A BnB fan responds!

A profund “Thank You” to L239x for her response to the Brooke and Ridge reunion episodes.  After reading her thought provoking response, tell me,  was your take different?  The same?  What reaction did you have to the show’s big reunion scenes?  Drop me an email, let me know!

After not watching for ages, I broke down and watched Thursday Friday & Tuesday’s shows; I had to!  I needed to see for myself so that I could form my own opinion based on what my eyes saw play out.

Although I was disappointed, as usual, in Ridge needing to be hit over the head with a sledge hammer to make a decision, I was pleasantly pleased at the end result.  Can you believe he was going to sit & sulk and walk around in a funk until Thorne came by and told him to get off his duff and do something?

Here is where I think Taylor and Stephanie were off their game.  I think they were feeling too confident in their belief that Ridge had finally come around to seeing things their way (see ‘Let’s be logical’ below) that they forgot what it was that kept Ridge on their playing field and away from Brooks all those many times in the past. It was the constant buzzing in his ear and the unending quest to keep Brooke and Ridge separated and unable to talk to one another without supervision and/or a rebuttal argument from opposing counsel.  Sorry to say that if Stephanie had been the one that visited Ridge in his office that day; Brooke would be looking at the magnificent view of the Eifel Tower from her office at Forrester International.

The naysayers claimed that Brooke was bluffing, used RJ and used her mother’s illness to get Ridge.  “Go buy a clue” is my response to that foolish opinion.  Here’s a freebee, Brooke never used RJ. On the contrary, she told Ridge that he was free to see RJ anytime and even suggested ways they (Ridge & RJ) would remain in close contact even though they (Ridge & Brooke) were no longer together.  Brooke made the decision that if she and Ridge weren’t going to be together than she needed to get away.  Given the fact that her mother is ill, lives in Paris and FC has an office there, she decided to use that opportunity to make her break away from the never ending cycle of pain she was currently in.   She made the arrangements, packed her bags, and was on the plane on her way to Paris.  It wasn’t a bluff.  That, my friend, is what I call a promise.

As Stephanie and Taylor were about to celebrate ‘mission accomplished’ Taylor spots Katie, who should be on the plane with Brooke, across the room with her sister Donna.  As expected, they make their way over to the sisters table to get the 411 on the situation; which brings me to my next freebee.  The unhappy crew claimed that Katie and Donna were smug and gloated and had no business breaking the news to Taylor; my response:

You have got to be kidding me!

Stephanie’s middle name is “Gloat”
Taylor’s middle name is “Smug”

Over the years, I’ve often described Taylor as Smug, having a ‘self-satisfied air’ about the way she comes across when addressing Brooke.  If the tables were turned, Stephanie would have high-tailed it over to Brooke and barged in like the Tazmanian SheDevel, to gloat and cause further pain. She has done it too many times in the past to count. Taylor got the news far more gentle than Brooke ever would have.

Both Stephanie and Taylor deserved a lot of payback. So if Donna & Katie were gloating and appeared to be smug, so be it. Paybacks a Bitch!

The grumpy bunch was also turned off by Brooke gloating with Stephanie and bashing Taylor while, across town, Taylor was being so dignified and magnanimous. They also claim that Brookes concern for Taylor was fake; my response:

Taylor had time to process the information and decide how she would deal with it.  She lost and had two choices; go out kicking and screaming or put on one last performance to show Ridge she was the better woman.

How many times has Taylor sat gloating in the catbird’s seat while bashing Brooke; Too many to count. Just weeks ago she was walking the halls of FC bashing Brooke while she was supposedly planning a wedding. Then, after said wedding was called off, there she was again roaming the FC halls to track down Ridge so she could compare herself to Brooke reminding him of her good she (Taylor) was and how bad Brooke was. It was her bashing of Brooke in the telling of the ‘Love Story’ that resulted in her kid enlisting in the “Keep Brooke Away from Daddy” battle. What’s even worst is that most of Taylor’s bashing of Brooke is unprovoked. She always manages to cram it into the flow of the conversation or she starts up a Brooke bashing session; all to boost her own self-esteem.

What Brooke said about Taylor was perfectly acceptable given the conversation she was having with blinded-by-bestBuddyship-&-hate Steff. The Tazmanian-SheDevel was praising St. Teflon so Brooke responded by pointing out the obvious.  Brooke took away Stephanie’s power in that she didn’t argue, fight or entertain the same back and forth agreement about her relationship with Ridge.

I will also say that if Brooke’s concern for Taylor was fake, so was Taylor’s ‘graceful bow-out’. I chalk it up to the same deal as someone asking you “How are you?” and you responding “Fine.” You do what you do and give the acceptable response when given the normal conversation/situational cues.

Taylor and Stephanie have deluded themselves into believing that Ridge’s feelings for Brooke are nothing more than a temporary infatuation and that with time, he will get over them. Well, they have been wrong for quite some time now.  I believe that Taylor knows it but, having Stephanie constantly reaffirm her deepest wish of being with Ridge, she find it hard to stay on the logical side of reality and instead falls face first into Stephanie’s misleading version of could and should be.  In the end, it’s Taylor, not Stephanie, that pays the ultimate price.

