Good-bye, Guiding Light, my old friend!

I keep reading summaries about the show from the last several days.  I haven’t had the heart to  watch the final episodes, yet.   For as much as I’ve hated the lousy writing, stinking production values, and sucking music whose decibel levels far exceeded that of the dialogue it was meant to enhance rather than obstruct… I will miss this show.  I’ll remember the Reardons, and Quinton, Evil Vanessa and beloved Henry, Mature Vanessa without Henry, Wild Reva, Whore-of-Springfield Reva, the heart of GL Reva, Josh the Lewises,  Josh and Reva, the Bauers, shipwrecked Alex, Tortured Holly, Maddening Roger Thorpe, “Zas” the great, Gilly, Hampton, David, Brent-turned-Marian, Nadine, the Coopers, Ed and Lillian, Mo’s death, Hart Jessup, Mallet, Julie, Palomino Ponies and Blue Skies, Chealsea and Johnny,  Lujack, Tony, Fallen Angels… so much more.

The Guiding Light will outlive its worst days, even if it’s only in our memories.  By this weekend, I’ll be able to watch the last days of GL and cheer on every actor and cast member who gave their all until the very end.

I know… it’s just a soap, but it’s a soap that’s been a part of my life since my earliest memories.  Good bye old friend!


One thought on “Good-bye, Guiding Light, my old friend!

  1. This was my favorite show on TV. I have no more reason to watch CBS. Even the night time shows are not as good as what I have grown to love with my old friends in Springfield. So glad Josh & Reva sailed off into the sunset, together, always.

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