t deserve it.  WTG, Prick Nik… guilt your brother into staying away from Rebecca (WHEW, I guess I should thank him for THAT MUCH) and then sleep with the only woman he’s ever really loved.