Gifts for Daytime Characters

The Bold and The Beautiful

Congratulations to the soap on it’s HUGE Emmy win for Best Drama!  The submitted clips – featuring William DeVry, Katherine Kelly Lang, Heather Tom, and Jennifer Gareis, faithfully represented the best of the soap this past year.  Storm’s suicide was an unexpected twist and gave the four actors involved the opportunity to  deliver performances of a lifetime.   The suicide of an emotionally fragile character rarely takes place in daytime. Writers will pen the suicide of characters who are disturbed and already dying.  Even then, suicide is typically used to frame another character for murder (DAYS’ using one of  Tony DiMera’s various deaths to set up John Black for murder, for example).

Storm’s suicide was even more tragic since he took his life to save his sister, Katie, who was accidentally shot while wrestling a gun away from him.  He made sure to not to damage his heart since he was a perfect match for Katie and his heart could be used to replace her damaged heart.  It was painful but poignant and it was one of the bright spots of the entire year.

My wish for all BnB characters is that the writers are emboldened (no pun intended) by this Emmy win and stop writing ‘shock and awe’ storylines and start writing storylines about relationships between people (mothers and daughters, fathers and sons, siblings, lovers).  We could do with MORE of the type of writing that earned the BnB it’s first ‘Best Drama’ Emmy.

One Life to Live

I know that I was supposed to cheer Gigi on when she confronted Kim and told her that ‘pole dancer’ was just a new way of saying ‘whore’, but I couldn’t.  I’m pretty damned sick of Gigi’s whining about Stacy’s non-pregnancy and her anger about Rex being her sister’s baby daddy.   Don’t get me wrong… in Gigi’s shoes, I would be PISSED… but I’d also be pissed and single because there’s no WAY Rex, or any other man, would have been allowed to darken my doorstep after having sex with my sister, lying about it, and then telling it that it’s partially MY fault.  I get that she’s angry, it just annoys me that she attacks and belittles everyone except Rex.

My gift to Gigi is a pair of nice white socks!  She can shove them in her mouth whenever she feels like calling someone an ugly name.  Wasn’t it bad enough that she supported her pre-teen son’s misogynistic behavior?  Why doesn’t she just turn around and give Rex a good smack every time Stacy makes her angry? Maybe then Rex will realize how awful his behavior was and how much pain he’s caused her.  Has Gigi  forgotten that Stacy wasn’t artificially inseminated but that her ‘true love’ took her sister to bed?  Kim is a stripper, Stacy is a liar, and Rex is a mealy-mouthed pain-in-the-ass, and if I’m not mistaken, pain-in-the-ass is just another name for WHORE.  (By the way, what is it with ABC and CBS soap writers referring to women as ‘whores’?  Enough already)

My gift to Rex would be the slap Gigi owes him.  It dropped my jaw to hear him say that he didn’t want to have to hit a girl… WHAT have the writers done to the guy?  They’ve turned him into a complete loser.

The Guiding Light

Reva Shayne Lewis‘ misery makes perfect sense, and under any other circumstance, I would be tolerant and patient, respecting the fact that the writers did the right thing by allowing Reva mourn her husband before moving on – even if I don’t miss Jeffrey.  At this point, I’m annoyed by Reva’s mourning for two reasons:

1 – There’s so little time left on GL that it’s clear that the writers couldn’t put Josh and Reva back together in a way that was organic and believable.  My gift to Reva would have been to have her put on her glasses and look at what’s in front of her… Joshua “Bud” Lewis, the love of her life.  They belong together and it’s just painful knowing that we’re days away from losing this once glorious soap and that the writers haven’t started on the next chapter of their neverending love story.   Shame on the writers and the executive producer for not giving us the time to embrace a JEVA reunion and enjoy one of the show’s greatest legacies.

2 – Reva’s shrine to Jeffrey seems to be EW’s way of getting one last hit in on fans.  We didn’t (in large numbers) support Jeffrey and Reva over Josh and Reva, so our last days are spent either watching and FFing the million and one pics of Jeffrey, or tuning out all together.  Thanks for nothing.   Poor Bradley Cole, I think I’ve seen his face enough for this lifetime.  He should have refused to allow Wheeler  to plaster his picture over every available inch of ‘the cabin’.

Phillip and Beth.  I’d love for them to have blue skies (and palomino ponies, yes).  Rather than having our last days of GL be shaped by the constant thought of Phillip dying, I would have loved to have Billip on some faux vacation shoot, recommitting their love to one another, and leaving us with the hope that this time they’d get it right.  Just as they  give in to their passion, how lovely it would have been for them to find out that the newlywed couple in the next room was Rick and Mindy – who then inspire Beth and Phillip to remarry.  Imagine their last GL scenes ending with the four of them frolicking on the beach, laughing and loving… that’s the way I plan to remember them.


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