Let’s be logical

I think it’s strange if your best friend, in the whole wide world, is you ex’s mother.  Think about it and be honest, the reason why you would remain so tight with the mother of your ex is because you want the inside scoop, you want to know when cracks appear in his current relationship, you want to know the perfect time to make your move back into his life and you want to be manipulated back into a relationship with your ex.

It feels good to have you ex’s mom constantly praise you as the best thing that ever happened to her son. An equal ego booster is listening to hisses and slurs about his current flame and how he let a good thing (you) go.  Admit it, hearing those words ranks right up there alongside the top 5 things women want to hear most:

  • You’re too skinny
  • I like your outfit
  • I love you
  • I wish I had your hair
  • Where did you get those shoes

As girlfriends, you talk and feed off of each other’s feelings and reinforce each other emotions, especially when it involves men.  The ‘He made a mistake’ conversation is frequently brought up.  Under these circumstances, you and your best friend, his mom, would feel like you are the only two with the knowledge of what truly makes him tick, how he feels, and what he needs.  It’s only a matter of time before he realizes what a mistake he made and how much he truly loves and misses you. If he doesn’t come to this conclusion on his own, then it’s up to the two of you to bring him to around it.

Taylor’s problem was in not realizing this unhealthy relationship she and Stephanie had.  Hmmm, can she really call herself a psychiatrist?

How will Steffy and Thomas accept the news?

They will adjust and if not; who cares?  They already accepted Brooke years ago when she became their step-mom.  They had no complaints about her as their father’s wife, her abilities and treatment of them as their stepmom, or her as a person and member of the family.  They grew to love Brooke as much as she loved them.  It was only after they were told Taylor’s version of the ‘Love Story,’ casting herself as the Fair Maiden and Brooke as the Wicked Witch, that they (Thomas & Steffy) decided to enlist themselves in the ‘War on Brooke.’

Future Storylines *May contain Spoiler*

Norrth, I love you idea about Stormy and would love to see a Logan family storyline as it includes the family dealing with Beth and her disease.

I think I can speak for all of us; “WE ARE SICK OF THE LOVE TRIANGLES!!!” Being a strongly bonded couple doesn’t have to lead to back burner hell.  Save the ‘happily ever after’ for fairytales and shows that are cancelled.  I read that Stephanie is going to have a mini Stroke.  I think it would be fun if Ridge insisted that Stephanie come and live with him and Brooke so they can take care of her while she recovers.  This doesn’t mean Brooke and Steffzilla become friends, however the manipulations to get Ridge & Brooke apart is old and has worn out our last good nerve!  Brooke and Ridge both dealing with their mothers health crisis while trying to run a business, raise a family and keep a marriage fresh can be their challenge and interesting to watch, if done right.

Remember, I said “Save the happily ever after,” for another time; this is not that time.  Think Deborah and Marie on Everybody Loves Raymond.  Think Monster-In-Law. Think Mother Jefferson from The Jeffersons.  I would like to see Stephanie interacting as the loving grandmother to her younger grand kids; including Jack. I also want to see her and Brooke occasionally being cordial and working together for the greater good of the family, remember they now live together.  But, in keeping with their history, they are mostly catty towards each other.  Maybe one day Jack can overhear the tail end of one of Stephanie and Brookes cat-fights.  The part of the conversation where she (Stephanie) says she loves him (Jack) as if he were her grandson is missed by Jack.  However, he walks in unnoticed as Stephanie says “but, He isn’t my grandson” followed by some derogatory comment about Brooke and his father.  Yeah, let’s see them deal with those kinds of issues.

Taylor – I don’t know.  I come up blank.  I am still of the opinion that her extremely close relationship with Stephanie is unhealthy. Some say they want to see her friendship with Stephanie end.  I say “ain’t gonna happen.”  However, I would like for them to have a misunderstanding and a temporary falling out.  Perhaps Taylor’s old college study mate comes to town and hooks up with Thorne.  Stephanie doesn’t like her which leads to heated words between the BFF’s resulting in Taylor calling Stephanie judgmental. Maybe that would lead to Stephanie verbalizing things about Taylor that she turned a blind-eye on because they were buds and in battle together against Brooke. Oh, let the fur fly before it settles, yeah!

Clark – Let’s bring back CJ and Mark and give Clark a good storyline.  I don’t know about you, but I liked it when he was up to mischief; and I miss him.  Didn’t he and Stephanie have a fling back in the day?  How about Clark coming to visit Stephanie after hearing about her stroke which leads to him becoming a regular visitor at the Brooke & Ridge estate; cause that where Stephanie currently resides.  Perhaps during one of his visits, he overhears, while mistakenly ease dropping, Ridge on a confidential phone conversation involving Forrester Creations. Let the monkey-business, Clark is famous for, begin.


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